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Looking at the phone over and over again wondering why Ryan needs my help I flashed a smile at Gregg who gave me a puzzled look.


“Hello, I’m still talking here” he snapped his fingers at me and I looked at me him.


“I’ve got to go” I tell him and he arched his brow.


“Go to where?” He asked me.


“Go home, I’m not going to live here with you forever” I teased.


“Funny” he laughed.


“I didn’t want it to be funny” I rolled my eyes at him and went into his rooms grabbing my things.


“You are really leaving” he held on to my arms.


“Yes I am and I’d love my arms to go with me” I reffered to his hands on mine.


“Oh! Okay, I’d drop you off then” he offered.


“No thanks” I declined and walked away but remembered I had no money on me.


“But would you help me with cash?” I walked back blinking my eyes at him.


“Hmm no thanks but I’d love to drop you off” he blinks his eyes too.


“Seems I’ve got no choice right?” I groaned.


“You don’t” he replied and I walked to the living room to see Mr and Mrs Baldwin


watching an early morning TV show.


“I’d be going now” I announced.


“So soon? I thought you’d stay for brunch” Mrs Baldwin pouted.


“I’d love that too but I got an appointment” I said and Mr Baldwin nods.


“Drive safe” he smiled and I did too.


“Bye Aaliyah, nice knowing you” Maggie added.


“Nice knowing you too, bye” I waved them before coming outside with Gregg. I entered his old rusty car and gave him an eye roll before settling in right.


“You always love having your way, don’t you?” I strapped on the seat belt and he smirked.


“Yes I do” he smiled as he turn on the ignition as we zoomed off.


“So where are we going?” He asked.


“Oh I thought you knew mister know it all” I teased and he just laughed. He is such a charmer with those ocean eyes. Okay I know I’ve said it more than a bazillion times that he have got an ocean eyes but they are so cute with those dimples and smiles.


“I don’t so where are we going?” He inquired.


“MASG” I tell him and he turned on his GPS locating the hotel. We remained silent and he kept glanicing at me.


“What?” I turned to him and he turned away.


“Nothing just you are looking stressed” he smiled.


“I’m not!” I half-yelled.


“Fine” he concentrated on the road and we remained silent till he pulled over at the hotel.



“Thank you” I stepped down from the car as Gregg came down attempting to open the car door for me but too late I’ve done that already.


“You are welcome, but you still owe me a session” he said and I shrugged.


“Oh c’mon, fine one session, that would be if we meet again” I tell him.


“We will meet again, that’s for sure” he winked at me and got in the car as he waved at me and I did too.


“Thank you” I mouthed as he zoomed off.


I stepped into the hotel and met Ryan and Michael pacing to and fro and as he saw me he ran towards me holding me by my shoulders.


“Aaliyah, thank God you came” he hugged me. Okay, that’s new Ryan just hugged me.


“Why am I here exactly?” I asked confused; obviously.


“You are here because I need your help, I’m sorry Aaliyah, I- we did some digging


and we found out that Tasha has been working with Lala” he told me and I


wouldn’t lie I felt relief and happy inside. Am I wicked? Because I’m super happy


that Tasha is out of Ryan’s life.


“Oh- I mean- crazy” I couldn’t find words to describe my happiness.


“Yes” Michael sighed.


“So why do you guys need my help?” I was still confused.


“Can we talk in the room?” He asked as he led me into the room we- they booked and shut the door.


“So?” I wondered what the hell was going on.


“We found an encrypted note in the vase and we need to decode it” Ryan whispered.


“And what can I do about that, I’m not a decipher, I can’t decipher encrypted codes” I said.


“I know but with our findings, it can be deciphered in Brooks town” he announced. “Oh! But I don’t why you still need my help” I said and Ryan hits his head with his palm.


“Don’t be so dumb Aaliyah, you are from Brooks town, we need to get to Brooks town” Ryan explained and I nod.


“Okay, okay, I know a place but we need to be discreet because we can’t take encrypted code sniffing around your father’s business when you are his son” I said as Ryan gave me a vague look.


“So what are you saying?” He questioned.



“That we need to hide our identities. ” Michael realised. Truth be told I want to hear all about his breakup with Tasha, you can’t wait to hear it too right? Me too. I’m literally screaming inside because I can’t wait to see the look on Tasha’s face. “Okay, that wouldn’t be a problem” Ryan smiled and I knew he was excited because this was it for him, he’d find out who killed his mom. ***




I’m happy that I’m going to find out who killed my mom but I’m sad that Tasha and I broke up, I really liked her but she almost destroyed my only window to find out my mom’s killer. We boarded a quick flight to Brooks town with my private jet. I keep getting texts from Tasha and it breaks my heart but I can’t let her in again. “Are you okay?” Aaliyah asked me and I nod sadly. “Are you sure?” She asked again.


“I’m fine” I tell her before facing the other side.


We landed in Brooks really late and Aaliyah offered to take us to her grandma Esthy’s house and I didn’t accept at first but I had no choice after she cajoled Michael and I.


“Hello grandma” Aaliyah announced walking into the house excitedly.


“Oh my God I can’t believe you actually came” grandma esthy pulled Aaliyah in for a hug and she looked very excited.


“Yes I did and where is Gramps?” Aaliyah asked and I figured she was referring to her grandpa.


“He is inside resting and Ryan dear, you look pale and sad” grandma Esthy noticed my mood and I gave off a smile to ease the tension I had inside.


“I’m fine, it must be the flight” I lied and grandma nods while Michael dragged our suitcases inside after greeting grandma Esthy.


“So what caused this impromptu visit?” Grandma Esthy asked and Aaliyah glanced at me and I gave her a ‘go on’ look.


“We are here to decipher an encrypted code Ryan’s mom left for him” Aaliyah explained and I didn’t stop her because I needed help and if grandma Esthy can help, I wouldn’t mind.


“Oh, can I see?” Grandma Esthy requested and I took it out of my bag and handed it over.


“Tortoise, lion and snake” grandma Esthy whispered and I didn’t understand her words, same with the others; I guess.


“Grandma, can you decipher it?” Aaliyah asked glancing at me.



“No but Len can, just get it to him by tomorrow, these are symbols common to us the Brooks” grandma explained and we agreed. “Do you guys want dinner?” Grandma Esthy asked.


“No no, we already ate” I chipped in.


“Okay I’d lead your friend here to the other guest room by the right. Aaliyah, you and your husband take the one by the left ” grandma Esthy explained. “Sure grandma” Aaliyah grinned.


“Thank you grandma” I thanked her.


“Good night man” Michael winked and followed grandma Esthy.






We walked into my childhood room, I always spend my summers here and I stopped coming here when I was diagnosed with cancer. I miss being here with my cousins and laughing my heart out.


“It’s still here” I grabbed my knitted pink pillow that was placed on the bed.


“I can’t believe my grandma still kept it” I hugged the pillow and Ryan gave me a cranky look.


“That’s stupid” Ryan grunted.


“What’s stupid, I know you are being extra cranky because…”


“Don’t even dare” he stopped me from speaking further as he fell on the bed looking tired.


“Fine but I’d take the bed so get up” I tell him and he shrugged.


“No way, we are sharing this bed, we are married, remember?” He asked and I was surprised. Does this mean I’d be sharing the same bed with Ryan. This night is going to be…


“Why are you still standing?” He interrupted my thoughts.


“I need to take my bath first” I ran out of the room releasing my breath.


I breathed in and out before going in to grab my clothes so I’d have my bath. I rushed into the room and rushed out taking my pyjamas with me. I went into the bathroom to have my bath, the cold water was soothing, it calms me a lot, I wouldn’t admit it but I miss my grandma’s house so much, I miss the food, the fun, the people, I miss everything expect their religious belief obviously.


After bathing, I strolled to the dinning room and found Gramps reading the Bible, this book again! I sighed and walked towards him. “Hey Gramps” I beckoned.


“My pretty little gran-baby” Gramps flashed a huge smile.


“How’s things here in Brooks?” I asked drawing out a chair.


“Never being better” he closed his Bible and I glanced at it and gramps noticed.


“Want to read with me?” He asked.


“No, no, I’m too tired, I’ll just go sleep” I tell him and he nods.


“Just know you are nothing without Jesus” he advised and I smiled. Jesus again! Anyways, we are here in Brooks and I have to get comfortable with hearing The Name all the time because it’s all they say here.


“Good night gramps” I pecked him on his cheeks. He loves that.


“Good night baby” he smiled.


I had my bath and after that talk with gramps I walked into the room only to find Ryan lying down facing the roof and his eyes were shut.


I joined him on the bed, this is not the first time we are sharing a bed but it felt different this time around, I was conscious of everything I did.


I glanced at Ryan and he seemed perfectly asleep and I released my breath and lay there for a while not saying anything but planning to fall asleep.


“Am I mean?” Ryan question came from no where and I was surprised he’d ask me


that or that he was even awake.


“Errm- I-” I stuttered.


“Truthfully” he cuts in still closing his eyes.


“Yes, very mean” I tell him and he didn’t move, he just remained silent and I was kind of feeling guilty for calling him mean. “But you are nice, sometimes” I added.


“Sometimes?” He opened his eyes and glanced at me while I turned away. “Maybe- I mean you are nice to some extent but you are so cranky all the time…” “Tasha use to say that” he interrupted and I looked at him, he was looking at the celling sadly.


“Do you miss her?” I asked slowly.


“I don’t know, she was the only one I’ve been close to since Nadia; my ex” he explained and I felt remorse for him.


“You’ve got me now” I placed my hands on his and he took my hands in his. We


didn’t speak again, we just remained silent watching the celling till we both fell


asleep with our hands locked together, it felt good, I felt peace in my heart falling


asleep by his side.




I woke up feeling tired, I glanced at where Ryan slept but he wasn’t there but a smile curved on my face as I thought of last night, best night of my life ever! Wait, why is it the best night of my life? Aaliyah what’s wrong with you?



“Good morning” Ryan words cuts short my crazy thought as he entered the room with a towel round his waist and his black hair dripping water down his body. It was so sΒ£xy and attractive, he didn’t have abs but he was damn attractive. “Hey put on some clothes” I turned my face around.


“Oh don’t be silly, I’ve got a towel on, I’m not naked” he walked to where he kept his suitcase.


“Still, learn to change your clothes in the bathroom, you are sharing a room with a girl” I scolded.


“A girl? It pains me that you still classify yourself to be a girl” Ryan blurted out and this infuriated me. Cranky Ryan is back, what happened to that sweet Ryan I held hands with last night. Did he die? Or was he a doppelganger? “If I’m not a girl, what am I?” I asked.


“I don’t know, you tell me” he replied and I imagined he was already putting on his clothes because my face was still turned.


“You know what, I’m going to watch you change then you would know I’m a girl” I tell him but believe me I might not have the courage for that.


“Fine! Turn around then, if you can handle this I’d know you are a girl” he challenged me.


“Challenge accepted!” I turned around and what I saw was…


“Holy shit” my eyes were wide opened.












[Broken vows]


by berlie








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