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“You are what?!” My mom blared over the phone.


“I’m getting married mom to the man of my dreams” I lied rolling my eyes. “But baby…”



“Mom, I love him and I’d soon die anyways so I want to know what marriage feels like before departing this earth” I cut in and she sighed. I assumed my dad was there with her because I could hear whispers.


“she said she is getting married” my mom said to my dad who took the phone from her.


“Aaliyah Frances Thompson!” My dad called my full name with authority, I could feel his anger over the phone.


“Dad please I truly love him and I want to spend my last days on earth with him” I lied pleading really bad like my life depended on it, I mean it does anyways. “Does he know you are gonna die soon?” My dad asked.


“Pete!” My mom exclaimed in the background and snatched the phone from my dad and I could hear small argument between them.


“Don’t mind your dad, he is being rational, we want to meet the young man then we will decide” my mom added with a long sigh.


“Thanks mom, you are the best but I’ve already decided I’m marrying Ryan” I said.


“Ryan huh? That’s his name” my mom realised and I imagined she nodded. “Yes, Ryan Pierce” I replied stepping down from the taxi. I paid for the fare and walked towards the hostel.


“Baby, just be careful okay, your dad and I would discuss the wedding properly” my mom concluded.


“Ok, I love you mom” I smiled.


“Awww I love you too baby” she replied and I know she placed her hand on her chest, she does that when I tell her I love her, so cliché.


“Bye mom, see you soon” I hanged up and walked happily to my room. ***


I was awaken by a familiar scent of omelet, I got up sluggishly and saw Louise devouring a bowl of omelet and she glanced at me when I walked towards her. “Good morning” I said flashing a smile.


“Whatever” she got up and carried her bag dashing off to class since she was ready for class anyways.


We had an heated argument the previous day when I told her I’d marry Ryan. Since that moment she avoided me and went to bed and she is still doing the same thing now.


I managed to go to class and was paying good attention to everything our instructor told us. It was lunch break and I went to the cafeteria to eat since Louise was avoiding me, I took a table next to the window and far away from every one and I



was busy with my salad when I saw a tray being placed on the table. I tilted my heads up and saw Harvey smiling at me.


“Hey Aaliyah” he beckoned taking a seat opposite me.


“hi Harv, it’s been long” I manage to say and he laughed.


“We met just two days ago and it’s long already, did you miss me that much?” He flirted and I giggled.


“In your dreams mister” I chuckled.


After settling down properly, he began to eat and chat with me.


“It’s good to see you happy Aaliyah and about that…”


“No need Harv, I get it. You just wanted to be normal and not be a politician son for once in your life and I get it” I cut in and he nods happily.


“Ever since I was young, people always see me as that child who has everything just because he is a politician son and it got to me, that’s why I chose to chase my passion and excel in it. Fashion keeps me going, it energises me and teach me stuff and how to be independent and I love it. I chose Paris because it’s far away from America so people wouldn’t see me as a politician son anymore” he tells me and I smiled.


“C’mon, not everyone in America knows your father why not go to states where your father isn’t known like where I stay Hales town, no one knows John Johes” I replied him and he chuckled.


“I know but what if they read something on a newspaper and it has to do with my father or they watch something on TV and see my father” he explained and I understood.


“Okay I understand” I nodded.


“Thank you Aaliyah for understanding because I don’t know what I’d be able to do without you in my life” he thanked me happily and I smiled. “You are so sweet” I tell him and he smirked.


“So about the other…”


“I’m getting married to Ryan” I quickly said so he wouldn’t say much.


“Oh!” He exclaimed.


“That’s nice” he added and I nod.


“When is the wedding?” He asked.


“We don’t know yet but soon” I replied and he nods nervously, I can see the hurt in his eyes. I didn’t want to break his heart and marry him and after two months and some weeks die but If I marry Ryan, I’d be safe for that two months and some weeks and when I die, I wouldn’t hurt Ryan because he doesn’t care about me



unlike Harvey, it could break him and I don’t want that for him because I kinda care about him.


“I’m sorry Harv” I placed my hands on his and smiled hurt holding back tears. “Why him? Do you love him?” He questioned and a drop of tear flowed down my cheeks and I looked at him.


“What if I do? I don’t want trouble Harv, I want to live” I sniffed and he came closer and hugged me.


“I can protect you, just say you will marry me” he pleaded.


“I can’t, I’m sorry” I stood up and ran away with my bag out of the cafeteria.






I just got home to take a quick shower so I’d meet with the wedding planner and Akiya at jerks. After the shower my phone started ringing and I rushed to pick up. “What’s up man” Michael said over the phone.


“I’m good bro, any new leads?” I asked about my mother’s pending case.


“I did more digging and I found something, can we meet tonight?” He questioned and I sighed.


“No I’m meeting up with the wedding planner and Akiya tonight so we’d start the wedding preparations” I explained.


“So you gon be a husband soon?” He asked jokingly and I chuckled.


“Yea, a married and still single guy” I smiled over the phone thinking about Tasha. The thought of marrying Akiya scared the shit outta me but I’ve got nothing to do, I got her into this mess, I’m getting her out too but I just can’t manage to live happy with her but we will cope at least for the sake of her life.


“We can make the meeting tomorrow by seven at the usual” I said and he agreed.


“Well, see you tomorrow man” he hung up. I put on a loose t-shirt and jeans to


match and dashed off to jerks.




I got there exactly seven-thirty and I saw Akiya and the female wedding planner and they were getting along quite well.


“Hello ladies, sorry for keeping you waiting” I took a seat and faced the wedding planner.


“So my fiancée and I want a small wedding, right baby?” I turned to Akiya holding


her hands and she smiled nervously.


“Fiancée?…oh yes… yes” she stuttered


“Yes…” I raised my brow at her so she would understand what i wanted her to say.



“Yes…oh yes baby” she realised what I tried telling her after looking at me weirdly. We needed to act the part so no one would notice it’s a fake wedding or else they will come after her again.


“Oh how much I love when couples want a small wedding, you too are adorable and perfect for each other” the wedding planner over exaggerated while Akiya and I rolled our eyes.


“I’m Lisa, Lisa Gilbert and I’m your wedding planner” she introduced herself to me because it was obvious she and Akiya had done an introduction already. “Ryan” I said to her.


Ryan, Aaliyah where do we start, cake, decor, bridal clothes shopping, name it” she blabbed on.


Akiya took a glance at me and back at Lisa.


“We don’t know that was why we hired you, you are wedding planner remember” Akiya said to her and she smiled.


“Of course I’m the wedding planner but most couples have perspective and would like to choose where to start from” she said smiling.


“Well, we don’t have a perspective so organise the damn thing” I half yelled. “Well what my fiancé is trying to say is that we believe in your expertise so we fully depend on you” Akiya explained and she beamed with smile.


“Okay, I’d handle the cake and decor tomorrow and the location since you guys want a Paris wedding, I was thinking about an open field, what do you guys think?” She asked and Akiya nodded.


“Well do any thing you like I’ll transfer the money to you just name your price” I said bringing out my phone so I’d transfer the money.


“How about you give me ten thousand for now, I’ll start with that” she smiled and I sighed.


“What? Ten thousand for a start?” Akiya yelled. “What’s the big deal?” I asked looking at her.


“Wait you don’t see it” she faced me and I looked away working on my phone. “Done!” I exclaimed after transferring the money.


“I’ll check later in the office, if you would excuse me I’ll live you too” she stood up and left while Akiya was still dumbfounded.


“Close your mouth” I beckoned and looked away.


“You must be so rich to do such” she told me and I laughed. “What’s ten thousand” I laughed again.


“From now on I have no business with that woman except money, you do anyways


so y’all enjoy yourself” I said and dropped money on the table for her to pay for


what we ordered and left.






I got to the hostel and was still thinking how this crazy dude called starting wedding plans with ten thousand small! He is crazy, really crazy. I got to my bed sitting down but Louise wasn’t back, I tried calling her but no answer, I tossed my phone aside and took my drugs and lay on my bed. I almost fell asleep when the door clicked open and I saw Louise walking in tiredly. “Hey Lolo” I tried starting a conversation but no reply.


“Look Louise, I have my reasons for choosing Ryan okay and if you are really my friend as you claim to be, you’ll grow up and respect my decisions” I yelled and faced the other side. I could hear her legs move and she let out a sigh and lie on her bed. After thinking about so many things, I fell asleep too. *


The sun ray woke me up and I could perceive my favourite thing in the world.


“Cranberry pie” I muttered as I woke up and squeezed my eyes.


“Good morning bestie” I heard Louise walking up to me with a cranberry pie.


“Lolo, wait am I dreaming?” I paused and she laughed.


“No darling, I’m sorry for being cold. You are my bestie and I’ll support you and love you no matter what” she smiled and I got so emotional and hugged her. “You are being sweet right now” I pouted and she chuckled.


“Hope that bridesmaid position is not taken” she asked tugging her hands under my arms.


“Of course not, no one is gonna take your place bestie” I smiled.


“Thank God because I saw a really pretty gown yesterday and that’s what I’m gonna wear” she got up excitedly.


“Thanks Lolo for understanding, maybe I don’t love Ryan but I’ll learn” I said and she sighed.


“Whatever your reason is, it better be good because marriage is not high school, you can never graduate except divorce or death but still you are going to be with him forever” she added and I smiled.


“Good thing I got my bestie with me, right?” I asked curving my brow.


“Sure! Lo-yah forever!” She raised her hands in a high five manner.


“Loyah forever!” I clapped my hands against hers and we giggled.


I wish I had forever, maybe my forever is just two months and some weeks…












[Broken vows]


by berlie







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