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Episode 10



Final episode


Rohi’s Pov:


I kept running in the jungle carrying baby Kush.


I have to leave this place as fast as possible so that ma’am Lakshmi notices the baby’s absent and mine too.


I kept running helter skelter ….


Till I got to the main road where I saw Saloni waiting impatiently with a cab.


I rushed into the cab and banged the car door closed.


Smiles filled Saloni’s face.


She jumped in excitement.


“Where do we go from here?” I asked anxiously “To the mansion….” Saloni said as the car drove off.


I stared at the very cute baby boy….


He smiled at me….



So cute


Krishna’s Pov:


The doctor were still confused why I screamed.


I wish they could see the bangle on the ground.


For some days, I lost my voice and I hardly talk.


“What could have possibly made her yell?” The doctor asked


“I have no idea doctor! The security have searched everywhere thoroughly without a sight of anything strange” The nurse said.


Just then, the door throw open and Pavitra walked in.


She smiled at me happily.


“Krishna how are you doing?” She asked as she pecked me.


I forced a smile at her.


She noticed my look and felt I was troubled.


“What’s the problem Krishna?” She asked


I tried talking but I just can’t….


I can’t find my very own voice.


Tears streamed down my cheeks.


She picked up her handbag and brought out a paper and pen.


She handed it to me.


I smiled excitedly as I wrote on the paper.


“Look under the bed, there is a bangle, it belongs to the hoodlum who came into the room to inject me” She read aloud.


The doctor and nurse gasped.



They quickly bent over and the doctor picked up the bangle.


“Who owns this?” They asked themselves.


Pavitra’s eyes widened in shock as she saw the bangle.


“Uhnm…. Krishna did you say that the owner is actually the one who tried to inject


you?” Pavitra asked anxiously.


I nodded my head in agreement.


She quickly covered her mouth with her palms in so much shock.


“This bangle belongs to my husband!! It’s Vishnu’s” She said as everyone gasped.


We were still talking when Aakash, Father in law and mother-in-law came in excitedly.


“I have good news for us” Father in law said I was still shocked at what Pavitra said.


“Simitra is out of coma” Father-in-law said as a wheelchair was pushed into the room.


It was Simitra…. Ma’am Simitra.


She was wheeled close to my bed.


She touched me and smiled.


Pavitra was still unsettled and shocked as well.


“Does this mean that Vishnu is the one who wants to inject you so that you can die?” Pavitra asked as everyone’s eyes popped out.


“WHAT?” They chorused


Pavitra narrated everything to them and they all shouted in surprise.


Just then, Vishnu walked into the ward…..


All eyes were on him.


Aakash quickly rushed to him and blowed his mouth as blood gushed out of his mouth.


He was still surprised.


Pavitra picked up the bangle and showed him, his jaw dropped.


Words refused to come out of his mouth.


“Tell me! What is this doing here?” Pavitra asked as he stammered.


“So you wanted my Krishn dead along?” Aakash asked.


He became very ashamed of himself.


He turned to walk out but the door throw open and the police walked in.


Aakash phone them.


A handcuff was placed on his hand as the led him away.


He continued pleading but no-one pitied him.


“I have a confession to make” Simitra said breaking the silence.


Everyone turned to her.


Tears rushed down her face….


“Actually I….” She said but her statement was cut short when the door was opened.


To our greatest surprise, Saloni walked in with a lady carrying a baby.



I sprang up from the bed and rushed to the child.


“It’s baby Kush!” Saloni said as I gave out a hearty smile.


I quickly carried him and he smiled at me.


“Kush…. ” That was my first word after many days.


Tears of joy rolled down my face.








I carried him close to my bossom.


Everyone jumped for joy.






















Father in law who is the most excited quickly wrote a cheque of 4 million rupees and handed to Saloni and the lady with her.


They refuse to say where the found baby Kush.


There was a lot of jubilation.


I bet Rani is the happiest girl today.


Aakash was very excited.


Lakshmi’s Pov:


I stormed into the hospital ward.


They were jubliating….. just as I thought.



I knew this is where they will be and I know Saloni and Rohi must be working together.


Immediately they saw me, they started trembling in fear Simitra screamed in shock as she saw me.


I gave out a loud laughter to everyone’s surprise.


“You think you will be happy right?” I shouted as I quickly brought out a pistol (gun).


I shot into the air and they trembled in fear.

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I pointed my gun directly on Krishna and her son.


“Please put that away Mamaa!” Saloni shouted in fear.


“Shut up you betrayed me” I yelled.


I started confessing everything and my intentions.


I continued laughing hysterically.


Immediately, Aakash quickly jumped on me and tried taking the gun from me.


We started dragging the gun.


quickly pulled the trigger…


Unfortunately, the bullet caught my Saloni. she fell in the pool of her blood….


I became gobsmacked and tears kept running down my cheeks.



“No…. My daughter!” I cried as I picked up the gun and shot it straight into my


head and fell on the ground.


Blood gushed out of my head.


Krishna’s Pov:


We group hugged each other happily.


Rani smiled heartily as she looked at baby Kush kicking his tiny legs.


Simitra pleaded for forgiveness and she was forgiven.


She was later flown abroad for proper treatment.


Vishnu was jailed for twenty years for attempted murder.


I also got a news that aunt Gangi died of cancer.


Too bad for her… she couldn’t use the money she sold me for to treat herself. Life moves on!


We lived happily ever after….






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