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Chapter Nine




Vida was feeling uneasy at work. She couldn’t pinpoint the problem.


She decided to go home.


She walked up to her colleague at the other side of the store.


“What’s wrong Vida? You look worried”, Henrietta her colleague said as soon as she saw her.


Vida sighed.



“I’m not feeling comfortable, I’m… I think I’m not feeling well”, she started packing up the things she brought to work with.


“What do you mean?”, Henrietta asked.


“I’m feeling somehow towards home, I want to go”


Henrietta widened her eyes in shock.


“You know that’s not possible”


“I’m going home”, she turned.


“What about the boss?”, she shouted as Vida had already walked far.


She turned, “if he doesn’t accept my reasons, tell him to shove the job up his ass”, she yelled and left, leaving Henrietta in absolute shock.


Vida hailed a cab and boarded as soon as she got to the road.


She got home to meet the entrance door to the house broken.


Her fears increased.


She walked further.


Then she saw it!


At the entrance, just at the entrance she saw her daughter lying in her pool of blood.


She was stunned for a moment.


Then her senses came back and she wailed.


“Sharuna”, she called and ran up to her.


“Oh my God!” she screamed.




Kesmanee tidied up his desk in preparation for the meeting.


It was closing hour.


He couldn’t go to see his woman as usual because of the meeting.


Damn it!


The meeting was an inconvenience.


Why Cindy decided to put up an inconvenient meeting when it had actually been banned during the previous meeting was what he didn’t know.


He really needed to talk to that girl.


Because she’s in the position to call for meetings doesn’t give her the effrontery to call for inconveniences.


He tried loosening his tie a little.


Since he couldn’t go see her, he decided to give her a call.


He had bought her a phone and had taught her how to answer calls counting with her fingers.


Obviously the only thing she could do.


He picked up his phone from the desk, a knock on the door interrupted.


He flinced.


“Yes?”, he replied already feeling angry.


The door opened and Jennifer came in.


“Sorry to disturb you sir. Miss Cindy asked me to send for you, everyone is already seated presumably waiting for you”, she said.


“Argh!”, he ran his hands through his hair.


“Okay thanks. I will be right there”, Jennifer left.


He started ransacking the desk for some files and all that.


Damn! Guess I would call her after the meeting then”, he said. “Fuck!”, he cussed and left the office.




Vida was pacing about, to and fro the hospital waiting room looking all panicked.


It’s been over one hour a doctor and a nurse entered the room with Sharuna, and they were yet to be out.


“Who could have done this?”, she asked herself.


Then she remembered.


“It must have been my husband’s brother, that son of a bitch, I should have known”, she said.


Soon, the door to Sharuna’s room opened and the male doctor and a male nurse came out.


Vida ran up to them.


“Doctor…how’s she? What’s the problem? Tell me doctor”, she panicked.


The doctor sighed.


“You need not to worry ma’am. We will try our best”, he said.


Vida calmed down.


“So doctor, what’s the problem?”, she asked.


“Well, it was a bullet injury. She was shot”



Shot! How??


Vida couldn’t believe it.


“The bullet didn’t penetrate much either, just the surface of her abdomen”, the doctor continued.


“The only problem here is that, she losed much blood, a lot”, he emphasized.


“So what we gonna do?”


“It’s either we go for blood transfusion or we buy pints of blood”


Blood transfusion?


No, she couldn’t do that.


She would get some money for pints of blood, that’s more safe.


“I think I will go for pints of blood. I’m not in for blood transfusion”, she said.


“Okay then. We will take her blood for a blood test and then visit the blood bank for a matching blood”


“I want to go home now, let me go get some money”, she said.


“Okay… okay. That’s good”, and he left.




Kesmanee got home and exhaled.


What a long day at work …… and a boring meeting.


What were they even talking about?


Nothing meaningful, just having fun.


He hissed.


Without even changing, he picked up his phone.


He dialed her contact, it went through but it wasn’t picked.


He called so many times….






Still no one picked, he started panicking.




Vida got home, looking tired.


So tired.


She glanced at the pool of blood by the entrance.


She had really losed much.


The blood had clotted by now.


She decided to go bring the money she had stashed and hidden somewhere in her wardrobe when she saw Sharuna’s phone ringing on the dining.


She walked up to it, looked into it.


Kesmanee written boldly.


“Hello”, she picked it up


“Hello, Sharuna”, the person on the other line said.


Vida shook her head.


“This isn’t Sharuna son”, she said. “This is her mother”


“Oh! Mom, good evening”


“Evening, how are you?”



“I’m fine. Please how’s Sharuna and why isn’t she picking up her calls?” Vida sighed.


“Sharuna was rushed to the hospital hours ago……”


“What!”, he interrupted. “Hospital? Why…. What happened?”


Vida hesitated for a while and then dropped the bombshell.


“She was shot!”. Β©



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued




Kesmanee has gone mad oh!!!








Love y’all










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