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Episode eleven



Eva Anderson


“What are we gonna do now, my life is not secured too” Tony ranted


“Tina will be so sorrowful right now” Danny said, still tearing up


“Maybe you should stop going to the hospital too” Tony said and I spranged up


“Hell no, I’m not going to turn myself to a weakling and just stay indoors cos of someone”I replied defiantly


“Stop being defiant, Tony is telling you the truth, you have to stay indoors” Danny said and I faced him


“Will that solve the problem?, Benson and his wife, were they not killed indoors?, Please just let me be,I’m not going stay indoors, I’m still gonna be going to the hospital, i believe my death won’t come from the hands of a human” I said and Danny sat dejectedly


“Ok, fine” Tony said


“I need to go see Tina” Danny said, standing up


“Are you crazy?” You broke up with her already why concern yourself with her life?” Tony ranted, standing up


“Tina will be hurting right now” Danny said


“Too bad Tina has blocked your sense of seeing, you can’t even recognize those who love you” Tony said and my heart skipped a beat, I know he’s talking about me



“What are you talking about?” Danny asked seriously


“It’s nothing, you can go meet your Tina” Tony said and rushed upstairs, obviously angry


“Be careful, those who you love can turn enemies overnight, I’m talking from experience” I said to Daniel before going upstairs…



Daniel Hilda


I have never been so disoriented all my life, I dunno what to do, but Tina….she


kept popping up in my memory that I can’t think of anything else…I might have ended things with her but I still feel for her…


I picked my car key and zoomed out to Tina’s house….the burial is already going


on with a few of their relatives present


I just stood at the far end and watched them


Then I saw Tina, she’s shedding hot tears and hurting so much as her parents are being buried


I started crying too as I watched her


The burial ended and everyone went back to his or her abode, leaving Tina in the house…


I went to her…


“Tina” I called and she looked up but she shouted


“You’ve killed them right?, You’ve had your revenge, do you feel any better right now?, You killed them!!!!” She ranted as she cried, I was flabbergasted cos I have no idea of what she’s talking about


“Tina, why are you like this and what are you talking about?” I asked in shock



“You threatened to kill them right?, You said you’ll kill them for what they did to that bitch you call Eva!!!” She said and I held her…


“Tina, now why would I do something like that?, I can’t hurt the parents of the girl I love, I can’t do that” I said, hugging her


“Danny, you….you…you still love me?” She asked, a surprised look on her face


I wiped her tears and cupped her face


“Yes, I do, I guess all what I said last night were just mere words, I think I don’t mean it” I answered sincerely…I really still love her


“I love you too, I love you more” she answered and took my lips in hers…I kissed her back…




“I’m beginning to dislike Danny” I said sincerely, it’s 8:pm already and he’s not come back from Tina’s place


“Why would you say that?, He’s like your brother remember?” Eva answered


“Who cares, and what kind of a brother turns deaf hears to his brother’s warning, I’m telling you I had a hunch that this Tina of a girl will turn against Danny very soon” I complained


“I can feel that too,but Danny has been blinded by love, he’s too blind to see the truth” Eva answered


“Just because she’s the first girl that didn’t break his heart, that doesn’t mean he should turn himself to a simpleton” I replied


“What do you suggest we do?” Eva asked


“Confess your love” I answered and she hit me playfully



“Are you mad?, Why would I confess my feelings if he’s still in love with Tina, can you just listen to yourself?” She asked


“Please I’m begging you, that’s the only way to prevent him from dating Tina again” I begged and she inhaled loudly


“But I’m scared” she said


“Don’t be scared, anytime he arrives, just tell him” I replied


“Ok, deal, I’m feeling sleepy already and I don’t think Danny is coming back home tonight, till tomorrow then, goodnight” she said and left for her room


“Yes!!!” I said, falling heavily to my bed



Eva Anderson


Danny didn’t come home that night and I’m so disturbed…


Honestly, I’ve been dying to tell him how I feel but I’m scared


“What if he doesn’t like me?, What if he can’t reciprocate my feelings?, What if he’s still in love with Tina?


These are the tons of questions I always ask myself


But this morning when he comes back, I’m gonna summon enough courage to tell him how I feel


Today is my resting day, so I’m not going to work


I was in the living room, watching the morning news when Tony came downstairs, leaning on the stairs rail


“Are you ready?” He asked


“Yes, sure” I replied and Daniel entered almost immediately



“So in one word, you slept at Tina’s place yesterday” Tony said and I saw Daniel face fell


“Good morning Danny, how’s Tina doing?” I asked with concern “She’s fine now” he replied and Tony started giving me signs to tell him “Em.. Danny, I have something to tell you” I said and he looked at me “Before then, I’ll like to tell you something first” he replied “And?” Tony interrogated


“The thing is, ….. I and Tina…. We’re back together” he announced and my face




“What!!!, I hate you!!!” Tony shouted and ran upstairs


“I’ll be in my room” I said and ran upstairs too…











(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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