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Episode 4








It pools at my feet when another light clicks on.


“Cole !” I hurry and pick the skirt back up. Cole’s leaning up on his elbows to look at me, and he isn’t shy about his eyes moving up and down my body.


“Well I’m not apologising for looking at your body because that’s what I have been imagining since you came here”,he says and l frown.


infact I was angry … I ran up to him on the bed as he laughs.


“You are one of the naughiest guy I have ever met”,l tried hitting him but he caught my wrists. Even though he is sick but he is more stronger than I thought. He pulled me close to him as we changed positions. What the hell is wrong with him.


He eyes bore into mine with excitement as i still struggles.








I was weak lying on the floor… I knew I would be dead or home since my inhaler got broken. I don’t know what the f**k is wrong with this Liam of a guy. My breathing slows as my eyes were teary. I knew my time was up.


Within minutes my eyes became blur as I saw a girl and from that moment I knew it was her.


My crush….


She pressing on my chest ,trying her best to save my life and from that l knew I could live again…. just to see my her again. Her mouth covers mine as I regain my breath.


“Are you okay?”,she asked with corn


Her eyes were so beautiful. l looked at her lips and I’m attracted to it.


I wrapped my arms around her neck and I kissed her but she didn’t respond and I know it’s normal for her to act that and tonight I’m so tempted to see her body. I don’t know but damn I’m really attracted to her…


She is really beautiful and I just like how she is…. so funny and amusing and


interesting too.


When l switch on the lights,I was so excited seeing her legs and l love how she gasps when l switched on the lights.


She was really angry as she jumped on top of me. l got both of her wrists as l laughed.


If she wants rough, I was would play rough with her.


She wiggled her legs as I pinned her with her with my body.


“Apologise?”,she frowns.


“I’m not doing that?”,l smiled.


“You have to …. you have no right to look at me like that ….”,and now she is more




“Well…. I’m not sorry and i thought you wanted to remove the clothes”


“I can’t.. ..not anymore”


“But I can…”,as my hands moved to the zip of her skirt.


Her cheeks turned red and her eyes were teary. I think I went too far and she is so embarrassed for what I did.


I suddenly felt sad too,but I continued to unzip slowly.


I removed her skirt as she continued sobbing.


Her white panties caught my eye and i want to touch her s£x but l know it’s stupid.


“Arms up…”,l ordered as she nodded no.


“The dress will make you uncomfortable…. I’m sorry.. really sorry for what I did


and i hope you forgive me Nic”


She sobbed more as she removed her shirt and I wore my t-shirt over her head and she wiped her tears from her eyes.


I looked at her again as she hugged her knees “I’m sorry….”,l apologised again.


“Come here,” i whispers from where I lies.


Nicki blazing eyes don’t leave mine as she make my way to me.


I covered her in my arms as she sniffs..


“Goodnight…”,she whispers and slowly we both drifted of to sleep.


The next morning when I woke up and found the bed empty.


She is gone and l can’t help but to go to school.


I reached school a little early and I was in class.


I just don’t want to talk to anyone expect Nicki…


Liam is last person I want to see right now…


“Hey man…I heard what happen yesterday”,l hear Nate.


“How did you know?”,l asked surprisingly.


“Because Liam is boasting around that he beat the shit out of you”


“He even has the guts.. .”,l said in disgust it’s really hurts me I can’t fight him but I that oneday I will.


“I don’t want to stay here… let’s go to the cafeteria”,l say “But Liam is there”


“I don’t give a shit about it…”,l rolled my eyes at him as we head to the cafeteria. The moment I reached Catty hugged me tightly… She told my cheeks just like mom used to do when I was a kid.


“Baby I’m so sorry for everything… I’m really sorry. I heard what happened yesterday”


“I’m okay”,l say but I wanted to roll my eyes but i stopped.


“Can u please give me some space please…”


She gasps, “Don’t tell me you want to break up with me.. ..”


“l didn’t say anything like that…. I just need time Catty. I go through hell everyday


just because I’m dating you…”


I say and walked out on her. I walked through the cafeteria as everyone was staring at me but I don’t give a damn..


I looked at the corner and spot Nicki.. Her hair was more messy than I thought.


l just don’t know why she can’t just comb her hair and l really want to be the one to comb her hair.


Our eyes met but she pulled away. I know she is still mad at me but I will make it up to her.


Being with her last night was the best moment of my life. I wish I could spend more time with her today.


I sat on the chair still staring at her but she couldn’t contain my gaze so she rolled her eyes and i wink at her.


Suddenly I saw Liam walking towards her and my heart pounded.


He touched her hair roughly as she shout at him to leave her alone.


My hands coiled in a fist as Nate stopped me.


I just can’t stand the way he is acting rude to her.


He pulled her again and this time she stood up angrily and poured her noodles on him.


I smiled. That’s my girl… I said before l realised it.


He yelled,”What the f**k….”


She slapped him on the right cheek, “This is for me”


Then slapped him on the left cheek too.



“This is for Cole for almost killing him yesterday”,she yelled back and my heart jumped in excitement.


Her messy hair scattered across her face.. oh damn, she is really mad.


Liam guys tried to hold Nicki in place but Nicki struggles as she punched them on the face as the everyone in the cafeteria burst into laughter. I love her… she is really amazing.


Did I say I love her? Sorry,l was wrong about what I said but l like her that’s all. Her friend also poured juices on them which made more funny for everyone as Liam and his boys ran out of the cafeteria.


She pants a little and turns to look at me and I blew her a kiss as her cheeks turned red.


And unknowingly my eyes falls on catty as she frown… almost in tears.


I guess I f**ked up. I shouldn’t have blown her the kiss.










⚘Loving You Always⚘







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