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After days of banging on the door of her room, Henry had no choice but to order bayo to let her out of the room.


She took a tour around the big mansion, although she couldn’t get access to some certain locations in the house. Henry made it clear that she was not allowed in any of the rooms in the house except of course the room she’s staying and the living room.


I have to think of a way to access that living room, so I can watch the T.v cause I can’t keep on missing forever yours. Bright thinks trying to formulate a full proof plan in her head.


Emeka the gate man walks into the house singing one of his famous igbo songs, the Mansion was built in a way that you don’t need to enter the living room before going into the house, once you open the front door it will lead you straight to a passage.


“Madam Bright. Good apter..noon.” Emeka greets saluting, out of everyone, it’s only Emeka that knows her name.


“Emeka, what’s up na.”


“Everything is fine, I brought food for you.’ Emeka says and strecth the nylon containing the food to her.



“You don come again with this your mama bisi tasteless white rice.” Bright mutters frowning.


“What do you want me to do, it’s only this woman restaurant that’s in this area, and even the restaurant is far and beside that’s what oga Henry asked me to buy for you.” Emeka explains and bright rolls her eyes.


Bright scratched the back of hair a little bit nervous for what’s she’s about to say next. “Erm Emeka.”




“Emeka see ehn, I want you help me with a little small favour.” Bright says using her little finger to show him how tiny the favour is.


“Okay, what’s it.”


“Well Emeka you see this food that you always bring for me it’s upsetting my stomach.” She explains slowly, her eyes twitching nervously.


“But it’s oga Henry that asked me to but you rice but if you want I can get you swallow in the evening.”


“No! No! You see Emeka, I really don’t like eating food that was prepared by strangers.” She says putting up a nervous smile.


“So what do you want me to do.” Emeka asks confuse.


“Good question, you see, I’m a very good cook, not to brag but I’m really good at cooking and since I’m good at cooking why don’t I fix my own meal myself.”


“Ahh no, you can’t do that oo, besides there’s no food stuff in the house.”


“And that’s where you come in Emeka, I know very well that you get paid handsomely from the money you oga steals, so why don’t you help me out here by taking small amount of your money and help me get some food stuff.” This time Emeka fidgeted, shifting from one leg to another nervously, on seeing his



nervousness Bright quickly added, “and of course you won’t get in trouble for it, why would Henry be mad because you helped me bought some food stuff and besides you’ll also get to eat some of the food, I’m sure you’re also tired of eating mama bisi tasteless food.”


Emeka scratched his head for a while thinking. Should I go and buy the food stuff, besides she’s right I’m tired of eating that mama bisi food and it’s not like I’ll be letting her out of the house, all I’m doing is to buy some food stuff. Hmm I guess I’ll do it.


“Okay I’ll buy the food stuff.”


“Great, I’ll write you a list.”




Teni- case blared from the speakers in the dark lit club, girls move their hips and


waist to the best of the music. The dj plays with his tool, dropping beat after beat.


The club goes wide as he changes the music to Sweet in the middle by Day, girls


twerks and men tries to hide their Mr. Junior between their tighs.


The four bachelors could be seen at the far end of the VIP lounge. Bayode takes his glass and takes a huge gulp out of his drink and then drops it, bayo sighs and rest his head on the chair then he remembers something funny and laughs a little.


“What’s funny.” Uche ask staring at him.


“Nothing.” He replies, after contemplating with his self for a while he decides to say what’s in his mind.


“It’s about the girl we brought home, she’s funny.”


“You mean to say she’s troublesome right?.” Zack asked grimly.


“No I think she’s funny, just look at what she did the other day to get us to open the door, she tricked us into believing she’s an asthmatic patient.”


“Bayo a scene like that should be interpreted as trouble.” Zack replies him angrily.


“Nope, I think it’s funny that we actually got tricked by her.” Bayo insisted.


“Bayo what’s wrong with you, uche tell me what you think.” Zack ask turning his attention on uche, beckoning him to answer.


“I think bayo is right, like come on we literally kidnapped this girl but here she is behaving like she’s in her house or something.


“And what’s funny about that, that is the first sign that she’s trouble.” Zack exclaims, bewildered.


“Well that’s your opinion.” Bayo replies getting tired of the argument.


“Zack is right that girl is trouble.” A quiet Henry says.




“Why would you say so.” Uche asked cutting Zack off from whatever he was going to say.


“Have you guys forgotten so soon, how we threatened her to stop banging the door but she refused to stop, I even had to kick her, but no she she still didn’t stop. I tied her up but she just keeps on losing it. If you don’t call that trouble, then I don’t know what is.” Henry explains making his points valid.


After a little while of silence, bayo breaks the silence by saying, “I still think she’s funny.”


“I agree with you.” Uche says and Zack groans.




“I hope she in her room.” Zack says walking into the mansion, he takes a look around for any sign of Bright. No sign.


“This is our house why do we have to hope she’s in her room.” Henry asked confused.



“Who knows she might be up to something. Have you forgotten she’s trouble.” Zack replies.


“Guys, what’s that scent.” Bayo asked sniffing the air like a dog.


“Will you stop that bayo.”


“Shhh, I think it’s food.” Bayo informs the others.


“Bayo seriously, one day food will be the death of you, who do you think will be cooking…., oh my God the girl!!!” Zack exclaims and they all shared a knowing


look before running towards the kitchen.









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