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Chapter Three




Cindy ran into her office still crying. She walked up to her desk and bowed her head on it.


Sissy her colleague who shared same office with her was worried. She walked up to her.


“What’s wrong Cindy?”, she asked, trying to raise her head up.


Cindy remained still crying.


“Stop acting like a child, tell me what the hell is the problem?”, she blurted.


Cindy raised her head up, using her handkerchief to clean her face.


“It’s the CEO”, she said.


Sissy raised a surprise face.


“Yes? What did he do?”


“He chased me out of his office”




“I don’t know. I was trying to kiss him when he suddenly flared up and asked me out of his office”


Sissy shrugged.


“Well, maybe he wasn’t in the mood”


“But it’s not like him”, Cindy complained. “I mean, this isn’t the first time we are doing this. If he wasn’t in the mood he would have kindly told me just like he used to. But today……I….I don’t understand what happened”


Sissy sighed.


“Then something somewhere is wrong. I thought you two were serious?”


Cindy sighed. Only she knew the truth, she was the one going after him and not the other way round.


“We are”, she lied.


“Then there’s something wrong, you know what I mean right?”, Sissy said. “I know”


“That’s all I have to say. But that shouldn’t be enough reason for you to cry, not even at home in your office”


Cindy smiled.


“Never mind Sissy. I will be fine”, Cindy said to end the discussion.


Kesmanee saw himself driving towards Vida’s in the evening after work.


Since the day he last went there, that smile had been haunting him, urging him to see the face again.



He had never felt like this before, having seen countless of smiling faces and none had haunted him as this.


He remembered what transpired between him and Cindy at work and smirked.


Cindy was……how he gonna put it?


Cindy was a bitch. She was too loose for his liking.


Yeah, she was beautiful and classy, he agreed. But she was too loose.


What was she thinking anyway? That he was seriously dating her??? He was only using her to satisfy sΒ£xual urges.


He smirked again. That smile….it was the smile that had given him the strength to


ask Cindy away when she came.


That smile was worth for seeing again.


He screeched to a halt when he got to his destination and came out of the car.


Sharuna who was inside heard the screeching sound, picked up her stick and made to saunter out.


Vida, her mom wasn’t yet back from work.


Kesmanee walked up to the house and was greeted by silence.


He made to call ‘hello’ when he heard the sound of a thumping stick.


Soon Sharuna emerged.


“Hey, good evening”, she greeted.


“Hi, Sharuna. Evening, how are you?”


“I am fine Kesmanee. Nice to hear from you again”, she gave out that haunting smile again and jeeze, Kesmanee felt the impact.


But hold on! Did she just called her name? How come she knew? Isn’t she blind as the mother had said?


“Oh! You know me?”, he asked surprisingly.


“I still remember your voice and smell. Since my sight organ is out of the way,I gat to use the rest”, she replied intelligently.


Jeeze! This girl’s a…….genuis. Kesmanee thought.


“Please do sit down if there’s any seat around”, she motioned.


Kesmanee looked round and saw a bench.


“I will make you sit first”, he said and went to direct her to the bench. “Here”, he made her sit.


She was laughing.


“Thank you”, she said.


“You are welcome, so how are you?”, he asked.


Sharuna sighed.


“I’m fine as you can see and you?”


“I’m also ok. Just been worried”, he said.


Sharuna turned to him, staring into space.


Kesmanee was hoping she could see him


“Why worried?”, she asked.


“Well, been worried about you”, he said.


She put up a surprised face.


“Me?”, she asked, laughing a little. “Why me?”


“You won’t understand dear Sharuna”


Sharuna shrugged.


“So what brought you here?”, she asked.


Kesmanee smiled.


“You”, he replied shortly.


She pulled up a surprise face again.


“Me again? So what for?”


“Anyways, just wanted to ask if you could let me be your friend”, he said hoping he hadn’t said that.


Sharuna lowered her head, remembering her mother’s stern warnings.


“Well,I don’t know exactly what to say…..”, he interrupted.


“Just say yes….look Sharuna”, he held her hands, “I’m for real, trust me I won’t


gonna hurt you, don’t be afraid. I mean no harm”


Sharuna sighed.


“This is the exact thing my mom is scared of”


“Where is she? I really haven’t seen her”, he digressed. “She went to the grocery store where she worked” “And leave you here all alone? Lonely?” Sharuna sighed.


“Well it’s like a part of my life, I’m used to it”


“No more again now that I’m here”, he surprised her.


“What do you mean?”, she asked.


“Never mind. I will like to take my leave now”, he got up.


Sharuna looked worried.


“Okay”, she said, “thanks for coming”


“Let me take you in, up” he stood her up gently and directed her into the house.


“Greet your mom for me”, he said


“Okay, good bye”


Kesmanee turned and left. Β©



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