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“So did the king believed you”,I heard Luke behind me.


“Who cares… what he believes. I’m just here for one thing. I’m here to kill him”


“I know but first just let him believe you”


“You will not tell me what to do … I do things my way understood”


“Yes….your majesty”


“Good… what’s that maidens name again?”


“Her name is Alora your Majesty.. .”


“I want you to take me go her … I just have a little token to give her and keys see if she night walk the next day”


Oh Alora… Find a place yo hide because I’m coming right at your doorstep.




Luke drove me while I stared at the city.


Caspian did take care of this city… It’s the most perfect city.


But very soon everything is going to change.


Very soon…


I’m going to rule..


I waited in the car as Luke went to her doorstep.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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He knocked but there was no answer.


I got out of the car myself and use my powers to opebe d the door.


The room was dark and I knew she wasn’t here.


“Your majesty…. I think we should return to the palace before the king notices


your absences”


“I don’t think he cares about me right now. You Luke. I will come later. I will wait for her till she comes…”


“Okay .. your majesty”,he bowed and left me all alone in the dark.






I wiped my tears. I love him. I love him.


I just can’t give up on him.


He is married to her three thousand years ago.


So what.


I was a fool.


How could I give up just like that.


I have to go back there and get what I love the most and that’s king Caspian.


As for her wife, I don’t care about her.


Why would she he here now.. Three thousand years.


What was she doing all those years?



I stood up from the floor wiping my tears.


I’m not going to give up.


He is mine and when something is mine, I hate giving it up.


I applied some make up. I’m sure the wedding party is still going on.


I finally reached my destination. I walked hastily through the crowd then I saw King Caspian standing with a group of men..


“Hey !!”,I shouted while everyone turned staring at me.


“Alora…”,King Caspian stared at me and I moved quickly and tiptoed, wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him.


He didnt respond at first but a while later, his hands wrapped around me while as he kissed with hunger.


I pulled away.


“I’m here to take what is mine and I don’t care if you are married or not”


My hands entwined with his.


“Wait…”,he said softly and he removed the ring throwing it on the floor.


“I never signed the marriage certificate so I think I’m not officially married”,he kissed me and we entwined our hands running out of the party.


See, I got I what I want when I want.









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