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Love me again





Chapter 2


Mary’s POV


The door bursted open……as police officers surrounded us.


Dylan smiled devilishly………as he spun me around and placed a knife on my neck.


I whimpered as…….the police officers looked at each other.


“Let me go or….. I’ll kill her” he said as……tears rolled out of my eyes.


Dylan is the guy I ran from,my dad wanted me to get married to him because of money,gosh.


He pulled me….to himself and walked towards the door, opened it and went




“You better stay put,am getting you outta here” he whispered in my ear, licking my earlobe in the process.


“Why are you doing this?” I asked as…..the tears continued to pour out.


“Because…. you’re mine, mine and mine alone,now keep that pretty mouth shut


or….” He couldn’t finish his sentence as…… someone kicked him really hard, making him to let go of me.


I ran back to the house as fast as I could as….the police officers……..shot bullets at him.


I needed to make sure Monica is okay. I ran up to her bedroom and there she was shivering slitely


“Baby everything is okay,he won’t burger us okay” i said as she nodded.


The door opened revealing Royal…….as he walked towards us.


“Am sorry I wasn’t around” he said kissing my lips and…… pecking Monica.


“It’s not your fault” i said as….he sighed.


“Get set cause I won’t be going for trips without the both of you” he said…..


walking out of the door.



Nicole’s POV


“Hey babe.. hope I didn’t keep you waiting?” I asked as I sat next to Carl.


“Of course not, besides you look beautiful” he complimented before kissing my lips.


“Heard you have a shoot in……new York” I asked as he smiled.


“Yeah….and I was thinking, it’ll be good if we go together i really want to know


your family” he said as I gulped hard.


I’ve not been there for six months and going back isn’t part of my plan.


“Ouch…..babe but I’ll be busy by then,why don’t we go over when Bella puts to


birth?” I asked as he nodded.


“Yeah…. you’re right” he replied.



Brian’s POV


“Is everything set?” I asked walking in….the dark Alley.


Today,I’ll fulfill my promise to my dad and nothing will stop me,not even the love I have for Nicole.


“Yes BOSS” my guards replied as I smiled.


“What are you waiting for get the old man!!” I ordered as they scurried away.


Finally!!!! He’ll be gone just like my dad……..





Love me again






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