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Episode 03


Krishna’s Pov:


She went far and far away with baby Kush…


I tried running after her but my legs were stuck to the ground.






I quickly jumped up from the bed panting heavily.


Sweats rushed down my body like water as I quickly stood up.


“So it was a dream? Oh my baby….” I breathed heavily so scared.


Aakash who was sitting on the couch sleeping got up immediately.


“Krishna what’s the matter?” He asked anxiously.


“Aakash Sir please I want to see my son, take me to the incubator room… I want baby Kush transferred to this room” I said in fear still shocked.


We left the room and went straight to the incubator room.


I walked in and saw my baby fast asleep and kicking his little legs.


I heaved a sigh of relief.


“What happened Krishna?” Aakash asked


“I had a terrible dream! In fact am not going back to my room, I will sleep here very close to my baby” I said as I sat on the bare ground.


“No way! Baby Kush is OK right?” Aakash asked as I shook my head in disagreement.


“Am sorry I can’t leave my baby” I said determined.


He rolled his eyes as he sat close to me on the bare ground.


I was already nodding because I was sleepy.


He placed my head on his shoulder.



Thank God! It was a dream


Mrs Singh’s Pov:


Everyone was busy with the decorations in the mansion.


I was supervising everything.


Today is a very great and special day for the Singh’s.


The heir is coming home today.


Pavitra was in charge of the foods with the village women.


There were lots of food and drinks for the occasion.


You may not understand how special today is.


It is the long-awaited day for us.


The baby’s new room was decorated with ribbons and toys.


A very expensive cradle bed was made specifically for him.


I can’t wait to carry my grandson in my arms.


Baby Kush that’s his name….


“Grandma is Kush really coming home today?” my little Rani asked inquisitively.


“Yes daughter!” I smiled at her and touched her chubby cheeks.


“Is that why we are throwing a party?” She chuckled



“Of course my baby girl” I said as she jumped for joy.


“I can’t wait” She said happily.


“That’s my girl” I said as she rushed straight to the kitchen.


Rani’s Pov:


Am so happy….


Finally am going to have a sibling.


I hope he’s cute cos I am as well ☺


There are lots of sweets in the kitchen.


Chef Grilly is in the kitchen preparing more sweets.


“Eish! Why is it Chef Grilly in the kitchen? She’s really stingy.. I bet she won’t give me some sweets” I rolled my eyes.



Well are you surprised I call her Grilly?


That’s what I call her….


I watched her walk out of the kitchen and I smiled broadly.






I quickly rushed into the kitchen and tried to take some sweets.


“You little naughty girl! What the hell are you doing here? Keep that now” She screamed at me as I sluggishly withdraw my hand from the bowl of sweets.


My countenance changed.


“Please Chef Grilly…” I said looking pathetic.


“Get lost!” She yelled at me.


I scratched my head in disappointment.


“Hey! Give my granddaughter many sweets… It’s celebration time, her sibling is coming home” That was my grandfather’s voice.


My face brightened.


I made faces at disappointed Chef Grilly as I took a lot of sweets.


“Miss Grumpy that’s why you are dampy” I laughed and made faces at her as I ran off with grandpa.


“Crazy girl” She shouted.


I only roared in laughter to her hearing.


I bet she is dying with anger…



Serves her right


Krishna’s Pov:


We entered the expensive flashy car on convoy as we headed straight to the mansion.


I was so overwhelmed with joy.


Kush was dressed in a very expensive attire and his perfume were also expensive.


Am very happy for my son, he’s born with a golden spoon.



Some minutes later


We got to the mansion….


We were welcomed in by lots of guest.


Flowers were sprayed on us as we continued merrying.




I carried my Kush and headed straight to the room.


I need to change his diaper.


I placed him on his cot.


Suddenly, I felt a strong hand on my neck.


I tried to scream but couldn’t.


A handkerchief was placed on my nose and I blacked out….














Is this one also a dream?



it’s obvious not



What’s Baby Kush’s fate?



Lots of enemy awaits him














I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma





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