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Bright wakes up in the morning, she cranks her head and smiles softly on seeing her little daughter sleeping right on top of her husband, Henry.


Bright rolls her eyes and picks her daughter up from her husband chest, she had told Henry a lot of time that his spoiling angel a lot, her real name is not even angel but her name is precious, a name given to her by her father, but precious, beauty, flower wasn’t enough so he just had to add angel to her list of names, she wouldn’t be surprised if at 18, her daughter has up to 20 names already.


“Mum let me sleep.” Angel grumbles hugging her dad’s chest.


“Love come on let us sleep.” Henry grumbles too.


“If the both of you don’t get your ass up from…..”


“”fine we are awake already.” Henry shouts sitting up, along with angel. The both of them knows the next thing they will be receiving is cold ice water on their body.


“Young lady aren’t you forgetting something.” Bright asks tapping her leg on the floor, eyeing her daughter.


“good morning, mummy, good morning Daddy.” Angel greets in her little voice and kissed both her parents on the cheeks.


“Good morning to you to, sweetheart.” Bright replies and place a kiss on her forehead.


“Good morning Gold.” Henry replies his daughter and placed a kiss on both her cheeks.


“Seriously Gold?.” Bright asks staring down at him.



“Yep.” Henry replies grinning.


“Well Gold you’re not sharing this bed with me and your father this night, you are 10 years old and you should be able to sleep in your own room.


“But mummy I’m scared.” Angel says frowning.


“Well your mummy is kind of right, you’re big girl now.” Henry says supporting Bright, he knows having his little daughter in his room every night spoils a lot of late night activity.


“But daddy.” Angel cries out giving her father her best puppy eyes.


“Don’t look at me, look at your mother, I’m going to take my bath.” Henry says standing up, knowing if he stays there one more time he would give in to his daughter’s demands.


“Make sure she doesn’t sleep in this room this night.” Henry whispers in Bright ear on his trip to the bathroom.


“Are you not the one who has been letting her sleep here in this first place, if not because I also want it, I would gladly allow her to continue sleeping here.” Bright whispers back.


“My wife, my wife, so you also want it and you’ve been forming James bond since.” Henry laughs out.


“Shut up and enter the bathroom before you’ll be late for work. Now small madam, don’t look at me cause those cute eyes does not work on me, my emotions are bullet proof. Now stand from there and go to your room, take your bath, get ready for school and then come down and have your breakfast. Did you hear what I just said, if you like hear, if you like don’t hear, let me finish preparing breakfast and you’re not yet downstairs, then you’ll know what will happen, oya carry yourself and leave my room.” Bright orders and her daughter frowns a little before sluggishly leaving the room.



Bright sighs and looks around her room, fourteen years back if anybody had told her she would be kidnapped in Nigeria and then get married to her captor, she would have laughed in their faces. Life she realized, does things a person never expect. Her Bright Amos, married to one of the richest man in Africa, a mother of three kids, yeah three. Angel is her last child, her first kid’s are twins two boys and they are lot to handle, thank God her mum decided to come back to Nigeria.


Bright stares at her ring happily and walks downstairs to go make food for her family.


“Oh Bright thank God you’re awake, oya what are we having for breakfast.” Bayo asks her giddy, resting cassually on the refrigerator.


“Bayo for Christ sake you have a wife and she cooks delicious meal for you.” Bright exclaims walking into the kitchen.


“Bright I know I have a wife, and that Regina is a really good cook but it’s not all those Ghanaian’s food that I can eat na.” Bayo grumbles.


“Liar have seen you eating the Ghana delicacies she makes, you that will eat Regina’s food and then still come to my house and eat my own.” Bright says frowning. bayo only smiles childishly at her in return, Bright sighs and rolls her eyes at him.


“Good morning house.” Uche yells walking into the kitchen.


“Uche what are you doing in my house or do you now live next door like bayo.” Bright asks giving him a questioning stare at the same time cutting onions.


“Nope, Cynthia kicked me out.” Uche answers taking a bottle of cold water from the fridge.


“Well I don’t blame her, you have refused to put a ring on her finger, why? does she looks like lord of ring.” Bright says frowning at him.


“But we have been dating for only two years now, why the rush.” Uche grumbles.



“Why the rush, ehn. But you’ve been dancing on top of her every night but when it comes to marriage you’ll say why the rush. Uche in a girl eyes two years is like 5 freaking years, you better go and do the needful before she leaves you for good.” Bright advice and pours oil on the frying pan.


“I’ve heard you mother.”


“If you like hear, if you like don’t hear that one is your business.” Bright says and face the egg she’s frying for her daughter.


“Aunt Bright!!!!!!” Kenneth, Henry first son yells rushing into the kitchen.


“Wow, Kenneth look at you, you’re all grown up, for a thirteen years old boy you’re really handsome.” Bright says hugging the boy a little.


“Ohh please not you to, stop feeding the boys ego.” Zack says walking into the kitchen.


“Hubby, I told you is fine to tell him how handsome he looks, you see even Bright agress.” Bella says and kissed Zack on the lips, yeah you guess right it turns out that Zack holding Bella hand during her delivery wasn’t just a thing, the both of them just kind of connected, the same way Bright’s best friend Regina connected with bayo, oh their connection was based on food, that’s was on bayo side, on Regina side it was love at first sight.


“Hey Bella, I didn’t know you were back in town, why is it that nobody tells me stuff anymore.” Bright exclaims hugging Bella but it wasn’t that possible since Regina is 8 months pregnant and hopefully Bright wouldn’t be handling the delivery, this time around.


“Well why would anyone tell you when you’re too busy with your husband indoors, anyway the fashion show went well and I’m done with that gown you asked me to sew for you, it’s in the sitting room.” Bella informs her.


“Wow thank you, I can’t wait to see it, I already told you that’s the gown I’m wearing for my restaurants anniversary, so it most be on point.” Bright says and they both high five laughing.



“Women and celebration, Bright please save a chair for me at the from roll oo, I don’t want to be dragging for food at my own sister party.” Bayo says and Bright only shakes her head at him.


“WHERE IS HE, WHERE IS THAT MAN THAT CALLS HIMSELF MY HUSBAND!!!!!.” Regina voice could be heard from the sitting room, and Bright only laughs a little, knowing this wouldn’t be the first time Regina would be dragging bayo out of her house, and who knows it might not be the last.


“Bright I’m going but keep my own food for me and tell Regina you didn’t see me, not even my shadow, I’m out of here.” Bayou whispers and runs out of the house through the back door.


“Bright where is he, where’s is he today, i must cut of his tongue so he won’t be able to eat food anymore.” Regina says walking into the kitchen with a table knife.


“Ah this is serious, he just ran out through the back door.” Bright informs her laughing.


“Ah Bright you’re a betrayal.” Uche exclaims.


Bright shakes her head at the early money craziness she wakes up to, she placed the cup of tea alongside five slice of bread, with the egg, and then carries it to the dinning room, leaving her unexpected visitors in the kitchen. She had thought getting married, would end all the craziness in her life but no, wherever she goes craziness follows and well she love everybody and the craziness.


“ANGEL COME AND YOUR BREAKFAST NOW!!!!.” She yells into the megaphone. Why won’t her life be crazy when she’s crazy herself (light chuckles)


The End


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