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Have you ever been bullied by someone and you felt bad and decided to report that person to the principal.



And after the explanation, it’s turns out that the principal supports the person and ontop of that you were actually punished..


You felt bad and felt the urge to tell your parents about it but when you got home, you heard smashing and a lot of “I hate you’s” and you just went into your room shutting the door quietly..

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Well… that’s just an article I have writing for an hour now… I feel so sad writing about something that actually happened to me.


My parents are divorcing pretty soon and my whole life is actually a mess. I’m scared you know. I don’t know who I’m gonna stay with.


I’m intelligent in class but I got no friends at all.. Even at the cafetaria.. I eat alone.


I’m always bullied by Debris and Aaron. Actually they are the hottest couple in school.If you mess with one of them, you mess with all of them along with their gangs.


I guess you are wondering what I did to them to be bullied so much by them.


I did absolutely nothing at all. I’m just the girl everyone hates.


Alora Relish…. such a rare for a four eyes girl. that’s the name everyone knows at




Today is our final day to visit the tourist site… What’s the name again?


Euphoria Waterfalls… It’s located in some part of our small country name Midland.


My parents had already paid for all my expenses for the excursion.. . It’s is my first excursion and I’m sure it’s gonna be my last since it’s my final year.


I packed my diary, my iPad, my clothes because we would spend about a week at euphoria waterfall… my shoes and more.



I hope tomorrow turns out to be a great day.. . no bullying. I just need peace and earpiece in my ears.


I’m eighteen. I removed my clothes staring at my the mirror in the bathroom. They say it’s really good to check your posture in the morning … I wasn’t surprised.. my br**sts were bigger and my waist was so small… I have the perfect body but it’s only I’m hideous under my baggy clothes all the time.


I removed my glasses and entered the hot tub having a warm shower.


“Alora!!! You gonna be late… the bus will be here soon”, I heard my mom downstairs.


I quickly got out of the tub and dressed up moving to the kitchen and took two sandwiches.


I heard the siren of the bus… I kissed my mom’s cheeks.


“Take care baby.. .”,she smiled softly.


The door was opened and i entered.Everyone was staring at me… I realised the place I had to sit was close to Debris.


She raised a brow and placed her bag on the other side.


“Have a seat Miss Relish”,I heard the madam behind me.


I walked on the aisle of the bus and sat at the back seat … that’s another empty space.


I sat alone staring at the window… I placed earpiece while I write my diary.


six hours later.


“We are right here… Everyone out of the bus”,I heard Mr Cameron.


I took my bag while we dropped. It’s was a forest-like tourist site.



I didn’t hear nothing.. . All I knew was I had to follow them.. I followed them till we reached a hotel…


I removed my earpiece so I could listen to who I’m sĺeeping with in the hotel room.


Names were mentioned and I stood there hoping I get the best sleeping mate.


“Debris and Alora… Your room is 405”,My eyes widened immediately when I heard Mr Cameron. I can’t stay with this girl.. . She hates me and I hate her too.


She glared at me and i bite my inside cheeks. I walked towards but she stopped me upstairs…


“Where do you think you are going four eyes?”,I heard her behind me.. .


I turned giving her the best smile I got, “I’m heading to our room”


She laughed, “I’m sorry little girl but I guess… there is no room for you.. Just go outside and sleep”


“Excuse me”,I asked while my heart was pounding so loudly.


“Like I said… You are not sleeping with me and remember… Don’t you dare report me to Mr Cameron or else sweetie.. you won’t like what I would to you”


“What did i ever do to you, Debris”


“Nothing but I guess you really suck”,She flipped her hair and she left me.


I don’t know where to sleep… I feel really sad for coming here. I left my suitcase and webt outside.


I hope I find somewhere to sleep peacefully.


I turn on my music and walk in the darkness admiring nature.. . I hope i find somewhere good to sleep.



I walked past trees till I saw a waterfall… It’s was damn attractive. I have never


seen a waterfall which glows….


I took pictures of it on my phone then I sat by the water staring at it… I began searching but then I was too tired so I slept on the large rock by the waterfall.





I sat on my throne staring at my palace… I always say the ocean is more beautiful than the earth itself


It’s three thousand years since my wife Lila died. We were the happy couple.


During those times, I never knew what having a responsibility felt like.. .


Three thousand years is such a long time but we are immortals.


But the day she died, I lost everything and decided to focus on the ocean…


We Mermans aren’t weak when it’s comes to love. We are more than that and honestly I don’t think i will find a woman better than Lila .


“Your majesty…. shall we go now”,One of my guards said and I took my trident


and swam along.


While they followed… It was time for the meeting… A meeting of where goodness and God’s gathered around to talk about the better use of the ocean and of the earth.


We had to gather at the Europhia waterfalls… the water that glows and give all life to the weak and dead.


We stepped out of the ocean and my tail changed to legs…


About thirteen minutes we were already there. Kings as well as God’s were dressed in gold just as I was … the godess and queens were dressed in silver…


They were all murmuring… while they gathered around.. . I was the leader of the council.

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“What’s going on here?”,I said across the crowd and they created a path.. . I walked through it finding a girl lying on the floor…


She was a human and she was peacefully asleep.


What the heck.. .All the villagers around the Europhia waterfalls knows that Friday night are met holy for the godess and gods.


She was lying on her stomach so I could hardly see her face.


But luckily she flipped on the other side showing her face and suddenly I felt warm inside.


“She is a stranger… therefore no harm will come against her”,I shouted.


“Sire…how are you sure of that … what if she wakes up”, my guard exclaim.


I knelt down framing her casting a spell for her to sleep….


“She won’t wake up… Let’s start the meeting”,I finally said while i stared at her wondering what she would be doing here.









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