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A week later


“Please your honour I’ll love to call miss Bright to the witness box.” Prosecutor James says, as Henry leaves the witness box.


“Miss Bright, please step into the witness box.” The judge says and Bright stands up from her sit and walks towards the witness box, trying not to be nervous as the knots ties in her stomach, she steps into the witness box and joins her hands tightly together, waiting for the prosecutor to go on with his question.


“Are you a Christian or a Muslim, Mrs Bright.” Prosecutor James asks.


“Christian.” Bright answers.


“Place your hand on the bible and repeat after me.” The prosecutor says and Bright nods her head and did as instructed.


“”I Amos Bright, swear by this bible, that the evidence I shall give, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Prosecutor James says and Bright repeats after him.


“So you do understand you just swore an oath in front of this honourable court and you must say nothing else but the truth.”


“Yes I understand.”


“Good, so can you tell this honourable court what happened on the second of June 2019.”


“On that faithful day, I was in my apartment watching a movie, when I heard a gunshot, I felt it was robbers, so I had quickly stood up and locked the door but it seems that wasn’t enough to hold the robbers from entering my house, then I was instructed by the robbers to lie, to the police but the police was smart enough to



know I wasn’t being truthful, so the night ended up with me being an hostage. A way for those criminals to escape from the police and that’s all I remember cause the next time I woked up, I was on a bed, in an unfamiliar house.”


“So you’re saying that what the accused said is true, that you were indeed rescued by them.”




“Hmm miss Bright you do know, that this wasn’t in your original statement you gave to the police.”


“Yes I’m aware of that.”


“So why the change of statement now.”


“The first statement I had given to the police wasn’t true, I thought back then I was protecting my rescuers, I didn’t want people thinking that they were the ones who kidnapped me.”


“And why would you think that anyone would think such a thing.” Prosecutor James asked with a sly smile.


“Because the guys fits into the description of the robbers that…” Bright immediately stops in mid sentence realizing what she just blabbed out.


“So are you trying to say that the accused might infact be the robbers, who knows since you never saw them saving you by the roadside.”


“No that’s not what I’m saying, and that’s definitely not what I meant.”


“So what did you mean.” Prosecutor James asked but Bright remained quiet not knowing what to say.


“Miss Bright please can you answer the question.”



“Objection my lord, Prosecutor James here, is trying to force words out of the witness.” Mr Francis yells standing up from his seat.


“I’m sorry your honour but I do believe miss Bright here has to answer the question.” Mr James argued.


“Objection overruled, Miss Bright answer the question.” The judge instructs.


“Miss Bright.” Prosecutor James gives her a sly smile, Bright fidgeted with hands, thinking of what to say next.


“I don’t have an answer.” Bright says going for the only option she had left, Mr Francis did warned her not to say anything if she knows her statement would only put her in more problems.


“Okay I’ll let that slide for now. So miss Bright during those two months of being declared missing, it never once crossed your mind that you should call your mother and inform her that you were okay, like I’m sure your mother was really worried.”


“Maybe I was too busy enjoying living in a mansion and have all the food I’ve ever wanted right in front of me.” Bright jokes and almost every occupants in the court room laughs.


“But still yet, you should have called your mum or don’t you have a good relationship with your mother.”


“Objection your lord, Mr James here is asking questions unrelated to the case at hand.” Mr Francis yells standing up from his seat.


“I’m sorry honourable Lord but I think this question is related to the case.” Prosecutor James says glaring at Mr Francis.


“Objection sustained, I’m here to judge a case prosecutor, not to listen to what you think, so stick to the questions that relates to the case at hand.” The judge orders, Mr Francis and Mr James bows a little before going back to their original position.



“So Miss Bright I heard you are engaged to one of the accused, Mr Henry to be precise.”




“So could it be that the reason you decided not to say the truth is based on the fact, that you love him.”


“No, I believe if anybody commits a crime, they should be brought to justice regardless of their position or who they are.” Prosecutor James stares at Bright for a while before turning to the judge.


“My lord as you can see I have reasons to believe that Miss Bright here is hiding the truth because of the feelings she has for Mr Henry here or she has been bribed not to reveal the truth. That is all I have to say for now, your honour.” The prosecutor says and bows a little before going back to his seat.


“Does the defendant has any question for the witness.” The judge asks.


“Yes my lord.” Mr Francis says and stands up from his seat, then takes his place in front of the witness box.


“Miss Bright I believe you stayed with the accused for two months.”


“Yes, I did.”


“So tell me, what exactly did you think of them, like did they in anyway looked or behaved like criminals.”


“No, they were sweet, caring, funny, they were like the elder brothers I didn’t get to toture.” Bright answers smiling brightly.


“So was that the reason you came back to them after eight months of leaving.”


“Yes I did miss them.”


“I see.” Mr Francis says nodding his head and then turns to face the judge.



“Well my lord as you can see, this lady standing here does not in anyway behave like a kidnapped victim, both physically and mentally. And I don’t think anyone in this court have ever heard of a kidnapped victim falling in love with her abductor. I can also say, Miss Bright here is really fond of the accused and she doesn’t in anyway see them as crimnals. That’s all I have to say, my lord.” Mr Francis says and goes to his seat.


“Does the prosecutor has anything to say.” The judge asks.


“No my lord.’


“Okay then, with all the evidence gather and after hearing the dialogue between the


defendants and the prosecutor i’ve come to a decision that the accused are












Living With Guys


1 Mansion 4 freaking hot guys 1 Girl What could possibly go wrong

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