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I watched him while we walked.. He has this sad expression and I really felt bad.


I can’t believe he doesn’t recognise me.


“Why are you sad?”,I asked.



“I lost her… ”


“That’s sad so what are you going to do now”,I asked him whike I walked slowly behind him.


“Now i need to see Lila… I don’t think I’m going to spare them”


We were quiet for a while then he asked, “How did you know I was unconcious”


“its because i felt it my heart..”


He laughed, “As if you are my lover”


“And I am..”,I cut him off, “I have been waiting thinking that you will recognise me soon”


“What are you talking about?”


“Can’t you see I’m wearing your shirt”, I asked desperately and he stared at me for






“it’s me Caspian”,I moved close hugging him and he hugged me too… so tight. “Caspian.. .”


“Mmm..”, He still held me tight.


“You are squeezing me . .”,I said and he lets go.


“I thought that I lost you… I thought that you were dead”


“No. .. I was dead but now I’m here.. Lila killed me but I don’t know how you were stabbed.”


“it was Luke… But let’s forget that for now..”, he framed my face kissing me.


“Not now… Caspian..”, I pulled away.


He frowned and used his trident on the floor as we quickly vanish moving to Europhia.. .


To my surprise, everyone was gathered around the kingdom waiting to hear the announcement.


Caspian entwined his hands with mine and we stood between the crowd ready to listen.


I saw her standing at the balcony up there.


Everyone was quiet waiting for whst the queen.


Luke was standing behind her.


“I called you all here because I habe some important news to share for all of you. And all i had to tell you is that the king is dead.. ”


Everyone was murmuring..


“Gosh… I feel like killing her…”


“Me too”


“I’m your queen now… I rule now so you have to obey all my rules… if i bow, you bow. I’m not going to be calm like your useless king Caspian”,she said while people murmur…


“Hey you… Come here!! “, She points at one old woman.


The guards dragged her up there. I moved through the crowd but Caspian stopped.


“I can’t let her die”,I pulled away from him walking towards the crowds…



The guards stopped me.. pushing me backwards… I put my hand, squeezing it while they fell.. I ran upstairs… till I saw Lila.


The old woman knelt infront of her..


“Let her go”,I said.


“And who are you?”,she scoffed


“It’s doesn’t matter”


“Luke take care of her…”


“I will do it with pleasure my queen”,He moved close to me.


“I pity you so much…”


“I pity you Alora because I’m going to….”


I squeeze my hand in a fist and he died..


Lila looked at me in surprise and she laughed.


“I didn’t know you were this powerful but anyway let’s end this”.


“Of course we will Lila”, I heard Caspian behind me.


She laughed, “Welcome from your death, Caspian. I will be glad to kill you”


“And I will be glad to see you again”






“Alora …. please get out of here…”


“I’m not going anywhere”,She slapped Lila in face and held her neck.



And something happened.


Alora eyes went dark black while she squeeze her neck.


I stood there watching what’s gonna happen.


Lila struggled more and she couldnt talk..


“Your time is up”,she whispered and use her other hand, penetrating it in her chest and took her heart out.


My heart pounded to see that Alora could do such a thing.


She dropped Lila and squeezed the live heart in her hand while the blood came out.


She turned facing me then her dark eyes turned to normal…


I moved close to her but she moved backwards.


“Don’t come close…”


“Why?”,I asked moving closer.


“Because I’m dangerous. I can’t believe I kill her” “Shh.. “,I framed her face kissing her deeply. Then we heard the crowd applauding.


“I love you so much, Alora”, I kissed her again.


A year later.


I sat on mynthrome down the ocean staring at my kingdom.


No more enemies. Everyone will leave as one.



A year with Alora had been the best. She was is all i think of. She always complains of her white hair and she sometimes thinks our creator will take powers from her.


Her powers amazed me sometimes and I get scared by it.


She hadn’t stopped singing and I believe Alora will be a great queen of the ocean and of Europhia.


She has all the qualities of being the best.


I checked the time and realise I was late.


I need to be there to see her take her award.


About 30mins, I was already there but it only seems that she had been given the award.


She stood by the people saying a speech.


“Thank you everyone. If someone would hand told me that “Alora this day would come”,honestly I won’t belive it. I just want to thank everyone for everything and more thanks goes to my husband… He deserve this award… He had really being an inspirator in my life. Where ever you are Caspian, I want you to know that I love you ”


“Aww…”,The Ladies murmured.


“Thank you once again..”,she took her award while I stood by the entrance pulling her close to me.


“You came…”,she said excitedly.


“Yes I came…”I kissed her and she whispered I love you before deepening the kiss.


“Let’s go home baby.. .”,I whispered and we smiled at eachother running out of the crowd…







The End.

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