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5 weeks later.

I was rushing to her house, leaving the garage earlier after I received a call from Jen. She

sounded so much in pain I couldn’t keep my heart steady as the taxi driver drove me. I had

decided to start my own garrage. Working on vehicles was one of the things I loved doing most

and I had thought through it. Trying to find a job with the languishing economy of our country, it

was almost impossible to secure a good Job. Setting up a mechanic shop in town was the best

idea as I realised I started having a number of customers so much that I had to hire another guy to

help me. I had managed to rekindle my relationships with my old friend after a lot of

encouragements from Jen.

I was a bit reluctantly not knowing how my friends would react seeing me the way I was. Well, like

they say, some friends will stay by you no matter what. Like Jacob, he was my best friend from

secondary school and we did the same course at the university too. He was so happy to see me

well and he even narrated how he tried to find me when he heard rumours of my illness but he

never found me in Kabwe. I bet the fact that l used to settle in funeral homes made it hard to for

me to be found. Jacob helped me get a building for rent in town and I paid in arrears for a period of

6 months. Buying all the equipment and machinery needed for my work.

The 50 000 did me some justice as l got everything up and running within 2 weeks. Our dear priest

came to anoint the garage before opening and he blessed me to find God’s favour and lead

customers to the business. I knew the prayers were answered as I started having more customers

than I had anticipated. The only burden was trying to find my mother and son. I had not yet started

working on getting the company from Clara. I felt I needed more time to plan and have an effective

defense prepared before I could launch it.

One day I walked back from the garrage still in my overalls, I was surprised to come home to see

Jen’s car parked outside. I looked at the time, it was a few minutes passed 16 I wondered what

brought her home early. She usually knocked off past 17.

“My love you home already?” I asked immediately I entered the house and I stopped in my steps

seeing her friend Kegan seated on the couch holding her as she sobbed. ” What is wrong love? I

asked rushing to her. She raised her head looking at me. ” Tell me please, what has gotten you

like this?” I asked pulling her away from Kegan to myself as Kegan glared at me like I was the

cause of whatever she was going through.

” lf you are man enough, you should have known how to put an end to the drama you have with

your wife man. She’s so heartless she keeps on hurting Jen” he snapped I could see he was


” Kegan please drop it” Jen responded sniffing her nose.

” What is going on Jen, I don’t understand? ” I asked ignoring Kegan’s comment.

” What is wrong is that witch of your wife who has been coming to the bank embarrassing

Jennifer.” Kegan spoke again and I sat up confused.

” Okey guys come on, spare me the heart ache and tell me what the hell you are talking about” I responded my heart racing. I had not involved Jeniffer in any of the plans to confront Clara and I

had never even for a day thought the two ever met after the encounter at my house.

” Kegan leave us alone and thank you for driving me back” Jen told Kegan. I watched as Kegan

walked outside and I returned my eyes to look at Jennifer.

” Am sorry I never wanted to tell you. The thing is Clara has been coming to my work place, today

was the third time” she wiped her tears.

” What? What For?” I asked surprised .

” I don’t know how she knows about the garrage and I don’t really know what’s with her. She says I

will continue moving in shame for going out with a mad man. Maybe she’s jealous or whatever her

reasons are am not sure. All I know is that her consistency in coming to my work place and

staging some act is really getting to me. Imagine today she stood in the centre and announced my

full names saying I was wanted by the police for kidnapping a mad man who wasn’t my family.

She announced to everyone I was so desperate and couldn’t find myself a man and I ended up

kidnapping a mad one. ”

” No she didn’t. I know Clara was glad I left her house and the madness was her doing. Why is she

doing that?” I frowned trying to make sense of the situation.

” I told you Ben, that woman somehow knows you are picking up your pieces and for people like

her, it’s a threat for her enemies to do anything with their lives. She wanted you crazy and without

anything, now that she knows you are picking up and am with you, she’s probably hurt and wants

to make us both pay ” she cried and I stood up trying to calm myself.

” She’s so evil, I can’t believe this at all.” I scoffed.

” That’s not the worst part Ben. I was put on a forced leave by my manager so that l can sort my

things out. According to her the behaviour of Clara is diminishing my name and in turn the Bank

image. so here I am” she looked at me tears in her face. I was lost of words, all l did was get

closer to her and embrace her. She needed me so much and I was the reason she was going

through that. I closed my eyes and wished for her to feel better.

” We will find a way to give that witch what she deserves?” I whispered rubbing her back.

” I will not sit here and let that woman destroy your life like she did mine Jennifer. You are the

reason I smile and have courage to face the world after that humiliating illness that witch cast on

me. Now enough is enough. I promise I won’t let her hurt you” I told her standing up to go and

confront Clara.

” Ben, no you can’t go to her now. Just let her be. It’s just a leave and I will be back for work soon.

I don’t want any more trouble with that woman” she pulled me back.

” No Jen, let me go and put her in….” I couldn’t finish my sentence and she kissed my lips making

me stop pulling away instantly.

” I said let go. The battle like the priest told us is not carnal but spiritual. We need to pray and wait

for God to intervene” she spoke calmly pulling me back to the couch. ” So how was work, you

smell oil” she let a smile easing up the moment.

I looked at her and shook my head. How did she even do what she did, always staying calm when

things were not okay? I thought to myself and let her slid herself on my laps closing her eyes as

she played with my palms. I noticed one part of my body that amazed her was my fingers. For some reason she always found a way to caress them and I loved that too.

” lt was great I had a number of customers in the morning and got tired so I left Emma working

there. There’s only one car with a minor fault I know he will be done soon enough so I decided to

come home and surprise you by preparing you a meal before you come back from work. But I bet

Clara made sure that was ruined too” I explained playing with her weave.

” Don’t worry yourself. We will get through this” she turned her face up at me.

” You are heaven sent and I love you, did I tell you that?” I smiled and she kissed my hand.

” A million times.” She smiled.

” Well it doesn’t just feel enough and l will keep on telling you until the day you will damp me” I

teased, making her sit up and making an angry face.

” ls that your plan huh, to push me to leave you?” She winced and I pulled her back holding her


” You know I won’t survive that. I thought I loved Clara but now I understand it was more like an

obsession with her. I just wanted to marry a perfect woman with beauty but now I know that beauty

and perfection does not give love but the true beauty of a heart gives one a flow of joy and

happiness that can’t be traded for neither money nor anything else for that matter. What l feel for

you my love, is beyond what I can express and to know that you are always standing for me and

you love me so much just gives me so much happiness I fear to wake up and find it is all a dream.

I know we shouldn’t be making love as per Christian values but how can I deny myself the

satisfaction that comes with being with you. It’s like every day that comes I fall in love with

something about you and your body.” I let it out as I set my eyes on her so that she could see how

sincere my words were. I couldn’t understand where the poetry was coming from but I just wanted

her to have a glimpse of what my heart was feeling. I had never looked at another woman since I

got with her. I saw a lot of women but none was comparable to Jen. She was just unique and there

was this goodness that she brought out in me which amazed me. The beeping of my phone which

I was holding in my hands forced me out of my thoughts and I sat up looking at the road ahead as

the taxi driver took a turn joining the road that went to Jennifer’s house.

Looking back and sliding my phone open, I saw a text from Jacob…” check out Mwebantu Media”

it read.

” Okey” l quickly replied and put the phone back making a mental note to see whatever he was

referring to earlier. I paid the taxi driver and stepped out of the car almost running to the door. The

sound of her voice made me lose my patience.

” My love!” I called out, upon opening the door. She was standing by the window her phone in her


” Hey!” I kissed her neck holding her from the back but she didn’t turn to look at me. Instead she

handed me her phone.

” What now?” I asked absent minded.

” Your wife went to the social media, I don’t know how but she has my photos and yours when you

were sick published as she gave her fake story. ” She said almost in a whisper I could feel her

hurt. I scrolled and saw the photos with me in the covers and with long beards and all the details of

how I used to be during the madness. Next to them was a picture of Jennifer. I felt my feet go numb as I read the story. Where Clara was reporting that Jennifer was trying to use juju to win

over her husband and things went wrong driving him into madness. Now that he is gone mad and

AWOL, her conscience is haunting her and she decided to kidnap him and keep him locked in her

house. She gave the details of where Jennifer was working and mentioned her residential area.

” Oh my God!” I screamed sitting down.

“She can’t possibly be doing this now!” I shouted my voice shaking with anger. The first comments

I saw of people insulting Jennifer calling he names for snatching a husband and making him go

mad with her juju. ” she’s a demon from the pit of hell”, ” she’s a witch and God will make her pay

for the life of that poor man and what his family is going through” I couldn’t get to read any more. I

stood up and held my Jennifer comforting her as her eyes leaked making her face wet. I had no

words to tell her. All she had done was look out for me and her only crime was to rescue my life

from the hell that Clara out me in.

” Why is she doing this? It’s not like she loves you or something like that” Jen cried on my chest.

” This is it my love. I’m not going to let that woman destroy us like this. She has had enough of her

share of bad acts and it’s high time someone reminded her of where she belongs” I spoke trying to

sound calm but I felt the anger boiling inside of me and there was no amount of evil charms that I

was scared of at the moment. I helped Jennifer calm down making sure she fall asleep and I

tucked her in the bed, given the weather was quite chilly that day. I grabbed the car keys and

rushed out my feet almost lifting me up. I couldn’t wait to vent my anger on someone and that

someone had a name ‘Clara’ attached to her.

To be continued…

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