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Episode seventeen






“So what’s the plan?, Didn’t you ask Ricky for their hideout?” I asked Tony impatiently


“No, let’s do this ourselve, trust me Samantha will be fine and we’ll bring her home Hale and healthy” Tony assured


“Samantha must have been miserable, it’s been six good months since she’s been kidnapped, I dunno how she’s doing right now, I just know it’ll be bad, oh my sis!!!” Eva lamented bitterly, still crying loudly


“Eva, crying will not solve this, just wipe your tears and let’s find the solution, we won’t just stay and watch you know?” Laura consoled


“I’ll make sure to track their hideout but we should find a way to save Ricky From the police after capturing them” Tony said…


“I know, let’s just focus on finding the hideout for now” Eva replied





“Little girl, Let’s play a small game, I don’t even know your name, what’s your name?” I asked Eva’s sister authoritatively


“S….ss…s….she stuttered weakly but I gave her a kick in the stomach,….


“Ouuuuuu!!!!” She groaned out in pain


“Tell me your name or I’ll give you the shock injection again!!!” I ordered


“S..Sama..ntha…. Samantha” she stammered, looking weakly into space


I’m so proud of myself,I made her into a pathetic and pitiful human within the period of six months, I’m the devil himself…


“What class are you supposed to be right now?” I asked


“SSS 3” she answered timidly


“How old are you?” I asked


“I’m eighteen” she answered and I laughed out loud wickedly


“Crazy girl” I said as I shoved the shock injection into her neck again and she fell down weakly….I promise to kill her slowly till she’ll die…. and as for Eva, Daniel,


Tony and the other girl, I’ll kill them all, even if it means turning myself to a serial killer…


Tina coughed and opened her eyes faintly


I went to her and tilted her up roughly


“You’re so gullible, so blind and a big dummy, it’s a pity you’ll die in regrets, knowing you worked with your parents killers, you’re going to burn in hell forever after your death” I said in mockery and laughed wickedly


“You’re a devil advocate Toxica….


“No, I’m the devil himself” I interrupted, looking at her and feeling like smacking life out of her but I don’t plan to kill her now


“I wish I had known that this is how it’ll turn out, I won’t have followed you, but I’m promising you a woeful and deadly death, you’ll burn in the pit of hell even before your death till you’ll die!!!” She shouted as tears rushed out of her eyes


“You can’t do anything to me, I rule the world, soon the whole world will be mine, I’m gonna have the whole world to myself and squeeze life out of the world, just very soon” I said, squinting like a cat


“Not even in your dreams” she mumbled and I angrily injected her with the shock


injection again, she became more weak and couldn’t even talk….


“Don’t defy the great Toxica!!!, I’m the most toxic element in the world, don’t you dare toy with me, else you’ll die, you’ll die!!!!!” I shouted angrily at the top of my voice, breathing heavily





Today’s Friday, everyone is in a sad mood as Tony can’t find the location yet and it’s becoming more late everyday…I’m at doctor Daniel house, he has gone to the hospital to settle things and Eva went out without informing anyone….


“I’m scared” I said seriously and Tony held my hand


“Trust me, Toxica can’t kill Samantha, she just wants to use her to get Eva, I’m sure” he said, focusing on his computer


“Are you sure?” I asked with concern


“I’m very sure” he answered and I smiled


“You know you’re becoming more manly these days Mr kid” I teased


“Don’t call me a kid again” he said, facing me and turning his back on the computer


“What will you do if I call you a kid?” I asked


“I dunno but I bet it’s something you won’t like” he answered


“Now I really want to know it” i said


“Don’t do it” he said


“Kid!!!” I said and the next thing he did surprised me, he came closer and gave me a quick kiss….my eyes widened


“Now you see what I’ll do to you from now on if you call me a kid” he said and


faced his computer again, I smiled…..





I managed to talk to the press today and with the help of dad, the hospital is saved, it went back to its normal shape before the incident happened and patients started coming again



And of course, I became more careful while I’m out of the house and I always use


sunglasses even inside the hospital,….


I told Eva not to come to the hospital for a while for protection reasons


But today, I saw her office door opened and got curious, I entered and saw Eva, with about twelve bottles of liquor on her desk, she’s drinking and crying at the same time…


“Eva what do you think you’re doin!!!” I ranted as I tried to take the bottle from her but she held it back


“Don’t interfere” she said, obviously drunk


“I thought I told you not to come to the hospital?, And this is an office, an hospital office for crying out loud, you can’t drink liquor here” I said, trying to stop her.


“Samantha is suffering and we don’t even know her whereabouts yet, and you’re telling me not to drink?” She asked, squinting drunkenly and staggering


“Will it solve the problem?” I asked


“I dunno, but what I said the other time about loving you, forget it” she said drunkenly


“What!” I said


“Danny, my lifesaver who put me in an uncomfortable love triangle, I’m thankful, let’s just remain friends” she said and staggered but I caught her before she could fall…


She slept off in my arms Immediately and I cried as I stared at her, such a pathetic Eva


She suddenly opened her eyes again



“Please, don’t leave me I beg you” she muttered, a small tear falling from her right eye before she closed her eyes again












(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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