Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

I paced around my sitting room, I couldn’t sit down. I just came up with a stupid idea and the very

thought of it scared me, I could feel my heart pumping fast.

I patted my thighs direct on my skin as I had worn a very short tight indoor black shirt. ” Come on!”

I shook my head trying to get the idea out of my mind.

It had been a month after l travelled to Kabwe but I never stopped thinking about Benjamin. How

ironic, I even stopped referring to him as a mad man in my thoughts. I had created this fantasy of

him being a normal man like any other hot guy I had seen before. Only that I felt so much drived by the thoughts of Benjamin.

I had called my aunty the previous day and she told me as we chatted that her neighbour and

friend passed on.

Imagine I felt excited at the news. I knew going to the funeral for a person I didn’t even know in the

name of my aunty was absurd. But then l recalled the voice of aunty.” He goes round settling

wherever thére’s a funeral”

An idea had popped up my head and I was so scared at it that I couldn’t calm down. Knowing what

I wanted to do was going to be considered madness and probably other people would think I

wanted to start rituals or something out of this world.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I walked to the bed room and grabbed my hand bag. I was

going to travel to Kabwe and there was no stopping myself.

The entire month had been hectic making me lose control of what I was supposed to do at work. ”

Well it’s better to act than live with the torment of these thoughts” I comforted myself as I pulled my

Allion from the yard.

” Aunty, am on my way but will leave tonight. I just want to bring the money for Carol (my cousin)

she has been pestering me but I couldn’t send it over. I have missed you too” I told my aunty on

the phone as I pushed my fingers in my kink hair. I was supposed to have it braided but the

sudden trip disturbed all my programs.

” You will find us Jen. Am just surprised you are visiting so soon. The way I know you, I was

thinking of another 6 months before you showed up here” she went on.

” Well, guess I have heard all the cancel from elders huh ” I teased and pushed my leg to

acceralate the car.

By the time I was getting to Kabwe it was past 14 hours in the afternoon. I passed through shoprite

and picked some groceries for them. Luck them then, I was loaded, I just got my salary the

previous day, with the bonus I got , well, I could spare something on family.

The welcome was great as usual and after a lot of chatting and catching up I asked my aunty if we

could go and visit the funeral house. Definitely my inner intentions were to go and check on

Benjamin, but I dared not to mention him.

With the way I acted up, trying to talk about him again would cause people to think otherwise of

me. So I pretended I didn’t recall anything about the man.

We got to funeral house and I almost jumped with joy upon seeing Ba Benjamin seated on a stool

in the corner. He was as always, quiet and covered in his load of clothes.

I felt myself panick inside when the reason for my travel rushed through my mind. I looked around

the place , a few people seated around. All the time as we sat in the funeral house all I could think

of was my plan.

At exactly 18 hours I said my good byes giving an excuse I had to go back to Lusaka. I drove

away and reached town parking my car by Shoprite in Kabwe town.

I asked the taxi driver I had booked to take me to the funeral house. ” What’s your name ?” I asked

him breaking the silence in the car as he drove me.

” Mwiche” he answered obviously surprised I was asking his name.

” Listen I have something important I need you to do for me then I will pay you handsomely. ” l told him with a calm face.

He turned to look at me, ” what do you want me to do?” He asked, evidently intrested in making

some extra cash.

” I am not going to the funeral per say, I am going to get my brother who Is not well. Now am

ashamed of reaching there cause I don’t even know the person who died. Am asking if you can

help me get a man who is not mentally okey from that place for a reward of K200 I made my offer

and now the man looked more puzzled.

” What?” He spoke loudly.

” A mad man?” He asked

” Hmmhm!” I murmered nodding my head.

” All I want is for you to go and find a way of getting him out of that place to this car then you will

drive us back to town” I went on explaining.

” Well, I don’t know mam. Mad men are not easy to convince. How do I even get him to come with

me?” He shrugged.

” K500!” I increased the offer and I saw his face light up.

” Seriously? ” He asked.

” Get me my brother and K500 plus whatever I owe you for booking will be all yours” I shook my

shoulders smiling widely.

I went through the details of what he was to say and do as we got closer.

” Don’t say anything about me, l can’t have people thinking of me as a sister to a mad man, you

know how it is ” I shrugged again.

” Don’t worry sister, I got this” the taxi driver smiled as he got out of the car.

I had him park a few meters away from the funeral house. I sat up anxiously as he walked away.

After 10 minutes I was almost giving up on him succeeding. ” Oh my God let this work!” I said a

little prayer running my hands in my Kink hair which was my habit whenever I was nervous or

feeling stupid. Right at the moment I had no idea which of the two caused the habit to come out.

I was lost in my struggle when I heard the taxi drivers voice.

He was walking ahead, as Benjamin walked slowly behind him. Now I could see his full height. He

had a good height I noticed and stayed down as the driver opened the back door for him.

He closed it back and walked up front.

” Well, thank you” I looked at him.

” lt was really hard getting him out of there. You have no idea what I had to do” he responded

” Spare me the details,” l smiled at him as he put the keys in the ignition.

I looked back at Benjamin and he was so quiet it scared me. ” Hey Benjamin!” I tried to smile at

him but he raised his white round eyes at me then back at his finger nails.

” Am taking you to a nice place where you will get help” I told him not sure he even heard me.

Upon reaching town. I had the driver help me take him to my car and after paying him off, I turned

back at Benjamin who was now murmuring something and by the second he was getting louder.

Well thanks to Google I got a seductive before I went to Kabwe. I knew it wouldn’t be easy

carrying a mad man in the back of the car.

Well, after giving him a dose of an injection I saw him calm down and I slowly helped him lay down in the back seat. Satisfied he looked comfortable I pulled out his chitenge covers and left him with

a loose T-shirt inside.

Wondering if I didn’t feel the scent from his clothes? Well, lets just say nothing else mattered at the

moment but to take him with me.

I threw the covers in the trunk and drove out of town. I didn’t know what I was really going to do

with him yet, but I had a good feeling in my bones. Call me a mad woman or crazy, I felt I was

doing just right..

To be continued…

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