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“Oh my God.” Bella gasps in horror


and drops the gun, bayo quickly picks up the gun from the floor.


“Hey Henry, are you okay, please don’t die, you can’t die okay, we still have to you know get married and then I can order you around in the middle of the night, when I get pregnant.” Bright cries out, hitting Henry chest.


“Ugh, is this how you wake a dead man up. I was expecting kisses, lots of kisses.” Henry grumbles, closing his eyes halfway. Bright laughs a little and rained kisses on his face.


“You missed a spot, love.” Henry grumbles pointing towards his lips.


“Nope I don’t think I missed it, I already gave you a kiss right there.” Bright says grinning.


“Hmm, but you didn’t, it’s my lips afterall.” Henry whines and Bright laughs out before kissing him deeply.


“Why did you do that, I’ve never been more afraid in my life.” Bright says sadly hitting him on his chest lightly.



“Well I had rather die than watch you die, and stop fretting, it’s only a scratch, turns out Bella doesn’t even know how to use a gun.” Henry says grinning.


“Yeah Bella, that devil, where is she.” Bright growls, suddenly remembering the stupid girl who tried to kill her fiancee is still in the room with her.


“Bella how dare you try to kill Henry, are you out of your damn mind.” Bright growls at her, walking over to her in hurried steps.


“I didn’t mean to shoot him, the bullet was meant for you.” Bella explains, shaking like a leaf.


“Okay I’ll forget you just said the bullet was meant for me and focused on the part were you said you never wanted to kill my man, you said it yourself, that the bullet in the gun I


s enough for everyone of us in this room. So what do you mean by you didn’t want to kill Henry.” Bright asked her, already out of breath.


“Yeah, I know I said that but I was going to shoot him last not first.” Bella cries out.


“Oh God, you’re crazy.” Bright utters spreading her hands up in the air. She takes a few steps towards Bella but stopped when Bella cries out in anguish holding unto her stomach.


“Bright what did you do to her.” Uche asked staring at a groaning Bella on the floor.


“Well I wish I’m the one responsible for her pains but I’m not, as you can see I didn’t do anything. I’m not even close to her.” Bright exclaims, confused by the situation.


“It’s the baby.” Bella groans out.


“What do you mean by it’s the baby.” Bright utters.


“The baby, is coming.” Bella says and cries out in pain again.



“But that can’t be possible, you’re due in two weeks, not now.”


“How do you know that, I don’t even know that.” Bella utters astonished.


“Well I figured out, if you were dumb enough to get yourself pregnant for a man who doesn’t even love you, it means you’ll be dumb enough not to know when your baby is coming, so I kept track of your pregnancy.” Bright answers rolling her eyes.


“I feel like a really terrible person right now, I didn’t even pay attention or even take care of my baby. I was so consumed in anger, I forgot my own baby.” Bella cries out and tears start to fall, Bright sighs and crouched down next to Bella.


“Well it’s okay, sometimes we humans tends to do stuff that we are not supposed to do but that only makes us human. And besides it wasn’t entirely your fault, as much as I hate to admit but those idiots made a fool of you, I’m pretty sure if I was the one used by them, I would be sending them to innermost part of hell.” Bright says, smiling weakly at Bella.


“You really have a strong imaginations there, like seriously isn’t it enough you killed them but you still have to make sure they stay at the innermost part of hell.” Bella says laughing out, forgetting the pains she’s feeling.


“Well killing them is not enough, Henry didn’t just used you, but he also made you fall in love with him.”


“Well now you said the word love, I just realize I never did love Henry, it was all infatuation and besides nobody wanted to date me, a police daughter, so when Henry came along I was really happy, can you believe we dated for three good years and then he proposed to me, and I’ve been wearing the freaking ring for a whole two years now.” Bella chuckles.


“Yeah you kind of became queen of the rings.” Bright utters laughing out and Bella joins her.


“Ahhhhhh.” Bella shouts out as the pains comes back.



“Oh please don’t tell me it’s the baby.” Bright asked Bella holding on to her hand.


“Bright it’s the baby.”


“I told you not tell me it’s the baby.” Bright yells a little, shaking her head frantically.


“Well, what do we do now.” Bella asks groaning.


“I know what to do, okay. I know what to do.” Bright chants trying to calm down.


“So what are you going to do.” Zack cuts her off from her chants already getting impatient.


“This is what I’ll do. BABY LISTEN TO ME, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO COME OUT YET, UNTIL NEXT WEEK, SO STOP BEING IN A HURRY AND GET BACK IN THERE NOW!!!!!!!!.” Bright yells pointing at Bella’s stomach.


“I don’t think that’s working Bright, I think it only angered the baby.” Bella says, letting out heavy breath.


“Why don’t we just take her to the hospital.” Henry suggest holding unto his wounded arm.


“I can’t make it to the hospital, YOU HAVE TO GET THIS DAMN BABY OUT OF ME, RIGHT THIS FREAKING MINUTE!!!!!!!.” Bella growls her fingers digging deep into Bright hands.


“Ouch, girl that’s painful, why I’m I the one holding your hand, HENRY GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW!!.” Bright yells at Henry.


“Why should I?” Henry questions confused.


“Well you got her pregnant, so her nails is supposed to be digging deep into yours, not mine.” Bright retorts.


“Well she told me she was on f**king pills, okay.” Henry retorts back.


“And how’s that my………”


“You know what I’ll hold her hand.” Zack says, cutting Bright off, he ignored the stares Henry sent his way and walked over to Bright and takes Bella’s hand from Bright.


“Well will you guys stop looking like me like that and help her deliver this baby.” Zack mutters loud enough for them to hear, all the while not letting go of Bella’s hand.


“Yeah about that who’s going to deliver the baby.” Uche asked confuse.


“I’ll take care of the baby delivery.” Bright voiced out.


“Do you know anything about baby delivery.” Uche asks staring at her intently.


“Well do you want to be the one to bring the baby out of her stomach.” Bright asks him, hands in waist, glaring down at him (if that’s possible ).


“I’ve stepped down.” Uche says raising his hands up in the air.


“Good and if it’s anything, I’ve watched a lot of Korean, America, Mexican, name them and guess what in most of those movies, I’ve watched a lot of women give birth.” Bright says simply.


“So you’re telling me you’re going to deliver this baby based on all those soap opera you have watched.” Bayo asked bewildered.


“As a matter of fact, yes. Like how hard can it be, to deliver a single baby.”



“Jesus Christ!! .”



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