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Chapter 7


Brian’s POV


My guards already took Rule to…..the hospital while I tended to Nicole.


Right now,she’s with me in…… of the bedrooms….


I can’t believe I almost lost her,it’s like a dream.



She’s still unconscious and am really scared about it. When I found her,she was lying on the bed, sleeping peacefully but I knew something was wrong.


The door opened revealing the doctor I sent for……. Lucas and Hailey’s dead body suddenly disappeared which is strange.


“Mr hyper, don’t worry she’ll be okay, I’ll make certain of that”the doctor said as I sighed.


I didn’t take her to the hospital because Lucas might still be out there and in search of her.



Mary’s POV


I paced the lobby as………I awaited Royal’s presence. Rule is presently undergoing


an operation to remove the bullet while Bella’s inside fighting for her life.


They needed to operate her to remove the baby…..I thought everything was fine


with the pregnancy but it’s like the doctor was wrong.


“Sweetheart” royal called as he embraced me. “How’s Rule?” I asked looking into his eyes.


“He’s fine,the operation was fine, come on let’s get you something to eat” he said, pulling me away.


Brian’s POV


The doctor left some minutes ago and right now,I was watching her closely.


Real came to check on her and he’s gone,but Don Gordon hasn’t showed up.


I wonder what I’ll tell him when he comes,it’s really painful. The monster who


killed my dad is out there while am here wandering in darkness…..


Nicole stirred as……her eyes flew open. “Dad…… dad” she called weakly, looking around as her gaze landed on mine.


“You?” She asked as…..I flinched. Her tone was cold and distant. She sprang up to


her feet and tried yanking the door open but to no avail.


“Let me out,you prick how dare you hold me captive,tell me have you killed my dad? Have you?” She asked as tears rolled down her eyes.


I didn’t reply as I kept my gaze locked on hers. There’s no need telling her that I


made a huge mistake………..but I plan on making her love me again……..




Love me again


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