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Theme: A plan



“Bright shut the f**k up, look at me.” Henry yells and turns her around to face him.


“You saying goodbye or walking out of this relationship, wouldn’t make me marry Bella, no it won’t. I’ll gladly go to prison any day, any second, so this decision is not yours to make.”


“Henry please don’t do this, get married to Bella and save yourself and the guys.” Bright pleaded.


“For the love of God, Bright look around you, look at every one of them, do they look like people who wants their ass to be saved. No they don’t. Bright we are all gonna join our heads together and think of a way out of this mess, no one is saying goodbye today, not even you.” Henry says glaring holes into her.


“Guys I might have a solution to this.”Zack speaks out, and everybody’s attention was on him.


“What’s the solution.” Henry asked.


“If Bella tells her father what she knows , we will be summon to court.”


“Yeah, I know that.”


“Henry calm your horses down and let me finish talking.”


“Sorry go on.”


“Good, now the first step we take is to hire a damn good lawyer.”


“We could hire, Mr Francis Chidubem. His literally the best in Nigeria, I heard he hasn’t loss a single case.” Uche says.


“Okay that’s a great idea. Now concerning the fact that we don’t have a business eight months ago, and we still were the richest bachelors in the country, we could always use those investment we made, and don’t forget we are shareholders in a lot



of companies, within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. That would be enough explain our massive wealth.”


“That could work, but what do we do about the Bright situation.” Bayo asks.


“That’s very simple, on the second of June last year, Monday to be exact, at exactly 9:25pm. We were on our back from a seminar we attended in Lagos, I’m still glad we decided to go to that seminar, cause we will have alibi.”


“So what about the part where Bright was living with us.”


“Will the both of you let me finish first before asking me questions upon questions.”


“Oh sorry.” Bayo and Uche apologize.


“Well we could say on that faithful night, we were all driving back here to Abuja, when we a saw lady lying on the roadside, and since we are good citizens, we stopped our car and help the unconscious lady into our car, once we got back home we called our doctor and he treated her. And then after two months of living with us, when we all felt she was ready to go back home, we gave her some money to travel back to Ghana.”


“Wow that’s a good plan, we will be seen as heroes.” Uche exclaims.


“No, that won’t work.” Bright voiced out and they all stare at her.


“What do you mean.” Henry asked.


“My statement with the police doesn’t rhyme with that, I agreed that I was kidnapped not saved by the roadside and besides there is many loopholes in the plan Zack, like the fact I came back to Ghana eight months ago and this arm robbers stopped their activities also eight months ago.”


“Well for your statement, you could say you said that because you were trying not to bring us in the open, you felt that you needed to protect us, so the police won’t come knocking down our Gates and adding us in their investigation. Since we all



kind of fit into the description of the four arm robbers.” Henry says and the guys nods in agreement.


“What about the loopholes I mentioned earlier.” Bright asks folding her hands below her chest.


“We could always rule them out as natural coincidence, nothing more, nothing less.” Henry says shrugging his shoulders.


“Seriously and you believe that would work, you’ll only be one step closer in getting your asses locked up in prison.” Bright utters dismayed.


“And you think saying goodbye or walking out of this relationship is the best idea.” Henry yells annoyed by her continuous persistence.


“Yes, as a matter of fact I think………” Bright didn’t get to complete her statement


as henry cuts her off with a kiss, a raw passionate kiss that demands her total submssion, Bright tried to hold her ground refusing to back down but soon enough she finds herself submitting to him, letting him take the lead in the kiss and in her life. Right that moment Henry knew, she wouldn’t question him or speak of her insanely plan anymore.


“Uhm guys, you’re not the only ones in the room.” Uche says and Henry chuckles separating from Bright but didn’t take his eyes off her.


“That’s so unfair, using a kiss to make me agree with you.” Bright says glaring at him.


“All is fair in love and war baby.” Henry whispers into her ears.


“So……. Are you still gonna fight me on this.”


“Fine I won’t say anything about leaving again.” Bright mutters loud enough for them to hear.


“Great.” Henry says and takes her hand in his, and slips the ring back into her finger.



“Right where it belongs, don’t you ever remove it again.” Henry says and kiss the top of Bright’s head.


“So those this mean everyone is in on the plan.” Zack asked and Henry, Uche and Bayo nods their head in agreement.


“What about you bright.” Zack asks staring at her.


“I’m in, it’s not like I have a choice.”


“Nope you don’t, cause I’m never letting you leave my side, so get use to not having a choice.” Henry says smiling at her.


“Great we have a plan, now we wait.”














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