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“Bright I know this sounds really bad but please don’t go back to Ghana.” Henry pleaded afraid in the next minute Bright would take her bag and travel back to Ghana, but Bright surprised everyone as she started laughing out so loud.



“Wait you think I’ll go back to Ghana because Bella is pregnant.” Bright questioned in between laughter.


“Well yes.” Henry answers looking at her confused.


“Oh Henry, my mum raised me single handedly since my dad got involved in an accident while I was 3 years old, and they are a lot of women out there who could raise a child without a man’s help but you see Bella here is in luck because you would be providing for her and the child and I’m also sure you would be a great father. Henry you don’t have to marry her all because of she’s pregnant like why do people always think like that.” Bright says smiling widely, and Bella glares at her.


“Wow, Bright you come up with the best idea ever.” Uche utters.


“See Henry, is either you choose to marry a woman you don’t love or you choose to figure out what’s, this thing going on between us.” Bright says.


“I don’t need to figure out anything Bright, I know for a fact that this thing between the both of us, is nothing but love. Bright I love you.” Henry says taking her hand in his own and then kiss it tenderly, Bright eyes waters as she looks at him shocked but that wasn’t the only surprise Henry had in store for her cause in the next minute Henry knelt on the floor all the while staring at Bright.


“Henry what are you doing.” Bright asked shocked, she gasps as Henry brings out a small black box and then opens it, this time she wasn’t the only one that gasp out in shock as Henry takes out a ring from the box.


“Bright honestly, I didn’t plan for this and I have no idea on what to say(chuckle) but I’ll speak from my heart. Bright you’re insanely crazy, a troublesome woman that scares four grown men, but after this seven months, I know I want to have your insanely crazy personality in my life, infact your personality draws me to you. Bright I ordered this ring on the day I ordered the necklace, at then I didn’t know why I was ordering a ring but I ordered it anyway, but now I know why I bought the ring it’s because I want you to be a part of my life forever, Bright Amos will you marry me.” Henry asks his heart beating so fast. Bright stares at him in shocked, not being able to say a single word.



“Bright it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way as I feel, and I know you want us to figure this out, if you want us to take it slow then I’ll ….”


Bright crashed her lips on his cutting him off, the kiss conveyed words she couldn’t say, the kiss conveyed her love and feelings for him and as Henry wraps his hand around her, he knew she is the one for him, and she would never want to leave him.


“Fuck, slow Henry, I’ll marry you.” Bright says breathlessly separating from Henry.


“Wow, this is so sweet that I could just cry.” Uche says dramatically cleaning invisible tears from his face.


Henry chuckles and slips the ring on Bright finger.


“What the both of you can’t get married.” Bella yells annoyed.


“Yes we can Bella, you see I have a ring on my finger.” Bright says flashing her engagement ring on Bella’s face.


“But I’m pregnant for you!!.” Bella cries out.


“Didn’t you hear what Bright said before Henry proposed to her.” Bayo asked her, rolling his eyes at her


“Ahhhh, this is not over.” Bella yells stomping her feet on the floor and then walks away.


“Of course it’s not over stupid, I still have to get married in a church.” Bright yells, so Bella could hear her loud and clear.


“So what do we do now.” Uche asked.


“We order pizza and celebrate.” Henry says.


“Really we are ordering pizza.” Bright yells out, she loves it a lot.


“Yes of course.” Henry replies her back.





Bright walks into her room and sighs happily, today has been the best day of her life, not only did she got engaged but she also had a spectacular day with the guys, and yeah pizza taste so heavenly. She plops down on her bed and rolls her body on it, smiling so bright, she takes out her phone and searched for her mum’s phone number, only to be stopped by a knock on her door.


“The door is open.” Bright calls out dropping her phone.


“Uhm, I hope I’m not intruding.” Henry says poking his head into her room.


“No, of course not, come in.” Bright says and Henry walks into the room.


“So what’s my fiancee doing.” Henry asks causally and sits next to Bright on the bed.


“Hmm fiancee, i love the sound of that.” Bright says drawing closer to him.


“Really, then that’s great cause I intend to call you that all the time, except when we get married of course.” Henry says and pecks her on the lips, then down the curve her neck to the curve of her br**st.


His finger trails up to the back of her neck, and she tilts her head back, wanting more of his touch, his lips close in on her, and she close her eyes in anticipation, her lips parts to take him in. His tongue twirls in her mouth, exploring the sweet taste of her mouth.


Bright pulls back and takes off his shirt, whispering into his ear, “I need you.”


His lips trails wet sloppy kisses on the curve of her br**st, occasionally pressing the tip of her nipples through the shirt she’s wearing, “Tell me what you want, Bright, tell me.” Henry whispers in her ear, she could feel exactly what he wanted to give her, throbbing between her thighs.


“I want you, in me. I want you Henry.” Bright growls and grips at his body drawing him closer as she lose herself in the pleasure of his touch.





Soon his hands start to roams down the curve of her neck to her back, her eyes rolls dizzyly as he brings her entire body to a boil, everywhere he touched tingles and he touched her everywhere.




She leans in for another kiss as her hands slithers down to his trouser, her eyes widen as she feel his size through the trouser, rigid against her hand. She licks her lips at the thought of touching him skin to skin, her other hand tease the the band of his underwear, pulling it back with a snap and takes his manhood out.


“You’re killing me Bright.” Henry groans in her ear. She smiles at him wickedly and strokes him again and again, faster and harder, revelling in his intense reaction.


He moans out in pleasure, and she could feel him losing control, but then every good thing comes to an end.


“HENRY USE A CONDOM oo, DON’T COME AND SCORE ANOTHER GOAL oo.” Bayo yells knocking hard on the room door.


“BAYO GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!!.” Henry yells angrily standing up from the bed and goes to open the door but bayo was already long gone and by the time Henry walks back into the room neither he or Bright was in the mood for it anymore, so instead they cuddled up and sleep.







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