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(Semi finale)

“What is this?”

I showed the pictures of her with Nazari at different hotels, my plans that she showed to Nazari, and financials records that showed that the large sums of money used to aid Nazari on large projects. “I don’t know. You tell me. After all, you are the one who had been betraying me and the company,” I told her and crossed my arms.

She blinked her eyes fast and looked nervous. “I…I don’t know what these are,” she said me as she tried brush things off. I slammed my hands onto my desk. “You had been conspiring with Nazari for the past two years. The exact same time when I started to become dissatisfied with you,” I told her.

“That is ridiculous! I am loyal to you and only you. I wouldn’t do this to you Adrian. I love you too much,” she tried to convince me. Love me too much? “You know what, maybe I became dissatisfied with you because I felt like you weren’t being satisfied with me,” I told her.

Her eyes widen a bit.

“What do you mean?” she asked. “What is it that Nazari do to satisfy you? Was there something that he could give to you that I can’t? Gifts? Money?” I asked.

She shook her head. “NO! Did you ever think why I became close to him? I was trying to get into his company so that I could find out what he was up to! I thought that I could help you by being in there!” she said to me.

“That has to involve you going into a hotel with him and sleeping with him!” I yelled at her. “I was doing whatever it takes to make your company the best even if I had to sacrifice myself to him,” she told me.

“Even if you had to sacrifice your virtue to him.” I rephrased what she meant. In the media, people assumed that I slept with many girls who I dated in the past. The fact was…I never slept with anyone. I never gave myself to any girl.

Growing up, I was told to wait until the wedding night. Matthew told me that it was worth waiting. When Matthew and Angela returned home from their honeymoon, I could tell that they had the great time of their life. They spent most of their time indoors. I committed myself to wait with Mariah but, it would never happen.

“You know that I am all about being faithful and loyal! Back then, I meant everything including your body because I thought that one day, I would be able to divorce my wife and marry you!” I told her. We discussed about it many times. To be honest, we never slept together. We only went far as having make out sessions because I told her that I wanted our wedding night to be special.

She got up and wrapped her arms around me. “And I still do want to marry you,” she said with tears sliding down her face. I pulled her away from me. “No. I was wrong about you. You couldn’t even keep your legs close. You are not an ideal woman. You are a prostitute who wants nothing but money,” I said as I gritted my teeth so that I would stop yelling out that someone outside could hear us despite the room being soundproof.

She fell on her knees and wrapped her arms around my waist with desperation. “Please. I beg of you for forgiveness. I want you back. Please,” she begged me. I removed her arms around me and took a step back. She looked very pitiful.

“You aren’t right for me and the company. If you ever show your face here again, I’ll take you to court for the damages that you had caused on the company,” I said and walked out of the office. Lorenzo walked up to me.

“Makes sure she leave with nothing in her hands and have the security guards make sure that she never step foot in the company ever again,” I instructed him. “Yes sir,” Lorenzo said and stood next to my office door.

I better get back to Valeria.

“When will you be returning sir?” I heard Lorenzo ask me. I stopped and looked at him. “Honestly, I don’t know. I might not be the CEO of this branch soon,” I told him. Lorenzo gave me a nod. I walked up to him and placed a hand his shoulder.

“If I don’t, I want you to take care of the next CEO like you did to me,” I told him. “Thank you sir,” he said. He looked a bit sad. I gave him a smile. “Thank you Lorenzo for assisting me and my family,” I said to him. He gave me a nod.

I nodded in return and walked out of the building that I may never step into again.


Couple months later…….

“I think that’s enough for the day,”

I rest Valeria on the bed and pulled the covers up to her shoulder. The nurse helped me stretch Valeria’s muscles. She began to develop some sores on her skin so we had to place extra cushions around her to keep her comfortable.

“I’ll be back later to check her vitals,” the nurse said and walked out of the room. I pulled a chair and sat down. I took my laptop and started to read some news articles. One story was was the top story in the past few days.

A Faithful Man!

Adrian Minetti kicks Winslow Out!

Mariah Winslow was seen dragged out of Minetti Resorts International USA branch. According to some sources, Adrian Minetti had cut off Mariah when he found out that she had secretly revealed business plans to Dario Nazari, CEO of Nazari Hotels & Resorts.

Nobody has been able to interview the CEO due to his wife in the hospital. He was seen rushing into the hospital to see her. It was the first picture of him in the media.

Surprisingly, his wife’s identity is unknown.

That’s how I like it. For Valeria’s protection.

I looked up to see Valeria’s hand twitch. Instantly, I placed my laptop on the nightstand and held her hand. “Valeria?” I could see her eye balls moving from under her eyelid. “Can you hear me?” I asked as I brushed a loose hair away from her face.

Next thing I knew, she opened her eyes slowly. She’s awake! Quickly, I ran to the door. “I need a Doctor in here!” I yelled out and ran back to Valeria. “Valeria. It’s me Adrian. Wake up for me honey,” I said to her softly.

I heard footsteps behind me. “Mr. Minetti.” I turned my head to see Dr. Bach behind me. I moved away and let him do his work. He took his small flashlight and shined it on her eyes. “Mrs. Minetti? Can you hear me?” he asked her.


Her voice sounded dry and weak. I got a glass of water with a straw from the table nearby. “Here drink this,” I said. I placed the straw in her mouth. She took a small sip of the water. I could feel the relief on my shoulders and the worries started to melt away.

After a while, she was able to open her eyes fully. God…I missed those eyes . “Do you remember who you are?” he asked her. “Yes,” she answered. “Do you remember who he is?” he pointed towards me.

Valeria looked at me. “Yes. He’s my husband,” she said. A smile grew on my face. She remembers me. “Do you remember what happened?” he asked. She shook her head. “I remember…we had…our wedding,” she told him.

“When was the wedding?” Dr. Bach asked. She was deep in thought for a minute.


My heart dropped to my stomach.

Yesterday! “Dr. Bach.” I became concerned about her memory. “Mrs. Minetti. I’m going to need to have your brain check. I believe you are suffering from amnesia,” he told her. She looked concerned and nodded her head.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” he said and walked out of the room. She looked up at me. I sat on her bed and held her hand. “You were in an accident. You were on your way home from seeing your friends. You don’t remember?”

She shook her head. I hate this . “What does…. he mean that I have…. amnesia?” she asked. I should try getting her memories back. “We’ve been married for four years,” I told her. Her eyes widen. “F..four years?” She was very surprised. I guess she really doesn’t remember.

“Don’t think about it too much. Everything will be alright. I promise,” I said to her. She gave me a nod. I gave her a kiss on the forehead. That you God for hearing my prayers. I was very thankful to the big man.

Dr. Bach returned with some nurses. “We are going to wheel her to get a MRI,” he told us. I gave him a nod and looked at Valeria who was a bit confused. “I’ll be here waiting for you. Okay.” She gave me a nod.

Dr. Bach and the nurses wheeled her out of the room. I better call everyone . I got my phone and started to call Matthew. “Adrian. Did she wake up?” he asked me without saying hello. A smile grew on my face. “She woke up a few minutes ago,” I told him.

“How is she?” he asked me. I knew what he meant by the question. I let out a deep sigh. “She only remembers the wedding and nothing after,” I told him. “Sounds like she has retrograde amnesia,” he told me.

“Yeah. That sounds right. Anyways, can you tell everyone that she woke up. I’ll call when there is any other news. Valeria is getting an MRI done,” I told him. “Will do. Hey Adrian. “What?” I said. “Think of this as a second chance with her. Make things right,” he told me.

Thanks for reminding me. A second chance.

“I know. I will,” I told him and hung up.

“I will make things right.” I looked at my wedding band and kissed it.

I will.


“Mr. Minetti.”

I turned my head at the door to see Mr. Bach. Quickly, I walked up to him. “How is she?” I asked with concern. His facial expression didn’t show hints of happiness. “It seems like she is suffering Retrograde Amnesia,” he told me.


She just has to suffer one of the bad ones ! “She is able to recall memories from childhood but, she is unable to recall memories about three to four years prior to the accident,” he told me. She won’t remember the affair and our whole failing marriage.

“But, it should be temporary. If you expose her to places where memories were made, she should be able to recall the loss memories,” he told me. I gave him a nod. “When will she be able to go home,” I asked.

“If everything goes well with her recovery, she can be release by the end of the month. But, she will need to come back for rehab if she shows signs that she can move her legs,” he told me. Worry melted a way a bit.

“Thank you Dr. Bach,” I told him. We shook hands and went our separate ways. I returned to Valeria’s recovery room to see her in the bed with a tray of food in front of her. She turned her head toward me and gave me a small smile.

I returned the smile. “How are you feeling?” I asked as I walked up to her bed and sat down on the bed facing her. “Fine,” she said to me. I gave her a nod. Gently, I took her small hand in mine. Her hand felt delicate and fitted in my hand perfectly.

“You really gave me a scare,” I told her. She frowned a bit. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. I shook my head. “It’s okay. It’s my job to be worried about you. I’m your husband after all,” I told her. She gave me a nod.

“So…you don’t remember anything from our marriage?” I asked her. She shook her head. “I don’t remember anything,” she told me. I was feeling mixed feelings. I was debating if it was a good thing or a bad thing that she doesn’t remember anything.

One, she wouldn’t remember our last conversation. Two, she wouldn’t remember that I was having an affair. Three, she wouldn’t remember that we didn’t have an actual honeymoon. These were all the bad memories.

The most important thing was, I could redo the memories. I could redo the bad memories and make them into memorable ones in the process of getting her memories back. I knew just how to do it.

I caressed her cheek with my other hand. Under my touch, she moved away a bit. Right, she is not used to my touches yet in her mind. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you regain those memories and make new ones with you. One memory at a time,” I assured her. She looked a bit hesitant and shy but, she gave me a small smile.

I’m going to do this right even if it takes me a lifetime.


“I’m home.”

Everyone was in the living room having wine. Matthew stood up. “How is she?” he asked. Their eyes were at me like lakers. I took my jacket off. “She has retrograde amnesia,” I told him and set the jacket on the couch.

“Shit,” Stephen said as he brushed his hair back his his fingers. A girl next to him gave him a glare. “Watch the language Stephen,” she scolded him. Immediately, he gave her an apologetic look. “Sorry love,” he said and looked at me.

“This is the love of my life, Eugenia,” he introduced her to me. She didn’t look too bad. She had dark long hair with blue eyes. She had an average built for a female. Looking at her clothes, she was dressed very well.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Adrian,” I introduced myself. She gave me a smile. “It’s nice to finally meet you. Stephen told me so much about you,” she told me. I smirked a bit. “Hopefully good things. Nothing embarrassing,” I told her and sat on a couch.

“Very nice things,” she said and looked at Stephen with love. I turned my attention to my Mother and Father who were looked like they wanted to talk to me something important. I could feel my heart racing.

“Adrian. I have been thinking about your future in the company,” he told me. I gave him the nod. “I have to say that I am disappointed in you of your actions. I saw recently that you have cut off ties with that girl Mariah,” he told me.

“Yes sir,” I responded. He let out a deep breath.

“I think for now…you should take a break from the business and spend time with your wife,” father told me.

Huh? I was surprised by his verdict. I was sure that he was going to fire me or something worse.

“I see that you are willing to change for your wife’s sake. I would have done the same for your mother,” he told me. Mother’s smile grew on her face. My brothers nodded their heads. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

“Thank you father,” I said to him. He gave me a nod. Mother was very happy. “You should wash up and have some rest. We brought our cook to make you some food,” Mother told me. “I think he would want Vera’s cooking than Lucy’s cooking,” Matthew said to mother.

I got up from couch and walked towards the bathroom in my room.

“I better get everything ready for Valeria to come home.”


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