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Episode 08


Aakash’s Pov:


I was busy with some office files when suddenly the door fling up.


To my utmost surprise, there stood Saloni the beautician’s daughter.


She looked amazingly stunning in her beautiful but exposing sari.


She smiled at me revealing her white sparkling teeth.



What is she doing here? Why is she carrying a basket? I thought within me.


“Namaste… Little master!” She greeted with her palms together.


“Oh hello Saloni… Come in” I said as she walked in.


She handed the basket to me.


“My mother said I should give this to you and that it’s specially for you” She said happily as I forced a smile.






When did Lakshmi and I start exchanging gifts?



What is inside the basket?


Thought kept running through my mind.


I sluggishly took the basket from her.


“What is this?” I asked as I quickly uncovered the basket.






Well prepared sweets….


I gulped down my saliva….


But suddenly a thought came into my mind and I flinched.


“Sweets? Why did your mother prepare this for me? I haven’t done anything special for her to deserve this treat?” I said as I turned to her.


Her boobs were almost bulging out of her sari.



So seductive


I blinked my eyes trying to concentrate.


I shut my eyes and breathed heavily.


I quickly handed the basket back


“Sir she said its specially yours… Just a small treat” She said as I shook my head.


“Thank you very much but take it back to her, I don’t take sweets for now” I lied as she took the basket from me.


She sighed in disappointment…


I know she must be feeling bad but I don’t trust Lakshmi at all.


She walked out of the room and I exhaled deeply.


Saloni’s Pov:


“What nonsense? I told mother that Sir Aakash will definitely reject the gift” I said audibly as I headed out of the mansion.


Why did she even ask me to dress as if today is Holi festival?




Mother is really something…


“Hey! Stop!!” I heard a voice from behind.


I held my breath in anxiety as I turned around.


It was Sir Vishnu…


“Good day sir” I gulped nervously



He smiled mischievously as he stared at me romantically.


I became very shy.


I avoided eye contact with him….


He licked his lips as he stared at me seductively.



I wonder what’s up with him?


“Saloni…Whats that?” He asked pointing at my basket.


I forced a smile at him in anxiety.



Oh no! Mother warned me that this is specifically for Sir Aakash


“Uhm… Sir…. It’s…. Err…” I kept stammering as he quickly snatched the basket


from me.


I inhaled sharply.


“Wow! Sweets…” He said already eating one of it even before I could utter a word.


“But Sir… It’s for…” I tried talking but he won’t let me.


“This is so delicious… You know what Saloni? I want you to prepare some of these sweets for me tomorrow and bring it straight into my room” He said and winked at me.


“O.. O… OK sir!” I managed to say as he patted my hair and walked away slipping some money into my hand.


I rejoiced in excitement.


I think Mr Vishnu is really a nice man..




I rushed into the house happily.


“Mother! Mother!!” I called in excitement as mother walked out of the room.


“What is silly girl? Did Sir Aakash take the gift?” Mother asked happily seeing me empty-handed.


“Not really mother” I said


“What? After all the makeup?” Mother said almost inaudibly “Say what mother?” I asked


“Nothing…. I mean where is the basket of sweets?” Mother asked as I showed her


the money.


She shook her head.


“Did you sell the sweets?” Mother asked


“No mother! Actually Sir Vishnu took it all and gave me this money…. He said I


should prepare some for him tomorrow” I said happily.


Mother’s face beamed with smiles.


“OK child… Go in” Mother said as I rushed in.


“Wow… Plans changed to my favour” Mother smiled.


Simitra’s Pov:


I scratched my head in confusion.


As I picked up the mirror beside me and stared at my face.


I quickly cleaned up the sweat with a handkerchief.


“What exactly are you advising me to do Lakshmi?” I asked anxiously “Come on Simitra! It all lies in your hands….” Lakshmi laughed wickedly. “Lies in my hands? How?” I said still confused.


“You can make the Singh’s pay for keeping you in such a hell hole called cottage” Lakshmi whispered


“You are right… How dare them push me out of the mansion to a cottage, in my father’s mansion am a princess” I said shaking my head.


“Exactly…. I know what you will do! I’ve got the perfect idea” Lakshmi smiled


“What is it?” I asked anxiously


As Lakshmi looked around and whispered into my ear.


I gasped in shock.


“Are you sure?” I asked in surprise….









Lakshmi is a devil



She’s just fueling up the problems



Is she now using Vishnu?


Find out!











I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma


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