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Staring at my worst nightmare, I cleared my throat and excused myself so I wouldn’t have to exchange words with Tasha who seemed heartbroken seeing Ryan and I together and even lip locking; I wouldn’t call it that but that’s just what it is. I sighed and faced Ryan


“I’d be inside if you need me”


Tasha sure shot me a cold glare but I didn’t mind but made way to my room wondering what they’d be saying by now. I laid on my belly watching a movie on my phone and has lost track of time when Ryan came in looking very depressed and sad, I glanced at him but didn’t say a word. But he broke the awful silence. “I’m sorry for kissing you” that was the next thing I heard. Sorry? He is sorry? Yea right! It’s Ryan, how can I forget. I ignored his words and stopped the movie I was watching going out to the living room only to find Tasha sprawled out on the sofa making herself very comfortable.


“What are you even doing here?” I flared up and she gave me a satisfied look. “What does it look like I’m doing here?”


I hate her guts so much, minutes ago I could swear Ryan wanted that kiss as much as I did but all because of the she-devil, Ryan is sorry for kissing me.


“Well it looks like you are busy being a whore while my boyfriend and I had a little disagreement” Tasha knocked out ass spat from no where. Fixing my gaze on her, not knowing if I should yell at her for calling me a whore or let it be so I wouldn’t seem like the jealous rebound, I stood unsure of my next move or next words.


“He kissed me first so that doesn’t classify me as a whore” I finally found words as Tasha mockingly laughed at me creating a boiling rage in me like a tornado. “Goodnight sweetheart, keep dreaming” Tasha laughed some more as I angrily stormed back into the guestroom and found Ryan on the ground covering himself up with a blanket. Too bad this room does not have a sofa. I walked past him and jumped into the bed playing all what happened in my head as I touched my lips with my hands. That kiss was real and I know it! ***


Waking up to a familiar scent of scotched eggs and honey wheat bread, I knew my grandma was busy and had the breakfast game on. I stretched myself and glanced at where I left Ryan the previous night, he was no longer there. I rushed into the bathroom, brushed my teeth really hard because for some reason my breath wasn’t pleasant to the nose and had a quick shower. I walk into the room only to find Tasha and Ryan all loved-up



“I’m sorry for barging in- I didn’t- I had no idea we’ve got company or that you were here, I’d have knocked” I stuttered and was feeling really sad, how did Tasha crawl her way back into Ryan’s life? I grabbed my clothes and went back to change in the bathroom, I noticed Ryan couldn’t look me in the eye, he was avoiding my gazes and I just didn’t care anymore.


“Morning grandma” I kissed my old and frail grandma who still manage to make the best breakfast in the world on her cheeks as she flushed. Old people sure do behave like babies.


“Morning baby, please help me set up the table”


I set the table as Tasha trailed in giggling with Ryan and Michael. Michael too? What did she do? Did she use magic on them to make them forget she was working with Lala? I glanced at Ryan who seemed happy but avoided me completely for a reason best known to him. Soon I heard the doorbells.


“I’d get that” I dropped the napkins I was holding and went straight for the door. “Hey Harv, good thing you are here” I beamed with smile as Harvey pecked me on the cheeks.


“I came at the right time” Harvey walked in staring at the dinning table filled with food.


“I love a full house, Tasha dear please help with my spectacles” Gramps commented. Gramps too? Is Tasha a virus or what? How did she get so close with my grandparents too.


“I thought you said they broke up” Harvey whispered in my ear.


“Believe me, I thought so too” I glared at Tasha as she helped my grandma get to her chair.


“Help me with the pie” my grandma asked of her


“Don’t worry, I’d do it” I took over from Tasha as she pushed me with her dry hips.


“Don’t worry, I got it covered” she smiled holding the plate of pie.


“I said I’d do it” I dragged it from her.


“Got it covered”


“I’d do it” we kept dragging the plate as everyone watched in amazement, the pie fell to the floor and part of the broken ceramics flew into Ryan’s skin as blood gushed out.


“Ryan” I ran towards him.


“Babe- I mean Ryan” Tasha noticed my grandparents.


“Don’t touch him”


“You don’t touch him”


“Let him be”


“Girls!” Michael intervened.


“My God, what is going on? Ryan dear I’ve got some first aid at the back follow me” my grandma went away with Ryan and Ryan quietness was killing me seriously.


“Oh my God, guess you girls didn’t just lose a pie” Harvey eyes wide opened and I shot him a glare as Tasha licked her fingers. “Breakfast is getting cold”


Tasha drew out a chair and made herself very comfortable while I worried about


Ryan, something was off with him.






I wasn’t planning on bringing Tasha back into my life but it sure was the only way to keep Aaliyah out of danger, at least that would keep her off or so I thought because now I’m being bandaged by grandma Esthy because of the girls outburst, I wouldn’t mind a cut as far as Aaliyah is safe. “All done” grandma Esthy announced.


“Thanks” I looked at the injury spot and shook my head.


“Who is Tasha actually?” Grandma asked. I guess she noticed the drama, who wouldn’t they literally acted it like it’d perfectly rehearsed and was now shown on the cinema.


“A friend” I huffed praying grandma wouldn’t ask more questions.


“Hope she isn’t your mistress because that would be a very big sin and you’d be hurting my grand baby” she arranged her first aid kit as I shoke my head negatively.


“Good because I like you Ryan and I love that you married my special grandchild” Special! Here goes that word again.


“I know she is very special grandma Esthy, that’s why I care about her” I stood up as grandma smiled.


“Breakfast is getting cold, let’s join the others” grandma led the way and I followed. I noticed Aaliyah was happily chewing on her honey wheat bread as she glanced at me and I quickly looked away.


“You okay?” Tasha mouthed and I nod sitting beside Tasha with my heart racing and all I dived into breakfast.


“An injury sure looks sΒ£xy on you” Tasha tried stirring a conversation with me. “Table manners” I whispered and Aaliyah glanced at us. The tension during breakfast was much as everyone was sitting at the edge of the seats except gramps



and grandma; obviously those two were more concerned with the Grace they shared or the next Bible chapter they’d read.


Aaliyah was so engrossed in a conversation with Harvey as she grinned so hard. I tried to keep my eyes off her but I couldn’t.


“Excuse me, I’d be inside” I excused myself as Aaliyah watched me get up and as I trailed off, I heard her excuse herself.


“Tasha, help me with the dishes” grandma requested and I heard footsteps behind me, I guess it’s Aaliyah.


“What do you want?” I turned and she stopped dead on tracks.


“I want us to talk, about Tasha and how she crawled back into your life” she whispered dragging me inside the room. Already inside the room she had this worried look on her face.


“I thought we were getting somewhere” she said lowly.


I turned and faced her. “Aaliyah I’ve got no time for this”


“We have plenty of time Ryan, what did Tasha do to you? Are you okay” she said with mixed emotions.


“I’m fine and I can take care of myself” I shrugged and she stepped away. “And you didn’t seem to care about me when you were busy laughing with Harvey” I pointed out.


She gave me a long stare “what does Harvey have to do with this?” “Everything, I don’t like you being too close to Harvey, you are my wife so stay away” I said not knowing why I even thought of that.


“Don’t be possessive of me and I’m not your wife, I’m just some girl you are keeping safe and kissing when you feel like, tell that to Tasha instead” she stormed out of the room, I wanted to stop her but it’s for the best, at least that would keep her away from me, I can’t hurt her by dying soon so I’d stay away from her. ***




Really? Stay away from Harvey? Till hell freezes over, I can’t believe he’d say that, like he owned me or something. I need air really bad. I grabbed my purse from my room and excused myself from the house. Tasha still glared at me but I don’t just care, she can have Ryan, all of him. I walked for a few minutes then bent down to tie up my loosed lace.


“Guess we meet again” I heard a familiar voice and tilted to see him; the guy with the ocean eyes.


“Gregg” I stood up and gave him a hug; guess our friendship is already in the hugging phase .


I released myself from the hug “what are you doing here?”


“I stay in Brooks, remember?”


“I totally forgot” we walked together to the nearest cafΓ© and shared a milk shake giggling over silly stuff.


“So when are we having that session?” Hr fixed his gaze on me as I sipped my milk shake.


“How about now because I need someone to talk to”


He smiled and pulled his jacker from the chair.


“Then let’s go somewhere private, how about my office?” He inquired. “That works for me” I stood up and followed him as was had a very pleasing conversation on our way to his office.


“Tada!” he opened his office door and I walked in admiring how furnished the


room looks, with the sofa leaning on the wall at the far right corner in the room,


table and chairs arranged neatly with a stalk of files arranged neatly on the little


rectangle shelf on the wall.


“Not bad” I sat on the sofa.


“What would you like to drink? Coffee? Tea?” He inquired.


“Coffee would be fine” I smiled and he walked out coming back with a hot cup of coffee.


“I didn’t ask the way you liked your coffee but I made it black, no sugar since you just had milk shake” he banded over the cup of coffee.


“Perfect, thank you” I collected it and he took the smaller sofa opposite me taking out some notes and a pen.


“Before we start, how much does this cost?” I referred to the session.


“It’s free” he smirked.


I adjusted myself on the chair. “Really? Free? Thank you”


“So let’s begin, let’s start from your childhood or do you have any other thing you’d like to talk about?” He said and I looked away really finding it weird that I’m talking to someone about my problems.


“Well my childhood wasn’t that bad, it was my dad, my mom and I, the three badass in Hales town and I pretty much enjoyed my life till my first year in high school, I started getting bullied and it really destroyed me, then I thought of ways to stand up to them, I was having the feel of it when…” I stopped my words. “When what? You need to tell me or I can’t help you” he sounded really serious and wanting to know more.


“This was a mistake” I took my purse and was about to leave when his words stopped me.



“Let me tell you a story, There was a man, he was a Shepard, he took out hundred sheep but then came back with ninety-nine, he did everything in his power to get back that one lost sheep”


I was surprised he’d tell me that sort of story. “Did he ever find the lost sheep?” “Yes He did and till he found it, he didn’t give up and when He found it, He felt fulfilled and happy” he explained.


“So how does that have to do with me? Am I the lost sheep?” I asked.


“You tell me” he arched his brow.


“And if I’m the lost sheep who’s the Shepard? You?” I curved my brow.


“No, Someone greater” he added.


“Let me guess, Jesus?” I rolled my eyes.


“I’m guessing with that eye roll, you don’t believe in Jesus” he said and I sighed. “Well it’s not my fault, if He exist, my life would be a lot better right? At least that’s what you guys preach but my life is shit so forgive me if I don’t believe in your Jesus” I air quoted Jesus.


“How about you sit down, we have a long talk and probably a whole lot of coffee to consume” he pointed at the sofa.


“No thanks, I’ve got better things to do” I walked out and breathed in before heading back home, I walked slowly looking for a taxi but couldn’t find one, as I was about crossing the road, a car hit me from no where and I was completely lost and totally unconscious all I could say was


“Don’t let me die” I slowly closed my eyes as I heard car horns and blares with


people yelling. Would I die?












[Broken vows]


by berlie








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