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I lay tiredly on the floor as I prayed silently for a miracle. I remembered what my grandma always say ‘God will always show up for you when you need him’ and I prayed that he show up for me here because I didn’t really believe in God that much but my grandma made sure we attended service anytime we visited.


“Hey crazy girl, your fiancé is here for you” one of the guys said to me dragging


me up by my right hand.


“Ouch” I winced in pain.


“And who’s my fiancé?” I asked wondering what he was talking about.


“What do you mean, ain’t you engaged?” He pushed me to the floor angrily.


“No–yes” I quickly played along.


“Crazy piece of shit” he picked me up and dragged me outside. I saw him, I saw my fiancé.


“Ryan” I said lowly and he smiled revealing his white set of teeth.


“Baby, I’m sorry they hurt you” he kissed me on my cheeks. What the hell?! Ryan just kissed me on my cheeks What is going on?


“Come baby, we’ve got a wedding to plan” he beckoned opening the car door for me and I watched the guy in the mask as we zoom off. “What the hell?!” I yelled at Ryan.


“If you wanna live, we have to get married.” He said with his eyes still on the road.


“What the hell Ryan” I punched his arms and he groaned.


“Watch it lady” he screamed.


“Watch what, we are getting married, can you please tell me why?” I gave him a stern look.


“If you insist…” He filled me in.







“You got to marry her man” Michael insisted while I just sipped my juice.


“What about Tasha? you know how I feel about her man, I can’t get married to


Akiya” I explained.


“Aaliyah” he corrected.


“Whatever” I stood up from the chair and strolled to his kitchen to get more juice maybe wine this time.


“Please, how about I get Tasha to get on board with this and she isn’t your girl yet” he grinned walking behind me.


“She would soon be” I gulped my wine down.


“Whatever” he left me in the kitchen and went to the sitting room to get my phone.


I followed suit and took the couch not too far from where he sat.


He put a call through to Tasha who agreed to meet up with us at jerks café which made me happy and confident.


We got to jerks café and saw Tasha looking beautiful as always.


“Hey” I said trying to act all cool.


“Hello guys” she greeted and hugged me.


We explained things to her after much flirting and beating around the bush and to my greatest surprise she agreed to the plan.


“I have no problem with you keeping her safe, I’m ready to be your girl” she said and her words left my heart dancing.


“Okay I’ll leave you two love birds to yourself now. You know what to do man” Michael touched my arms and walked out of the café. “So what next?” Tasha asked.


“What next? I save Akiya” I smiled.







I just got to my hostel and Louise was all over me asking different questions. She don’t know I’ve got cancer and also I’m to marry some crazy dude so they wouldn’t kill me. Wait do I tell him I’d be dead in three months so he doesn’t have to save my ass? Or I just marry him incase the program works out but no one gets cured from cancer. Great, I’m gonna have to tell Louise I’m getting married and I’m sure she would love the idea.


“No way! You can’t marry that dude” Louise yelled after I explained the situation to her.


“But I want to live Lolo, I’ve no choice” I said lowly. At least I want to live this last three months.


“No way Aaliyah. No way in hell I’m letting you get married” she stormed out of


the room angrily. Why is she that angry? I wonder why. At least thank God she is


gone so I can take my drugs in peace without her finding out that I’m a cancer


patient. After I took my drugs, I drifted to sleep after having my bath and attending


to my wounds.







I went outside to cool off, I can’t let Aaliyah make this silly mistake, that was how my sister Deya got married to a guy due to an arranged marriage and today she is no more. Deya is gone, I can’t lose Aaliyah too, if just sharing a project with Ryan could be this dangerous, how would being his wife be? I walked outside and saw Harvey walking towards the girls hostel and this is prohibited. “Harvey, what are you doing here?” I asked.


“Is Aaliyah back?” He asked with concern.


“Yes she just checked in this evening and apparently she is getting married” I said dramatically while Harvey eyes wide opened.


“What? You are serious? Getting married to who? How did this happen?” He questioned me looking really sad.


“Well…” I filled him in on everything on how Ryan’s father rival is after her and the only way to keep her safe is to marry her. Damn! She can’t possibly be thinking about marrying Ryan, can she?


“Can you please call her out so we would talk” Harvey pleaded.


“I have a better idea…” I trailed off.






I was woken up by a call from Harvey. I lazily got up and took the phone to my ears.


“Hey Harv” I said.


“Thank goodness you are alive, I thought something bad happened, can we meet and talk?” He asked.


“Sure, where?” I replied with a question arching my brow.


“Don’t worry about that, a car is waiting for you outside” he replied softly.


“Okay, I’d be right there”


“Wear something nice” he said.


“Are you trying to say I don’t dress nice mister” I teased. “No- I know you dress really nice but… Never mind just– just ” he stuttered. “Fine, I know” I hung up and changed into something nice. I couldn’t find Louise anywhere so I just left and got into the car I saw outside. It was a limousine, okay what’s happening? Harvey surprises me more and more daily. I wonder what he has in store for me this time.


“Excuse me sir” I said to the chauffeur who wind down the glass that demarcated


where he sat from mine.


“Who sent you?” I asked.


“Sir Harvey” he replied.



Sir Harvey? Wow when did Harvey become a sir? I wonder. It does have a nice ring to it anyways.


“Sir Harvey? In his dreams” I sighed and looked at the window and we were at the resort, the same resort we went to few days ago. But it looked more beautiful at night. I stepped down from the car and followed the instructions of the chauffeur. “Welcome miss” a young girl of average age said to me as she led me to an inner room. I saw Harvey seated wearing a suit and held flowers.


“Wow” I breathed out and took the seat he drew out for me. He gave me the flowers he held.


“I’m happy you came” he pecked my cheeks before taking a seat opposite me. “Harv what’s this all about?” I asked admiring the place, it had crystal lights and some were dim while some were bright and it sparkled and blended with the colour of the room. He ordered cranberry pie as the desert for the night and I smiled as I saw cranberry pie on the table.


After eating our starter we were about digging into the main course when he


cleared his throat to speak.


“Aaliyah” he started off.


“My past weeks with you in my life has been the best of my life and I’d love to


relive every moment again with you” he continued and I knew exactly where he


was driving to.




“No let me finish” he cut me off.


“Okay” I rearranged on the chair.


“I love you Aaliyah, I don’t know how it happened but I know my heart beats for you every night and day. I think of you even in my worst moments. I can’t get you off my mind. I love you” he said again and I almost melted when he said those words. It was so sweet that my heart danced a little. “Be my girl” his words jerked me out of my thoughts.


“What!” I said trying to catch my breath. I have never been in a relationship before, believe it or not. I’ve been so focus on my cancer that I shut my social life off and Harvey saying this now made me wanted to scream a thousand yes.


“But you know about Ryan?” I said trying to give an excuse because I can’t bring myself to break this sweet boy’s heart by dying after two months and some weeks. I can’t.


“I know and I can protect you and shield you from him and his father’s rival”


Harvey said.


“How?” I asked.


“Do you want to know my real name?” He asked and I nodded with cold feet.


“Promise you won’t get mad at me?” He asked.


“I promise” I replied wondering what this was all about.














[Broken vows]


by berlie








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