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Episode 06


Lakshmi’s Pov:


I was still lost in thought as I walked out of the mansion.


Suddenly, my eyes caught with someone at the cottage.


“The cottage is open? Why? Is anyone living inside?” I thought as I saw ma’am Simitra sitting inside with a mirror on her hand.


She was admiring her face.


My jaw dropped in agape….


Ma’am Simitra is now living in that old small cottage….


I quickly walked closer to her.


“Namaste…. ” I said aloud as she smiled broadly.


“Hello Lakshmi… Don’t worry I don’t need your services! My nails are still sparkling” She said shaking her head.


“Ooh! That’s very OK! But ma’am what are you doing here in the cottage?” I asked lowering my voice.


She laughed slightly.


“Uhmm… This is where I live now” She said simply.


“What? You live in the cottage?” I asked in disgust.


“Ye….Yes..” She stammered


“And you are happy here?” I asked anxiously


“Of course…. Now i have enough time to take care of my beauty” She smiled.


“Gosh….!!” I screamed and she flinched.


“What is it?” She asked


“You are so unbelievable ma’am…. Why did you stop living in the mansion?” I




“It was my father in-law’s idea…. He wanted the new slave to give him a grandson


with my husband so he’s marrying her… Tch! I don’t care” She rolled her eyes.






This woman is really senseless!


She doesn’t even care if her husband and her position is being taken away from her.



“Anything the matter?” She asked as I walked closer to her and looked around to see if someone was coming or overhearing our conversation.


“You know what Simitra? I think you are slowly losing your place in the mansion… How can you let your mere slave take away your husband from you” I whispered as her eyes widened in shock.


She quickly covered her mouth with her palms and gasped.


“My goodness….!” She screamed


“What happened?” I asked in surprise


“You are so right..” She shook her head in agreement.


“Of course Simitra…. Don’t let the slave take your place, fight for what is truly


yours” I said quietly.


She nodded in agreement and I smiled within me.



This is going to be my starting point…. I will use Simitra against them…


Simitra will get rid of the slave with her bare hands and she will die as well and


just when Aakash thinks all is gone, my pretty silly little daughter will emerge….


I thought within myself and smiled happily.


I walked out of the mansion with my big sack of manicure and pedicure kit.


I have to plan on how to make my daughter Saloni get into the picture.




Saloni picked up a piece of fish and ate it hungrily.



“Yummy… This is super delicious Mamaa ” Saloni said happily.


“Of course my child…. I want you to enjoy yourself” I said as I watched her eat.



“But Mamaa…. Why did you prepare a lot of food? What’s the occasion?” She


asked as she gulped down a glass of water.


“Would you like to always eat good food like you are doing now?” I asked and she nodded happily.


I smirked at her.


I quickly brought out a bag.


It was full of new saris…. Colourful ones at that!



“Wow…. ” Smiles escaped Saloni’s lips.


“Is that for me Mamaa?” She asked


“Yes Saloni” I said and she shrieked in excitement.


“But Mamaa it’s not my birthday and there is no festival, why then are you treating me?” Saloni asked with so much interest and I smiled.


“Would you like to always have delicious food on your table every day and always wear very expensive and beautiful saris?” I asked and she nodded in agreement.


“Then you will do exactly what I tell you to…. Do you understand?” I asked


“Sure Mamaa! As long as I will have beautiful saris and nice food” She said childishly.


I laughed excitedly as I hugged her.


Aakash’s Pov:


I can’t believe Simitra….


She’s really something else.



I headed straight to our room and to my greatest surprise, I saw Krishna lying in front of the door.


“What is that annoying lady doing here?” I thought as I walked closer.


She was fast asleep on the bare ground.


I quickly kicked her roughly and she opened her eyes.


“What are you doing here?” I asked angrily


“Aakash sir… I have no room here in the mansion except this one and the master your father ordered me to return to this place” She said calmly.


“You must be silly… This is my room not ours! Am not letting you in” I said She nodded her head in fear.


“OK sir… I’ll sleep outside here” She said as I sighed loudly and walked into the room locking the door.


“What nonsense!” I said as I landed on the bed.






I opened my eyes and glanced on the wall clock.


it was mid night and it was raining heavily.


I quickly covered myself with a duvet.



Thunder and lighting kept clapping


The curtain kept flying from one corner to another.


My Simitra must be feeling cold now.



That was when I remembered the slave lying outside on the cold ground.


I stood up and headed to the door but stopped.


Something kept telling me to help her…


And the other telling me not to help her….


I opened the door immediately and saw her shivering on the ground in cold.


I felt really sorry for her.


I didn’t even realize when I sat beside her and tapped her.


She couldn’t even open her eyes.


I touched her neck….. she was down with fever.



Suddenly, lighting struck


She quickly hugged me in fear and I held her tightly….











Love is flying and I wonder where it will perch



I can’t wait to see team #Krishkash



But wait o



Lakshmi is causing trouble



Now she has poisoned Simitra’s mind










I was sold but I got married



An Indian romance story



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma



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