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Episode eighteen



Eva Anderson


“Toxica please, don’t kill Samantha, please I’m begging you, she’s the only family I have left” I begged amidst tears


“I don’t know how to take pity, I’m never going to let you off the hook, and Samantha here is gonna die” Toxica said without an ounce of emotion


“Toxica I’m begging you” I begged again


“Have you even heard the climax of the news?, Well after killing Samantha, you’re next cos I’m also gonna kill you” she said, pointing her gun at pitiful Samantha


“Please, please….


My pleads were interrupted with a gunshot, Toxica shot Samantha and she fell down heavily




And that was when I woke up,…. it’s been a dream all along



I was covered with sweat all over and my heart is racing loudly


Tears rushed down my face like running water


I rushed downstairs to meet Tony, Danny and Laura in the living room


“Tony Please do something, Toxica is going to kill Samantha, I just had a dream please Tony, Samantha must not die!!!!!” I ranted, holding unto his collar tightly ..


Danny had to carry me forcefully and place me on the couch


“I had a bad dream about Samantha please, please save her, she can’t die please” I said, tears already flowing freely from my eyes


“Eva, Please don’t hurt yourself, Toxica won’t be so stupid to hurt Samantha, she’ll just use her to get you, trust me” Tony assured


“No, no Tony, please I want to see Samantha, I really miss her, please I just…..


Danny interrupted by drawing me closer and giving me a hug


“Everything will be okay I promise, just calm down please Eva” Danny consoled softly as I wept in his arms, my nose started running voluntarily as I cried bitterly…I really miss her


My phone suddenly ranged and I broke the hug to check the caller ID, it’s an unknown number






Hi Eva, surprised?






Yes, your guess is right, seems you’re a little brilliant



Please Toxica, I’m begging you please don’t kill Samantha, I’m ready to do anything possible



Really?, Then come to my hideout alone and face me, I can’t assure if you’ll come out again anyways


I don’t care, all I want is Samantha, please text me the address



Good, and remember, you alone or else I’ll kill your sister… and besides, you’re free to bring your colleagues if you want, cos I have up to fifteen good fighters here and you’ll just all perish


I won’t, I’ll come alone, just send the address…


I hanged up and explained everything to them


“What’s the next line of action?” Laura asked


“So she has up to fifteen good fighters surrounding her, well I’m a fighter too” Tony said, flexing his muscles


“Really?” Danny asked


“I was once a taekwondo fighter before going into computer, I can even beat them if they’re up to thirty” Tony said as my phone beeped, it’s the address


“She’s sent the address, what do we do?” I asked impatiently


“We need to plan” Tony said


“What plan?” Danny asked


“Laura, prepare acid and poison, mix the two together” Tony said


“What for?” I asked inquisitively


“Just trust me and let Laura do it” Tony answered as Laura went to Daniel’s small store room to prepare it


“You’ll go in a different car Eva, and after five minutes, we’ll follow you, I’ll take care of the fighters and Danny, your work is to disconnect the house’s power supply” Tony explained


“What???, I know nothing about electricity” Danny said


“Don’t worry, holy spirit will teach you, just break something when you get to the main power room” Tony said and Danny exhaled


“Laura will fight the guards with me” Tony said and I squinted


“Laura?, Can she fight?” Danny asked


“Yes, I was once a taekwondo fighter too before going into medicals” Laura said, coming out of the store room with the container, containing the mixed poison and acid


“How come you two know much about each other?” I asked, facing Tony and Laura


“Don’t be surprised” Tony said, holding Laura’s hands


“Ok, let’s get ready, everyone should wear sneakers and trousers” Laura said as we all got ready


“I’ll go ahead” I said as I got into Daniel’s car and drove off to the address





Five minutes after she’s gone, I, Tony and Laura got into Laura’s car and followed….


We got there and saw the house guarded as Toxica said



“Let’s go” Tony said


“I can’t fight” I said


“Just stay behind us as we fight” Laura said as we went in


There are five guards surrounding the compound, I think the other ten must be in…


Tony and Laura swung into action immediately…


Tony grabbed one by his collar and punched his throat


He grabbed another one and broke his arm


The third one he hit him with his elbow on the stomach


Laura fought with a spoon, she stabbed one with the spoon on the stomach and stabbed the last one on his back


“To the power house” Tony whispered to me and I ran to the power house and they


both ran in….





I entered the house, accompanied by one of the guards….


There I saw Toxica on a chair, with an evil smile on her ugly face


“Toxica, please why are you doing this?, Please just let my sister go, I’m here now please let her go” I begged


“Do you believe me when I said that?, My God you’re so gullible, for your information, you both are dying tonight, it’s a good thing you came alone, otherwise there would have been a blood battle” she said and snapped her fingers


Immediately, two masked girls were brought out by the guard that brought me in



They were unmasked and my heart skipped a beat, it’s Samantha and Tina… Samantha has grown so thin and her face is all disfigured with wounds, it’s all a


mess….tears rushed down my face immediately…


“Samantha, Samantha” I screamed as I tried to go close to her but I was held by the guard


“Eva, Eva, my sister” Samantha said weakly, struggling to get free but it’s impossible


“You two are gonna die tonight!!!” Toxica said, bringing out a gun but the whole lights went off Immediately, leaving a dim light that’s enough to see faces in the room….I know Danny is at work already….




I disconnect the power to the house though I dunno how I did it but I did it…the holy Spirit indeed helped me…


I brought out my Torchlight and went in…Tony and Laura are still fighting the remaining guards


Laura is a badass fighter and Tony is wow…Tony fought with his fists and kicks but Laura used knife


When Tony is left with one opponent, the strongest one I think, Tony was stabbed in his arm


“Tony!!!” Laura shouted, running to the guard and stabbing him on the d**k, the guard fell down dead


“Tony, are you alright?” I asked as i tied his wounded arm with my handkerchief


“I’m ok, let’s go in” he said





Toxica pointed his gun at me and I cried, expecting the worse, looking at pitiful Samantha, she’s crying too



Just then, Tina broke free from the guard that’s holding her and Toxica shot at me but Tina blocked it and it hit her instead


“I’m sorry Eva, I was selfish, I was gullible and wicked, but I hope you can forgive this pitiful soul” she said before breathing her last breath ..




“Tinaaaaa!!!!” I screamed as Danny, Tony and Laura entered


“So you brought them after all” Toxica said


“Well, the fighters you surrounded the house with, they are not a match for my fighting skills” Tony said as Toxica pointed her gun at Samantha


“Nooooo!!!!!” We all shouted Danny ran to Samantha and covered her, Toxica


shot and Danny got shot instead of Samantha….


Tony ran to Toxica and snatched her gun while Laura fought the one guard that’s remaining…












(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi


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