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All my life I was always humiliated but never like this.


You should have seen how king Caspian was staring at her… like a God.


It was her wife… who am i to separate them.


My throat is burning right now and I want to scream.


People were murmuring down the hall and I watched Lila walking towards us..


She pushed me out of the way and hug Caspian.


I stood there staring at him.


“The Queen of the seven seas and the great city of Europhia is back…Bow to the queen”,I heard Luke upstairs as everyone bowed to her.


I watched my parents and they just stared at me. My mom has tears in her cheeks.


Caspian his eyes wrapping his hands on her back. I realised he was still interested in her.


You know it’s like i can hear my thoughts screaming witg laughter .


Especially.. . I could hear loser by Debris..


I tried not to cry.. . I removed my veil and turn leaving.


“Alora …”,I heard King Caspian behind me…


He didn’t know what to to say. I bite my bottom lip so hard that I felt blood on my tongue… I didn’t want to cry..


I can do this.


I shouldn’t cry.


I put on a fake smile and moved up standing by the priest.


“It was supposed to be my wedding everyone but I guess the queen is here.. . So therefore this wedding won’t be cancelled… It’s going to be renewal of King Caspian and Queen Lila”,I swallowed hard and moved downstairs.


He didn’t even stopped me to say that its me he wants.. He just stood there.


“Alora…”,I heard Lila.


“Can you sing at my reception”


What the….. Calm down Alora.. .


“Sure, why not”


I run from the hall and I don’t even know where my feet took me.


I just closed the door behind then quickly my mom entered.


She hugged me..


“You know mom, I don’t know but I think the pain is too much in my heart.. It’s like a knife is pierced in my heart. “,I tried to breathe to relax.


“Alora… I think you need time alone”


“No, mom… I don’t need time alone. It’s over mom. He just prove to me that it’s over and I’m not going to give in any chance”


“I just need to dress up and go for the reception”


“Alora…”,My mom hugged me.


“Mom… I got this okay”


I took my cell phone dialing my secretary number..


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My momleft and I was all alone. I now understand why Javier is a gay.


I belive his lover knows him and understand him but mine is different.



I don’t have to cry. I don’t have time to cry.


I wait in the empty room till my secretary brought me some clothes…


They were actually gowns… I wore black gown… with my back bare and you could see br**sts side of my dress were a bit translucent… i curled my hair and did some make up myself.


By the time I had finished dressing…


I realised the receptionist had just started.


“How do i look ,Abi”,I asked and she whistled.


“You look so gorgeous… I’m sorry to say mom but you more gorgeous than earlier in the gown.”


“I know…. thanks”


“Miss Relish… ”


I turned, “Don’t let him bring you down. You are a brave woman and I admire you so much”,She said and I smiled.


“Thank you so much, Abi”.


I can’t believe he married her. What a coward.


So All the I love you’s was just a joke.. I feel like I’m used.


“Give an applause for Alora Relish as she gives us a song”


Everyone applauded as I walked through the crowd.


Reporters were all around taking photos and giving out information.


I sat down, a piano infront of me. Everyone was staring at me… People were like.



How could she be here. How she be here after everything that happened.


Isn’t she heartbroken.


“Congratulations to new couples. ”


I put on a smile while I started playing the piano.


“And I learnt that no matter what happens, just take one smile to live so you have to smile”


And to my surprise people applauds to me.


I sang out;


♪Feeling used♪


♪But I’m still missing you♪


♪And I can’t see the end of this ♪


♪Just wanna feel your kiss♪


♪Against my lips♪


♪And now all this time Is passing by♪


♪But I still can’t seem to tell you why♪


♪It hurts me every time I see you♪


♪Realize how much I need you♪


♪I hate you, I love you♪


♪I hate that I love you♪



♪Don’t want to, but I can’t put♪


♪Nobody else above you♪


♪I hate you, I love you♪


♪I hate that I want you♪


♪You want her, you need her♪


♪And I’ll never be her♪


I guess I’m done.. . so stood up moving away as reporters gathered asking me questions.


I don’t need this right now.


I drove faster.. . I didn’t care if I was disobeying the rules but I was gone.


I reached home… dropping my purse.


I took a glass a whiskey and splash the glass against the wall..


I sat on the floor while I just let my tears out.


I hugged my legs while I cried so hard.






I’m speechless within. Don’t know what to say to make things perfect.


I’m stupid. That’s all i could say.


Seeing my wife, Lila brings back the past. I was really tensed.


I don’t know what to do.



Three thousands years.. where was she.


Why did she leave me.


How did she survive.


I don’t why I feel excited she was alive.


I can’t do anything right because Lila and I were married three thousand years ago.


Everyone in the church knows our story.


Everyone knows that we are both the king and Queen of the seven seas.


She smiled at me.


I didn’t even realise when Alora was gone. I broke her heart and I deserve everything she will do to me.


“Do you Lila take this man to be your lovely wedded husband to respect and obey in all times till death do you apart?”,The priest asked.


“Yes I do”


“And do you king Caspian take this woman to be your lovely wedded wife to have and to hold, to respect till death do u apart?”


“I do”


“If you have anything to say or any objection. Rise up.”,the priest ordered but it’s seems no one is coming.


Not even Alora.


“I now pronounced you husband and wife. You may now kissed the bride”


I stood there not wanting anything to do with her.


She moved close and kissed me while everyone applauds.


She smiled and I frowned. She held my hands and I pulled away.


It was the reception and I desperately need to talk to Alora.


I wanted to tell her, I never knew this would happen.


I’m sorry for hurting her.


I can’t break up with her because we were bound spiritually.. . that’s why I could make her my soul mate.


It’s all takes time, and ritual to break that bond with Queen Lila.


Thats why it was difficult to take her out of my heart because she was part of me.


But now everything had changed. I fell inlove with Alora.


Bit I can’t get close to her because my wife is back.


She is back to rule with me.


And speaking of Alora… she was right here in a black gown, a red lipstick which made look so wild.


She was gorgeous and beautiful. She walked through the crowd and stood infront of us as she sat by the piano.


I saw a smile but it was a smile of pain.


I heard her singing and I knew she was singing right to me.


All I did was hear the lyrics.


Lily tried yo hold me.


“Don’t you dare try to pretend as if everything is okay Lila. You don’t know how much I hate you right now.. .”


“Everything has a reason Caspian”


“Nothing has a reason.. Where were you three thousand years ago. Why now? How do you know there was a wedding. Do you think i will the Caspian you once knew Lila because I have changed… ”


“I can see that and I knew it because of her but i won’t let her steal my man”


“I was never your man in the first place Lila”


“How did you come back”


“After the war, my wounds were treated.. A king saved my life. I was desperate to see you so I tried to escape but the king got angry and had to marry me by force.. so I had no choice”


I chuckled knowing perfectly well she was lying.


“So the king is just a human, are you saying he didbt grow old and die or he was an immortal..”


“He died but I got married to another king after that”


“Then you come her and destroyed my wedding… Enough of all your lies Lila because I won’t buy it…”, I stood up leaving her.




I used my fist on the table with anger. I’m being curious… Who was she?


Caspian was right… I was pretending.


I was a terrible liar.



Three thousand years ago, my death was fake by Luke and I.


We planned it both.


I wanted to be the only queen of the ocean without any king.


So I made an agreement with the earth kings to become allies so we could fight against King Caspian.


But the king was too powerful than I knew so I had no choice but fake my death.


Then I hide under the chamber of one of King. I became his wife … then after 30 years of marriage, I poisoned him and became the queen of the small island.


Caspian doesn’t know. He was tight he had changed but I have changed.


For three thousand years… I have travelled around the world to the king of the seven seas weakness.


I wanted to kill him myself. But first I’m going to attack what hurts him most and that’s Alora.


I’m a mermaid who fights for what she wants and get what she wants.


And I never give up.









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