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We finally arrived on the island.. It’s felt good hugging out with him.


He was warm the whole time while I felt so cold.


“What is this place”,I asked and he smiled.


“This is my home”,He answered.


I shrugged, “Not bad… it’s really beautiful”


“Thank you…Why don’t I make you some coffee… You are freezing”


I smiled, “That will be great”


I didn’t even know when he transformed back. He hands entwined with mine.


He dragged me to the kitchen and carried me off my feet putting me on the counter.


He left me taking a towel while he cleaned me up and left the towel on my shoulders.



He removed his wet shirt and made some coffee for me then I saw a picture of a lady and him.


She was kissing his cheeks.


He hand me my coffee, “Thank you so much.. .”


I took a sip and asked, “Who is the lady in the picture”


“She is my wife…”


I nearly spit the coffee, “You have a wife and you didn’t tell me”


“Because I thought it wasn’t important”


I scoffed, “You are happy cheating on your wife. So what do you take me for. A fool”


He moved in between my legs, his hands on my cheeks. I pushed his hands away…


“Are you going to kiss me after you’ve confessed you have a wife. I can’t believe this ”


He held my wrists kissing me so bad then he pulled away.


“She died three thousand years ago”,he whispered.


“Why didn’t you say it earlier”,I scolded.


“Because you didn’t give me the chance to explain myself”


“I’m sorry for judging you quickly but how did she die”


“We lived happily.. we were so inlove with eachother. She was happy and pregnant for our first baby but there was war between the kings of the earth and me all because they were polluting the ocean.. so we went on war but my wife was the



main target for the kings.. they killed her and till then all i did was hide in the ocean so no one will notice me”


“I’m sorry…”


“It’s okay..”


“But I felt alive the moment i saw you. You spark something I have never felt before not even with Lila”


“Is that why you ask me to marry you”


He nods, “But I understand you, Alora.”


“I’m glad you do …But I feel a spark too caspian”




“Yes .. it happen 5years ago ..”




I was so excited when she said she had a spark for me.


“Yes…. it happened 5years ago and I think you are right about the marriage I want


to marry you too…”,I heard her say…


“You want yo marry me”,I asked and she nods whike capturing my lips.


“I want to marry you”,she whispered against my lips and I kissed her deeply.


Her legs wrapped around my waist, “Take me to the bedroom”,I carried her to.the bedroom removing her clothes while we made love.


Her moans filled the room while she held me tight as if I’m going to ran from her.


Two months later, it was all around the media that Alora and I are going to get married.



Alora wanted just a simple wedding buy i don’t think such a pretty lady would want just a simple… We are going to make it grand..


The grand hall in the kingdom of Euphoria was really decorated… Guests and friends were coming and I was starting to get nervous…


This week was just so busy for us…Alors was busy with concerts, music and the wedding and for me I was busy with the ocean and kingdom.


Honestly I haven’t set my eyes on my wife to be.


I stood infront of the mirror wearing my tie..


“You look splendid your Majesty ..”


“Thank you Luke.. .”,I tapped his shoulder.


“I think everyone is waiting your Majesty… can we go now”,he said and I nod.


I stood infront of the altar waiting for my bride.


I heard murmurs around the room till the organist started playing the wedding song.


I watched as Alora and his dad walked slowly down the aisle.


She smiled sweetly through the veil, I breathe releasing the sign of tension.


Her dad hand her to me while we both smiled at eachother.


I was lost in her eyes and she was lost in mine too.


I just missed the priest words.


“Do you Alora take this man to be your lovely wedded husband to respect and obey in all times till death do you apart?”



“I do”,she stared at me.


“And do you king Caspian take this woman to be your lovely wedded wife to have and to hold, to protect till death do you apart?”


“Yes I do..”,i respond.


“Stop!!!!”,I heard across the hall.


We both turned seeing a lady.


“Lila…”,I whispered and Alora stared at


me in surprise.











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