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Two months, one week, four days, six hours, fifteen minutes, four seconds, that’s all I have left before I die. I watched myself in the mirror as the makeup artist did her thing on my face, according to Louise wedding rehearsals are very germane especially for my type of wedding; her words not mine. “You look perfect!” Louise exclaimed.


“I look like a train wreck” I commented touching my face .


“Don’t be a buzz kill” Louise raised her hands in the air laughing.


“No offence miss, it’s me not you” I faced the make up artist so she wouldn’t feel bad.


“No need, you look amazing tho” she said with a smile.


“Thank you” I turned back to the mirror and smiled.


“You are going to be the most beautiful bride in town” Louise danced around the room while I laughed.


After the meeting with Louise, I decided to meet up with Ryan at jerks so we could discuss our project and hopefully the wedding. I took a booth not too far from the counter as I scanned the room and couldn’t find Ryan. I slipped my phone out of my bag so I’d call Ryan.


“Shoot! ” I tapped my forehead with my hand.


“I don’t have Ryan’s number” I muttered as my phone started ringing and I saw ‘mom’ on the dialer.


“Hello mom” I picked up the phone


“Hey baby, how are you?” She asked.


“I’m fine, I’m taking my drugs and not allowing the wedding preparations interfere with my studies” I blabbed on because I knew what she meant with her ‘how are you’


“Buy baby the wedding…”


“Mom, I love him so much and I have decided to marry him, mom you know I’ve got just two months…”


“Two months? ” a deep husky voice interrupted me and I raised my head to see ryan staring right at me with his eyebrow curved. “I’ll call you back”


“Baby…” I heard her voice but I hanged up before she could go further.


“So you gonna tell me why you’ve got two months left? ” he asked and I smiled nervously.


“It’s just- I’ve got- my mom- I mean she just wa…nts me to come home and I told her after two months I’d be back home so we…”


“Nevermind I don’t care” he cuts in and I nod and let out a sigh of relief. “Waiter” I called out and Ryan was busy going through his phone. The waiter came forward and I smiled.


“Can I have a hot latte please?” I asked and he nods.


“So my father wants us in Australia tomorrow” Ryan said raising up his head to look at me.


“Tomorrow” I half-yelled.


“Yes tomorrow and I’ll come pick you up by six in the morning” he beckoned.


“And do you know if I’m busy tomorrow?” I asked raising my brow. “C’mon stop acting like you are a working class lady, we both know you are jobless” he rolled his eyes and I gave him a stern look.


“How dare you Ryan Pierce, I’m a busy person and I’ve got a lot of things to do so I don’t know if tomorrow would be possible” I said and took the hot latte the waiter dropped on my table earlier.


“Tomorrow by six, you better be ready and we could discuss our project there, Australia is such a good inspiration” he winked at me and stood up. “Where are you going?” I asked looking at him


“I have to go over to Michael’s” he said bringing out some money from his wallet.


“Michael? ” I raised my brow because I couldn’t remember who Michael was.


“My friend, the guy you met the other day” he also raised his brow and I smirked.


“Oh I see!” I grinned.


He left without saying another word and dropped the money on the table. Gosh how much do I hate Ryan? So freaking much! .





I walked quietly to Michael’s lurch and knocked lightly on his door, I knocked three more times before the door clicked open.


“My man” he opened his arms up for a hug while I just walked pass him walking into his apartment.


“I told you not to hug me because that is some gay shit” I tell him and he laughed . “You don’t have to be cranky all the time man, let some love in” he said and I huffed.


“I’ve got a girlfriend for that” I punched his arm as we both laughed.


“So how’s your fiancΓ©e? ” he asked as I groaned.


“Please forget about her, any new leads about my mom’s killer?” I asked sitting down to relax properly.


“Yes look” he pulled out some files and I took it from him. I glanced through and saw weird pictures.


“Your dad transferred some money to some unknown people a day before your mom got killed” he pointed out some receipts.


“Do you think my dad arranged my mom’s death?” I looked at him and he looked away.


“I don’t know man but I think there is something more because look the Johes are a suspect but there is something fishy about your dad’s transaction” he shakes his head.


“What about this man, who is he?” I asked pointing to a picture in the file.


“Kelvin Callington, a data analyst who works with John Johes, he sent money to


that agency that brought extra waiters for the resort a week before your mom died”


he explained and I tossed the file aside. I’m officially confused but I think it’s time


I have a talk with Harvey Johes.






I walked home silently but the sounds from my phone disturbed my peaceful walk. I slipped out my phone from my pocket and saw messages from my mom and two others from Louise.


“Fuck it Aaliyah, reply me” I read aloud Louise message.


“We will talk when I get home” I replied the message and checked out my mom’s message.


“Call me baby, your dad is freaking out concerning your wedding” I read and sighed. I went to my dialer and called my mom. “Hello” I said and she half-yelled


“Aaliyah, you are playing with fire” she shouted.


“Mom! Please help me talk to dad” I begged.


“Baby, your dad is freaking out and I can’t hold him, he says NO” she scoffed and I sighed.


“Please I know you can convince him and help me” I pleaded.


“Frankly Aaliyah, I don’t support this idea also, how long have you been with this young man?” She asked and I huffed.


“Long enough to know I’m crazy about him” I lied.




“Mom” I interrupted.


“Fine, I’d love to meet this young man soon” she added.


“Okay, bye mom I’ll talk to you later” I paused as I saw a black van stop in front of me and my phone went dead; my mom hanged up.


“Who are you?” I asked as I saw some men dressed in black dresses and wore masks revealing just their eyes. They came closer and held my hands.


“Let me go” I screamed and they held me tighter dragging me close to the van.


“Hello Aaliyah” a feminine voice said stepping out of the van. I tilted my head up


and saw her looking at me sternly.


“Tasha” I manged to say.


“Good night, have a nice sleep” she said and the men gagged me while my vision went blurry and I was dragged into the van. .








[Broken vows]


by berlie









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