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Chapter Thirty One




‘CLUMSY guy’ watched in shock as Sharuna walked into the building



Pain wasn’t what he felt, but he was surprised and shock





He didn’t even know that ‘Snoby’ was attending his father’s arts institution



He had to go see his father, yes, he had to






Mr Bennett, the owner of the arts institution was sitted in his office that morning as usual



His pen dancing on the book he was writing on, and his specks majestically worn on his eyes, as always



Then a knock on the door interrupted him for a second



He looked up


“Come in”, he motioned



The door opened and his handsome son strode in; it was ‘Clumsy guy’



“Dad”, he called, taking a seat opposite him



Mr Bennett smiled


“Son, how you? How was your training? Hope it went well?”, he reeled out questions, relaxing his back on the chair



“Yes dad, as usual”, he replied and sighed



“Well, as you can see, I’m busy so table your matter short”




They laughed



“Dad, do you have any new intake?”, ‘Clumsy guy’ asked



Mr Bennett looked at him


“Yes, why?”



“Well, I didn’t know Dr Sujit’s daughter is one as well?”



“Oh yes. She should be resuming today, any problem?”



He shook his head


“Not at all. Just that…”, he paused, scratching his head, “I didn’t know Dr Sujit ever had a daughter”



His father smiled, knowing where he was heading to



“Dr Sujit adopted her not long ago. So, it’s not like it’s his biological daughter, but he prefers referring to her as his daughter”



He nodded


“Okay. I have actually been trying to talk to her, but she seems…..rude,


kinda snubby. I met her at my party and also this morning, just at the entrance, but she doesn’t want to give me a second of her time”, he explained dejectedly



His father smiled


“You should understand girls son. Most of them wanna play hard to get at first”



His son sighed



“But don’t worry”, Mr Bennett continued, “I will see what I can do”



‘Clumsy guy’s face lit up in happiness



“Are you serious dad?”, he asked



“Yes son. I will try arrange for you two to meet okay?”



“Ohh father. Thanks so much, thank you”, he greeted



“You are welcome son”



A message notification popped up on ‘Clumsy guy’s phone, he looked into it



“Dad, I gotta go now. Mom needs me”



“Okay son. Take care and be careful”



He smiled


“I will dad, thanks once again”



Mr Bennett nodded and smiled as he watched his son leave the office










Sharuna flopped down on the bench in a provision store opposite the arts institution



They had finished and closed for the day



She had decided to wait for Dr Sujit at the provision store instead of the institution, because she didn’t want ‘Clumsy guy’s clumsiness again





What a day



Though it was tiring, but it really worth it



Her teachers were awesome and accommodating



They were marveled at the way she carried out her own sculpturing, it was enough to get someone flabbergasted



She gonna improve after few more teachings, she knew it



Then she saw his car, screeched to a halt at the front of the institution, opposite the store she sat



She got up and crossed to the other side of the road, where the car had stopped



“Hey Daddy”, she waved, “good day”, she greeted



Dr Sujit looked at her and nodded


“Where were you?”, he demanded



“I was in the provision store over the road, waiting”, she pointed to the store



Dr Sujit turned to look


“There? Why waiting there? What happened to the school?”


She sighed


“I just felt like waiting there”, she entered the car



Dr Sujit shrugged and revved the car



“How was your day? How did you see the place?”, he asked



“Well, it’s really cool. My day was fine all the same”



Dr Sujit smiled


“That’s good news”



Then he paused, thinking of how to bring up what he had in mind He cleared his throat



“Sharuna?”, he called



“Yes dad?”



“Well, I’m sorry tomorrow you won’t be going there, just tomorrow”, he focused on the road, carefully avoiding her eyes



She looked worried


“Why?”, she asked



“I’m taking you somewhere else, to get to know a friend”, he replied shortly



She just digested the information and relaxed comfortably on the chair



Dr Sujit let out a sigh of relief


He thought she was gonna flare up as usual










“Here we are”, Dr Sujit announced as soon as they got to their destination



He had taken her to the ‘place’ as he had said he would the following morning



Sharuna looked around



The house was familiar, the compound, the trees and the building



But she couldn’t recall anything



Then it dawned on her



“Oh yes!”, she hit her head with her hand “Shit! The party arena”, she said



“You don’t use such words Sharuna”, Dr Sujit warned sternly, looking at her



She smiled


“I’m sorry”



They alighted and walked up to the house



Dr Sujit rang the doorbell and a maid came to answer



“Good morning Dr Sujit”, she greeted



“Morning Prisha. Where are they?”, he asked


“Upstairs, at the guestroom”



“Thanks, come on Sharuna”, he said and they took the stairs



They got to the guestroom and knocked, then entered



Sharuna froze at the spot



Sitted on the sofa was ‘Clumsy guy’ and the other man, she didn’t know his name, but she recalled seeing him at the bush bar in the party



What was her father trying to do?



She just stood there looking,lost in thoughts and even didn’t greet



“Sharuna?”, Dr Sujit nudged her



‘Clumsy guy’ was instantly shocked



The name


Sharuna, it was familiar, but he couldn’t really pinpoint anything



“Oh!”, she realized herself and greeted the man, she didn’t even looked at ‘Clumsy guy’



“Sit down”, her father motioned, and she obeyed



“So, what can I offer you both?”, Mr Bennett asked



“I don’t care for anything, I mean it’s still too early”, Dr Sujit said, “you can ask my daughter”


Mr Bennett turned to Sharuna


“Do you care for anything? Or you want to join daddy?”, they laughed



She shook her head


“I’m okay. Thanks”



“Well, so Sharuna”, Dr Sujit looked at her.


“These are the people I was talking about. You know him?”, he pointed at Mr Bennett



Sharuna shook her head


“I……. don’t actually know him. But I’ve seen him”, she said



“Really? At where?”, he asked



At where?


Wait, was he really asking her where?


Doesn’t he know



“At the party”, she blurted out



Dr Sujit smiled


“Oh! That’s true. Well, he is my friend, the one I told you that runs the institution, he’s the owner. And that’s his son”, he pointed at ‘Clumsy guy’



She faked a smile and nodded



She was already becoming freaked out, she really needed to go back home



Dr Sujit checked his wristwatch


“Well daughter”, he said, “I will be leaving for work now. I will come and pick you up once you’re done”



She was shocked


Done? Done with what exactly?



She got up


“I’m already done, let’s go”, she said



Their hosts were taken aback



Dr Sujit looked at her and smiled


“Don’t worry daughter, you will be fine. Feel free with them, they’re my friends okay”, he pleaded



Sharuna had never remembered him pleading as this He melted her heart



She decided to stay


“Okay Daddy. I will”



He smiled


“That’s my angel. So just give me a call once you’re done ok?”



She nodded and sat down



Mr Bennett also got up


“Let me see him off”, he said



That was a trick


Yes, they almost tricked her and she knew it



Mr Bennett just said that to give them the space to talk


“Okay dad”, she heard ‘Clumsy guy’ speak



Now, it was just the two of them in the guestroom



They were both speechless, not knowing what to say



Well, as for Sharuna, she brought out her phone and started working on it, completely ignoring ‘Clumsy guy’



If he didn’t know what to say, he should remain dumb



‘Clumsy guy’ on his part, was searching for a what to say



He didn’t know where to start from



Now the girl he had wanted eagerly to talk to, was here now, and he couldn’t say anything



He sighed and decided to introduce himself first



He cleared his throat



“Well…… I’m Priceley”








Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued





Does the name ring a bell??


And if it’s really what you are thinking, how sure are you that’s he’s the





Find out in the next thrilling chapter



Love y’all










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