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“Okay then, with all the evidence gather and crossed examine, and after hearing the dialogue between the defendants and the prosecutor i’ve come to a decision that the accused are hereby declare not guilty of the crimes placed on them but each of them will pay a fine of 500 thousand each for withholding important information to help the police on their investigation and for you miss Bright, I would ask you not cover any piece of information or lie to the police again, no matter what you think.” The judge says and Bright nods her head all the while smiling. The judge stares at Henry, Zack, Uche and Bayo for a while before hitting the gravel hard. Bright immediately stands up and goes over to hug Henry, Henry takes her up in his arms and gives her big wet kiss.


“So………..” Henry drawls smirking at her.


“Okay fine you were right, now wipe that smirk away from your lips or I’ll be the one to lock you in prison myself.” Bright says and then pecks him on the cheek all the while smiling.


“You know we also almost got imprisoned, how come Henry is getting the special treatment.” Zack grumbles, hands in pocket with bayo and Uche standing next to him, they both nods in agreement to what Zack had just said.


“Oh come here my babies.” Bright cooes and hugs them dramatically.


“Thank you Mr Francis.” Henry says stretching forth his hand for a hand shake.


“It’s no problem, Mr Henry. It’s my duty as your lawyer to make sure you don’t end up in prison.” Mr Francis replies and claims Henry’s outstretched hand.


“Well I’m glad to have you as my lawyer. It seems the rumors are true when they said you haven’t lost a case before.” Henry comments letting go of Mr Francis hand.


“Have always said this to all my clients, I didn’t just win a case because I’m a damn good lawyer, I won a case because my client didn’t leave even a small piece of information. Now don’t get into any trouble and try not to go back to your old



ways, Miss Bright I’ll see you around.” Mr Francis pats Henry on his back and then gave a nod to Bright, Uche, Zack and bayo before walking away.


“Well who’s up for a celebration.” Bright asked enthusiastic.


“As long as there’s food, then I’m up for anything.”Bayo utters.


“That’s no surprise coming from you.” Zack says and pats Bayo on his shoulder.


“Well what are you all doing lazying around, to the car now and we have an emotional Bella coming our way.” Bright whispers the latter part of her statement, and the four guys turn around and just like Bright had said, an emotional Bella is only a few feet away from them, not wanting Bella to ruin their happy moments, they all immediately rushed out of the court and into Henry’s car.




“If you knew you didn’t have the correct information then you should have stopped me from going to court, instead of letting me embarrass myself in front of my colleagues and that’s stupid man that calls himself cheif of police.”Mr Jhon exclaims walking into the sitting room with Bella tagging right behind him.


“I’m sorry father but the information I gave to you is authentic but those criminals just had to turn everything around and make it seem like a coincidence.” Bella utters.


“Well I’ve lost the case and I might lose my position next.” Mr Jhon says, sighing tiredly. Mr Jhon gives his daughter one last stare before walking out of the sitting room.


Bella angrily looks around the sitting room, thinking of how henry had not only embarrassed her but her father too. She roams around the sitting room, thinking of how to make Bright and the guys pay, then her eyes falls on her father’s briefcase, she smirks and goes over to open the briefcase and just like she had expected there is a gun in the briefcase.


She picks up the gun and stares at it wickedly, “looks like I still have one more move left to play in this game.” She says out loud still smirking.





“I still can’t believe we won the law case, and none of you is going to prison.” Bright utters unbelievably, and plops down on one of the sofa, they had all gone out to celebrate and then decided to retire at the new house Henry brought.


“And to say we only ended up paying 500 thousand naira each.” Zack comments sitting down.


“And I still believe that’s a huge amount of money, that judge just made 2 millionaire from the four of you. That man is a thief.” Bright exclaims frowning.


“Well I had rather pay such amount of money than spend years in a prison cell.” Uche says shrugging his shoulders. Then a knock was heard on the door, Bright stares at the guys confused, Wonder if anybody was expecting an evening visitor.


Bayo shrugs and walks over to open the door, but he didn’t come back alone because Bella could be seen right behind bayo, pointing a gun at the back of his head.


“Henry I told you, you should f**king hire a gate man, now this is what happens when you don’t listen to me, a freaking gun is being pointed to my skull.” Bayo utters angrily.


“Shut your mouth bayo and go stand over there.” Bella instructs, and bayo did as told.


“Bella what’s the meaning of this, put the f**king Gun down.” Henry says calmly and tries to get closer to her.


“Don’t you dare take a step closer, and you see the meaning of this, is that today we all die here together, you see the bullets in this bad boy is enough to go around.” Bella says smirking.


“Now who do I shoot first, maybe I should start with you first, Bright Amos, a torn in my flesh.” Bella yells angrily pointing the gun at bright.



“Bella put the gun down, this is not the right way to resolve all this.” Bright says gulping down in fear as she stares at the gun.


“You don’t f**king tell me how to resolve issues, when you’re the one responsible for the issues in the first place. You took Henry away from me.” Bella yells angrily still pointing the gun at Bright.


“For f**k sake Bella, I did not take Henry away from you, he chose me over you.


Get that in your haggard brain.” Bright equally yells back at Bella.


“No you took Henry away from me, if you hadn’t come to Nigeria then they wouldn’t have kidnapped you okay, I’ll still be Henry’s fiancee and we should I’ve been married by now.” Bella says getting hysterical.


“What the f**k, don’t you understand anything Bella, this guy here does not love you, he never did!! For Christ sake wake up from your slumber and see freaking reality.” Bright growls at Bella already tired of her stupidity.


“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!.” Bella yells at Bright and pulls the trigger.


Bright stares in shock as she was rooted to the ground, she looks down on her body and realized she wasn’t the one who was shot but it was Henry who lays down on the floor groaning in pain.


“What the hell have you done.” Bright growls at Bella crouching down right beside a wounded Henry.








Living With Guys


1 Mansion 4 freaking hot guys 1 Girl What could possibly go wrong


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