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“I’m Harvey Johes, the son of John Johes and Ryan father’s rival son” he announced and I opened my mouth wide. “What?!” I exclaimed.


“so you lied about your father being a cop, you are a son to a politician and all those shady…”


“Aaliyah please try to understand me” he moved closer to me while I got up and moved far away from him.


“Please I need my space, I don’t think I can stand a liar right now” I ran out of the building while he trailed after me.


“Harvey get your filthy hands off me” I yelled and pushed him backwards. “Please Aaliyah try and understand I didn’t lie on purpose…” “Taxi!” I interrupted him stopping a taxi.


“Okay at least let me take you home” he offered and I walked out on him stopping


a taxi and zoomed off.




I got to my hostel and found Louise happily seated on the bed waiting for me. “So how did it go?” She asked


“You knew didn’t you” I said and fell on my bed tiredly and painfully.


“What do you mean? Know what?” She asked sitting close to me and holding my hands.


“Talk to me Aaliyah, what did I know?” She persisted since I remained silent.


“You knew Harvey was Ryan’s father rival son don’t you?” I yelled because I was


really pissed.




“Don’t pretend, isn’t that why you planned the whole dinner thing, I know it was you who gave Harvey that crazy idea to say he loves me.” I blurted out and she sighed.


“Is this a good thing or a bad thing?” She huffed and stood up walking round the room.


“What do you mean if it is a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t get you why are you so against me marrying Ryan” I stood up yelling at her.


“And why are you so up for marrying Ryan” she scoffed and I brought my head down.


“Look Harvey is a nice guy even if he lied about his parents which I perfectly


understand because everyone hides a secret just to be feel normal” she explained


and guilt washed over me because I too have a dirty secret about my health and I


didn’t let anyone know so I’d be normal, Lolo is right I’m suppose to understand


Harvey’s decision but why lie? His father must be so shady, so those bad guys


work for his father.


“I guess so” I sighed.


“So did you accept him?” Louise asked really listening with keen interest.


“Of course not” I replied.


“Why?! Harvey is handsome, rich perfect and amazing. You literally said so yourself, that he is handsome” Louise blurted out and I sighed.


“I know he is handsome, my father is handsome it doesn’t mean I want to have s£x with him.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay, I get that you have s£xual attraction towards your father”


“Eww” I curved my mouth and nose. “but we are not talking about s£x, I’m talking about him and you loving each other and making cute babies” Louise fantasised walking round the room.


“How are we going to make cute babies without s£x?” I raised my brow looking at her with pure confusion.


“What?” She raised her brow also.


“You said we weren’t talking about s£x and then you said we’d make cute babies” I scoffed and she rolled her eyes.


“Jeez Aaliyah, this is serious” she huffed and I laughed.



“Harvey can protect you, I see you too together, there is definitely a connection but you don’t love Ryan. Harvey is a blessing, think about it. Good night I have to wake up early for class” she strolled to her bed. “Good night” I blew her a kiss.


Who am I going to marry? Ryan or Harvey? Damn! I know I want to get married because I want to know what marriage feels like before I die but wait Harvey wasn’t talking about marriage, he only said he loved me. Weird, really weird. *




“Is it ready?” I asked over the phone.


“Yes, the wedding planner would come over to your house tomorrow” the young lady replied over the phone.


“Perfect, we need just a small wedding so I’d let the bride know.” I scoffed.


“Sure thanks for choosing Fregh event planners” she hung up.


Fregh event planners? What sort of weird name is that? I’ve told my dad about the wedding but I didn’t tell him about his rival and that I’m marrying Aaliyah because of the kidnap but I just told him I’ve found the love of my life and he asked me to come with the girl all the way to Australia because he is at his mansion in Australia for a business conference which will last for two weeks. That’s my dad! A politician and also a business man. I haven’t told Akiya about the trip but I plan to tonight because we still have that meeting about our project it is due in two weeks and we haven’t come up with an idea. I need to get school and have lunch with Tasha later in the day thinking about that makes me feel absolutely amazing. I really like her very much and would love to have more lunch dates with her. I took my bath and had breakfast at my favourite restaurant before dashing off to school, I did everything possible to avoid Akiya but it failed because she came to join me on my table during lunch break while I was waiting for Tasha. “Hey Ryan” she placed her tray on the table.


“That seat is taken” I replied her with a stern look.


“Don’t act like that, your fiancée just want to share lunch with you, is that such a bad thing” she took the seat next to mine and I saw Tasha walking towards us. “Hey babe” she dropped her tray on the table kissing my lips.


“Hey” I replied kissing her again. I did all this just to make Akiya uncomfortable so she’d go but she sat there still looking at us.


“So you didn’t tell me this was a threesome kinda date” Tasha said eating a slice of her cake and peering into Akiya’s eyes.


“No no I didn’t invite her she just came on her own” I said.



“No it’s perfectly fine, at least I want to know your wife to be” she chuckled. “Well it seems someone wants me unlike other people” Akiya added and Tasha laughed some more.


“So when is the wedding?” Tasha asked. Great! I was looking to a perfect lunch date with my girlfriend and Akiya’s presence is ruining it. Fucking great. “I don’t know…” Akiya started off


“Can we talk about the later Akiya” I cut in.


“So you guys are keeping it private” Tasha tucked her salad into her mouth peering at me.


“And it’s Aaliyah” Akiya said raising her hands up.


“No–no–no babe not at all just that I’m not use to all this marriage talk” I said trying to make her see reasons.


We then had lunch in silence. Great! Akiya just ruined my afternoon maybe she


would ruin my life also!






I got to jerks café at exactly seven and Ryan was seated waiting for me. I located his booth and took a seat opposite him. I haven’t talked to Harvey since that incidence and he hasn’t called either and I couldn’t find him in school earlier. I’m sure he is giving me the space I asked for.


“Good evening mister fierce” I sat down dropping my purse on the table. “I drew the designs, pick one” he pushed some papers to me


“Must you be formal all the time?” I asked picking up the paper and going through them. They really looked good but it wasn’t my style. “Good but…”


“No one says but when I show them my designs so keep your opinions to yourself” he scoffed and I flinched.


“Look here mister, we are a team either you like it or not so i have the right to


judge. I too made some drawings” I slipped out some papers from my purse and


gave them to him and he smirked.


“What?” I asked.


“It looks like what my grandma rejected in the 70’s, I’m not even going to consider


that” he pushed the papers back to me.


“Asshole” I muttered.


“I’m telling the truth, one more thing the wedding planner would come to my hostel tomorrow so we will meet with her here at jerks instead since you can’t come to my hostel” he blabbed on.


“Wedding?” I asked.


“What do you mean wedding, you were all over it this afternoon and now you are asking me” he half yelled.


“Sorry…fine I’ll meet with her” I agreed.


“And what makes you think it’s a her?” He raised his brow.


“Okay him” I corrected.


“Him? How sure are you” he huffed.


“You are such a nag” I blared at him and he looked away.


“And my dad wants to meet you, I didn’t tell him we ain’t marrying for love infact I told him I just found the love of my life” he told me and my eyes was wide open. “What? So we are suppose to pretend like we care about each other around your father” I said and he nods.


I haven’t even told my parents and I’m meeting his dad. I’m screwed so screwed so should I just accept Harvey instead. After the meeting which still led to no where project wise. I boarded a taxi to my hostel and decided to call my mom while I was still in the taxi.


“My goodness, I’ve been trying to reach you for days baby” she yelled over the phone.


“Mom” I called out


“What baby?” She asked concerned.


“I’m getting married!” I announced.


“What?!” She exclaimed.












[Broken vows]


by berlie








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