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episode three



Daniel Hilda


“What!!!, I thought they had issues with only you, how come they killed your dad and sis” I said in shock


“I dunno, Toxica is a dangerous lady, and Ricky the nuthead is still with her, they are capable of doing anything” she replied


“Then why did you associate with them?” I asked, but I regretted asking immediatly



“Didn’t you hear when I was telling you about my life?, My dad has stroke and I have to buy medications for him to sustain him, and I also had a sis whom I must feed and send to school, she should be in SSS 1 in the next school session if only she’s not been killed” she answered in tears, sitting on the bare ground


“What about you?, You don’t go to school?” I asked


“I’m a student of a medical school before the death of mum, when dad had stroke, I have to drop out” she answered


“Well, I’m sorry for all this,I’m really very sorry, let’s go home” I said


“I thought you don’t want me to come to your house again” she answered


“Now you’re being stubborn, let’s go home, tommorow I’ll get some people to bury your dad cos we can’t just leave his corpse like that” I said and she stood up, we got into the car and I drove…


Then while driving, a car suddenly drove past us with a fast speed, then it stopped, I had a hunch that they’re up to no good so I stopped the car and off my full lights


“Why did you stop?” Eva asked


“Just watch” I answered, concentrating on the car


Then two guys came out of the car and brought out a big bag from the booth of the car


They threw it down and drove off hurriedly


“Let’s go” I said to Eva


“It’s dangerous, it might be a bomb” she answered


“Don’t be scared, I’m here” I said and held her hand, we both went out and walked steadily to the bag


I opened it boldly and found shock


It’s a guy, badly injured, with a knife on his stomach, he was stabbed


“Holy shit” Eva wishpered


I checked his pulse and it’s still reading faintly


“Let’s take him, he’s still breathing” I said


“Sure” she answered and helped me


We took him to the car together and I drove home


“Connect the pulse reader” I said and Eva did


“I’ll start his surgery now” I said


“You have your hospital right?, Why don’t we take him there” Eva said


“There’ll be no need for that, I have all the surgery equipments here just as much as it’s in the hospital, that’s why I removed the bullet from your belly without problem” I answered


“Alright, go on, but he’ll need blood transfusion” I said


“Oh, that’s right, quickly carry out a test to know his blood group” I said and Eva quickly did it, I’m surprised that she still knows so much


“I don’t have his blood group here, what shall we do?, He’s dying and I won’t be able to forgive myself if he does” I said


“Check yours” Eva said and my eyes widened


“Yes, thanks for helping my blank memory, we’re actually the same blood group, the blood will be transferred from my body but who will do the surgery?” I asked


“I’ll do it” Eva answered


“You can’t…


“I might be a dropout but don’t underestimate me” she replied…I looked at her determined face one more time.


“Don’t disappoint me” I said as I was given sedative…I slept off



Eva Anderson


I transfused some of his blood to the guy’s body and started the surgery, I opened him up and got the knife out, then I stitched the cut places and closed him up, then I stopped the transfusion…


Daniel woke up minutes later…


“How did it go?” He asked, checking the guy out


“He should be up by tommorow” I answered and he heaved a sigh of relief


“You’re really brilliant, you don’t even need to complete the medical school again, you handled the surgery very well” he said and I smiled…






The next day


It’s a Saturday morning


“I’m thinking you should start work at my hospital on Monday” Daniel said


“It’s my pleasure” I answered and the guy coughed…we both rushed to him


“Are you okay?” I asked


“Dude, how are you feeling?” Daniel asked



“Where am I?” He asked


“I’m my house” Daniel answered and he saw the drip he’s being given…


“Thanks for saving me” he wishpered


“It’s nothing, just rest” Daniel said and made to go…


“Please can I stay here?, I can’t go to my house, they’re after me” he said, crying


“Of course you can stay here” Daniel answered, Wondering


“But who is after you?, Why are you being chased?” I asked


“I’m Tony Blake, a computer guru, a hacker, a tracker and a software engineer, yesterday, a lady and a guy came to my shop, the lady told me to help her track one Eva Anderson, I asked why, she said she needs to kill her, then I declined, saying I don’t get involved in bloody bussiness, she left quietly and I thought it’s over but they came back this evening only for the guy to beat me to stupor and stab me…I dunno what happened after that and here I am” he explained, my heart is already ponding


“Do you perhaps know her name?” I asked


“She didn’t tell me her name but I saw a name written on her cloth, it’s Toxica and I once heard her call the guy Ri….ri…I can’t remember the name of the guy but it


surely starts with R” he said and i know surely that she’s still after me but how did she know that I didn’t die?..








(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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