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Chapter Twenty Seven




VIDA looked on in awe trying to digest the words she just heard.





Her joy?



“You are lost Vida”, Dr Sujit called, jolting her back to reality



“Oh!”, she shook her head, turning back to look at him.



She had really wandered far in thinking



“Er….. I…let…..”, she stuttered




“Don’t bother about her care and all that”, he interrupted, “you know I can take care of that”



It was like a question but it was a statement



She nodded



“The day you brought your daughter to my office at the hospital, I instantly felt the urge, the push to care for her, like my own daughter, to be the father she knew for a few years”, he explained



Vida was speechless


She sighed



“Can you please?”, he asked



“Well, let me talk it to her first”, she said looking at him



“Or….”, he paused and looked properly at her, “you were thinking I’m gonna


ask to marry her?”, he laughed


“Come on, she’s old enough to be my daughter”, he paused and then continued,


“Even if I wanna remarry”, he stood up, “it should be you Vida”, he caressed the tip of her nose with his index finger and he walked into the house.



The touch instantly sent sensation running down her spine.



She wanted more of that touch



She hit herself, realizing


“Come on Vida, what has come over you?”



She laughed and got up, going downstairs towards the garden



Sharuna was still jumping around and playing around the garden



“Dora”, her mom called, walking further into the garden



She admired everywhere


It was really a mansion, beautiful flowers and trees accosted the garden



Everywhere was filled with the pleasant scent of the flowers



“Dora?”, she called again


“Come on sweetheart, where are you momma is worried”, she was laughing silently



Sharuna ran towards her, giving her a sweet embrace



“Mum!”, she screamed



Both mom and daughter were now laughing



“Hope you are okay dear?”, Vida asked looking her over



“Yes Mom”



“Well, Dr Sujit had told me of the condition. He said he would like to adopt you”








“How will you cope without me mom? Now that I will be of a great assistance to you”, she complained



For a split second, Vida thought about it



“Don’t worry daughter, I will be fine. Besides, Dr Sujit gonna take good care of you, and I bet your future is gonna be bright. Trust me”



Sharuna was shocked



“If you say so mom”, she shrugged


“But promise you gonna be coming to see me?”



Vida laughed


“Of course, so you agreed?”



She nodded





Vida cleared her throat


“Er….. about Kes…..”


Sharuna’s tears arrested her remaining words



Talk about him always bring tears to her eyes.



“It’s okay dear”, Vida consoled, “he will be back for you, just be strong for him ok?”



“Are you sure?”


She sniffed



“My spirit tells me so. Just be strong for him and please, stop acting all sullen and withdrawn all the time because of him, always be happy, hope and pray for him to return”



She nodded


“I will”



“Good, now cheer up”, she nudged her, “smile for momma, let me see your sparkling teeth”



Sharuna laughed


“Thanks Mom”



“I will be going now, so you gonna be staying here from now on”



She nodded



Vida brushed her lips on her left cheek and left.



Sharuna ran back into the garden, she wasn’t yet through playing with her new gift; her sight



Vida walked back upstairs



She met Dr Sujit at the balcony



“I’ve told her doctor”, she said, standing beside him



He was resting his elbows on the protector, and overlooking the garden



“She agreed?”, he asked still looking out


“Yes Dr”, she nodded


“She’s always sullen and withdrawn, please you have to understand her that way”, she pleaded



“Isn’t it because of her sight? She can see now”



She shook her head in negation


“It’s something else. She lost someone”, she explained



“That close?”, he asked still in his position



“Very close and dear to her heart”



He got up to face her, shrugging



“So the matter is settled now? You can come and see her whenever you like, anytime, any day. I promise to love her like my own daughter”



Vida was speechless


“Okay”, she found her voice, “I will be leaving now”, she turned



“You……can we meet for dinner tonight?”, he asked stopping her in her





She turned to look at him


Dinner? With him?



That would be extremely nice but she got a lotta work to do, and will have to rest at night



“I’m sorry, no I can’t”, she said


His eyes fell, indicating sadness


She saw it, she felt it



He took her left hand in his, squeezing and giving it a caress



“Please Vida”, he pleaded



Vida felt the urge to accept, but her head asked her to decline



She shook her head


“No”, she said, “I have to get going”, she losed her hand from his grip, and walked down the stairs



Dr Sujit watched her go, he felt bad, heartbroken and rejected



Then he walked further and called



“Sharuna…… Sharuna”



She heard him calling and thought of what to call him in reply



Dr? Uncle? Dad?



Dad was okay, after all, he came out from no where and opted to be the father she only knew for eight years



“Sharuna”, she heard him call again and ran out of the garden to the open clearing



“Dad?”, she looked up, waving at him and smiling




“Play is enough dear, now come upstairs”



She pouted, her hands behind her


“No daddy”



Dr Sujit laughed


“Come upstairs, it’s time for lunch”



“But it hasn’t been long I ate?”



“You will get hungry soon. Now, come up, or I spank your ass”



“On my way”


She laughed and started running up the stairs.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



They’ve a feeling that Kesmanee gonna be back for them someday, and so I do






Love y’all







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