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Henry paced around his office thinking of different ways to deal with the new development with Bella, he brings out his phone and calls Zack (Zack, Uche and Bayo had gone home earlier but Henry stayed back to take care of some paperwork’s).


“What’s up man.” Zack asked on picking the call.


“We have a problem, a big one at that.” Henry says still pacing around his office.


“Okay, I presume you want me to gather the guys.” Zack asks knowing Henry wouldn’t tell him on the phone.


“Yeah, I’ll be there in an hour.” Henry says, locking his door.


“Okay, I’ll inform the rest.” Zack says and hung up.




Bright looks at the time worriedly, wondering why Henry isn’t back yet, it’s already 10:37pm and Henry or the guys are not picking up her call. She sighs as the call goes into voicemail once again.


She sighs again picking up the house key and then walks out of the house and locks it, she heads to the gate then opened it herself, Henry hasn’t employed a gate man yet.



Bright stands by the roadside and flags down a taxi, she gives the man the address of the guys mansion, she enters the car and relaxed her back on the car sit still worried, of what might have gone wrong.




“Ah madam Bright, this one you show face today, I hope everything they alright.” Emeka asks opening the gate for Bright.


“Emeka everything is fine.”Bright answers smiling at him.


“Okay oo, if you say so.”


” uhm Emeka is the guys inside.” Bright asked.


“Yes, even oga Henry dey inside too.” Emeka says confirming the thoughts she had earlier on.


“Oh I see, okay then I’ll be heading inside now.” Bright says and walks towards the house.




“So you’re telling me that Bella knows our identity and she wants to expose us.” Zack asked, wanting to confirm what Henry had just said.


“And to top it all, she wants Bright out of my life.” Henry utters, standing up from the couch, he walks over to the mini bar in the dinning room and takes a bottle of wine, with four wine glasses. Henry walks back to the sitting room and placed the bottle of wine and the glasses on the center table.


“So in other words, Bright would have to go out and Bella would then come in.” Uche asks, taking the glass of wine Henry hands over to him.


“Exactly!!.” Henry exclaims.


“There’s no way we are letting that happen.” Bayo utters and takes a huge gulp from his glass of wine.



“Yeah I agree with bayo, I had rather spend a few years in prison than to let that happen to you and Bright.” Zack says.


“Guys thanks for the support, but there has to be another way out of this mess, I’m not letting any of you go to prison because of me.” Henry says.


“We are not going to prison because of you, you started dating Bella because we needed the information.” Zack says.


“And not to say you getting married to Bella is like sentencing yourself to a life imprisonment.” Uche utters, standing up from his seat and gives Henry a comforting pat on his back.


“No guys there have to be other ways out of this mess.” Henry exclaims punching the nearest wall next to him.


“There is another way out.” Bright says walking into the living room.


“Bright, for how long have you been standing behind that door.” Henry asks her, walking towards her.


“Long enough to hear all you guys have been saying, long enough to come to a decision.” Bright stated simply, avoiding Henry gaze.


“And what have you decided.” Henry asks eyeing her suspiciously, afraid of whatever decision she had made.


“Here.” Bright says handing her engagement ring to Henry.


“What’s the meaning of these, bright.” Henry asked shocked, staring at the ring on his palm.


“I’m leaving.” Bright answers.


“What, you can’t do that.” Henry utters shaking his head frantically.



“You can’t talk me out of this Henry, my mind is already made up.” Bright says stubbornly.


“Well I’m sure you were not in your right senses when you made that damn stupid decision.” Henry utters angrily.


“Henry, I’ll not let you guys go to prison because of my own selfishness, because I couldn’t let you go, I won’t let you go to prison, Henry.” Bright utters holding back the tears threatening to spill.


“Then be selfish, be selfish and don’t let go, no one asked you to be a hero. Bright I need you to be selfish and don’t walk out of this relationship, you can’t do that, I won’t allow you.” Henry yells at Bright placing both his hand on her shoulder and tries shaking up her senses.


“Like I said Henry my mind is already made up and you can’t change it.” Bright says coldly, determination reflects in her eyes. She removes his hand from both her shoulders, then turns her back on him and wipes away a tear from her left eye.


“Goodbye Henry.”






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