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Episode 16



Final episode _Season one


Krishna’s Pov:


I was about to sip the juice when one of the maids Surabhi rushed to me.


Causing a scene….


She knelt right in front of me panting heavily.


“Krishna! Krishna!! Please don’t drink that” She pleaded as everyone turned around in shock.


All eyes landed on ma’am Simitra.


Simitra gulped nervously as she blinked her eyes continuously.


“What the hell are you talking about you freak?” Simitra screamed at her.


Aakash rushed to me and held me tight.


The glass fell from my hand and broke into pieces.



“I saw her! She…” The maid said as suddenly two gunshots were heard.


I quickly closed my eyes tight and used my palms to cover my ears.


As I opened my weak eyes, to my greatest surprise, I saw ma’am Simitra and Surabhi laying helplessly on the ground in the pool of their own blood.



What happened?


don’t get it….


Who shot them?


My jaw dropped in shock. Everyone gasped in surprise.


OMG! What happened? People kept murmuring…

I was led to the room still staring shocked at everything that happened. Ambulance arrived and they were rushed to the hospital.


Aakash’s Pov:


I walked into the room tiredly. Krishna sprang up and rushed to me….


“How is ma’am Simitra? And Surabhi?” Krishna asked anxiously I sat on the bed and inhaled deeply.


“Simitra is in coma but as for Surabhi…” He sighed



“What happened to Surabhi?” She asked already in tears.


“She… We lost her” I said as Krishna broke into tears.


“What’s really happening? Who shot them? What was it that Surabhi want to say? What did ma’am Simitra want to say? What happened to the drink?” She kept asking in tears.


“You don’t have to cry dear….” I patted her hair and hugged her tight.


What happened today is really a disaster.


We had no idea what really happened…


Who the gunner is….


Why they were both shot and what they wanted to say….


Vishnu’s Pov:


“Stupid… That’s what you guys are…” I screamed as I banged on the table angrily.


“Sorry boss… We shot the maid and the other miss Simitra” They bowed their head in guilty.


“Shut the hell up! I told you to shot that good for nothing slave that is pregnant” I yelled at them.


“It was a wrong target Sir” They said as I eyed them angrily.


“You don’t know the height of what you guys did…. Just pray Simitra survives this


else we will all be in trouble” I said backing them.


“What about the maid sir?” they asked



“That is not a problem… We bought her and can do whatever we want with her” I said



“Okay sir…” They replied


“Now get lost” I screamed at them as they rushed out of the room.



But what did Surabhi want to say? And what is Simitra up to?


I sat on the stool.


Those crazy gunmen shot the wrong people….


I have to find a way to get rid of that thing in Krishna’s womb.


It will cause more harm than good to me.









I thought as



Lakshmi’s Pov:


I knelt right in front of Lord Shiva statue with candles around it.


I don’t know what would have happened today if they find out that I gave Simitra the abortion pills.


All thanks to Lord Shiva…


This would have been the last days of my life.


I really need to do something.


My daughter has to be the mother of the heir.


I can’t wait to be in the mansion…


Not as a manicurist or pedicurist but as the bride’s mother.


I grinned wickedly…


My Saloni must be married into the mansion.


There are no two ways about it.




I dragged Saloni into the room.


“Mamaa…!!” Saloni cried bitterly


“Shut up silly girl… I have an errand for you” I said as she fluttered her eyebrows. “What is it mother?” She asked


“I want you to take this… Go to the mansion” I said handing a package to her. “What’s this mamaa?” she asked


“You don’t have to know what it is…. Just give this to Krishna” I said softly


“Who’s Krishna?” She asked


“The slave wife of Sir Aakash…” I said as she took the package still confused. “But Mamaa why should I give her this?” She asked


“Stop asking silly questions… Just tell her it’s from Sir Aakash’s mother… It’s her favorite rice pudding” I said


“Sir Aakash’s mother?” She asked with a questioning look.


“Get going now” I ordered her as she rushed out of the room.


I smiled mischievously…


Once she eats that, she will definitely die.


I poisoned it….


So that she will be gone and my daughter will become the new bride


The mother of the true heir.


I laughed so hard…


I can’t wait to hear that she’s dead and gone for good and out of our lives….


I picked up a piece of fish and ate happily awaiting the lovely news of her death….












Married slave _season 2

Our Krishna’s life is in danger

Sombori eppp….

Will she die?

What will be her fate in the mansion?

Is Simitra going to survive?

When will old wicked Lakshmi be exposed?

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