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Chapter 5


Nicole’s POV


Gosh….it’s so good to be back….


I walked into the house smiling happily and walking round.


But it felt very strange.


Like something was not right…..maybe it’s because of the screaming I heard.


All of a sudden,I heard a loud thud and before I knew it,I was hit on my head.


“Arrrgh………” I screamed before blacking out.





Brian’s POV


I tried to open my eyes…..but the sunlight was too bright.


I closed it and opened again before realizing I was in the hospital.


A nurse walked in….. smiling and looking into my eyes.


“Sir you’re awake,how are you feeling?” She asked, writing something on her notepad.



I ignored her question and looked around….. before trying to recall what exactly happened.


I remembered, driving with speed then……… everything from there was blur.


“Who brought me here?” I asked as Steph walked in with two plastic bags.


“Hey you’re awake, come on you need to eat something and I won’t recommend this hospital food” she said placing the contents in the bed side table.


“She brought you here,sir if you need anything, just send for a nurse or doctor” she said, giving us some privacy.


“How are you feeling?” Steph asked as Jace walked in


“Hey man,how are you feeling?” He asked as I scoffed.


“I feel stupid,I lost her I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again” I said as…..they looked at each other.


“What’s wrong?” I asked as……. Steph stood up.


“You should rest, besides I don’t……..” I interrupted her “just spill the bean” I yelled.


“Okay, Nicole came back early this morning and sources have it that…..she got


kidnapped in her home” Steph said as….I felt my heart thightened.


“No….it can’t be” I shouted before pulling the drip off me.


“What are you doing?” They asked in unison.


“What I should have done…….ever since” I replied as they shook their heads.



Authoress POV


“Have you gotten any news?” Don Gordon asked Rule from his bed.



They found him in one of the bedrooms upstairs and had taken him to a hotel.


“Do you think Brian is behind this?” Real asked…….


“No……I can think of one person” Royal said as all eyes turned to him


“Who” Rule asked.


“Lucas,my long lost friend” Royal said as….. Rule hit the wall.


“Look for Nicole,no matter what it may cost,she’s the eye of this family” Don Gordon said as they all nodded.





I looked at her…….as she slept peacefully.


Am really gonna enjoy her.


“The cruise is ready” Hailey said as I smiled.


I plan on taking her far away from here am sure they’ll be thinking Brian is behind


it….. while I enjoy their little princess…….



Love me again





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