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Love me again





Chapter 1


Bella’s POV


“You really need to see me now… so big but Rule is always saying am


beautiful” I said as Nicole giggled.


She has been staying in Spain for the past six months and…..I really miss her.


Rule refused for me to go and see her,he said he didn’t want anything to happen to his baby.


“Bella I really need to go,I have a shoot now” she said and hung up.


“Hey babe you’re back” I said pretending as if I didn’t know where he came in.


“You didn’t stay in bed like I told you right?” He asked as his nose flared up.


“No…. and that’s because am not handicapped” I really as he rolled his eyes and


walked to the wardrobe.


“Did I say you are handicapped?” He asked as I sighed.


“No….am sorry” I replied as he grabbed a blanket and walked out.


Gosh….this guy.


Mary’s POV


“Monica, Monica” I yelled as…I walked round the house.


Gosh…she’s really stubborn, sometimes I feel like beating her.


“Yes mom” she replied…… laughing hysterically as I sank onto a chair.


“You wore me out…… besides what do you want to have for dinner?” I asked.


And if you’re wondering, Royal and I got married two months ago,so we moved to our own mansion and right now,he’s on a business trip.


“Anything mom, except shrimps” she replied as I laughed.


I heard a loud noise as… laugh seized. “What’s that?” Monica asked as…..I


quickly led her to her bedroom.


“Baby stay put, and stay here okay,I need to give your dad a call” I said as I noticed I left my phone in the kitchen.




I walked quickly out of the room, locked the door and went to the kitchen.


The door bolted as I turned to face the worst fear of my life. “Dylan,what are….” I


couldn’t finish my statement as….he slapped me across the face.


“You whore, you think you escaped right?” He asked as…..I moved back slowly.


“Dylan let me be, please” I sobbed as……he smirked.


“Why……too bad I can’t f**k your sister but am gonna f**k your sweet pu**y


Really hard……” He said moving closer to me as the door Burst open……






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