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I was busily cooking something special for her. I’m sure she will surely like it.


“Your majesty?”,I heard a voice behind me.


“Luke… what are you doing here?”


“Erm.. your Majesty, I actually drove to see you get married but I guess it was over”


“So why are you here?”,I asked feeling curious.


“Like I said…”,I walked passed him and couldn’t find Alora in the bedroom.


Suddenly Luke blocked my way.


“What’s wrong with you?”,I asked.


“She is sleeping and doesn’t want to be disturbed”


“Then why don’t i go in and listen to what got to say”,I pushed him out of the way but he didn’t move rather heII my tommy.


I don’t know why he was doing this. I looked up at him and he smiled…


“I made a mistake not stabbing you in the heart…”


“Why”,I choke..


“Why? Because I want the same thing Lila and I wanted. Your throne”, He smiled pushing me on the floor.


“Alora… where could your Alora be? Oh my sorry to say, She drown down the ocean. Lila took her to the deepest trench of the ocean where no one could save. Too bad, you are weak”


“I trusted you…”


” that’s why they say never trust anyone”



“Now stay here while I tell the people of Europhia and the merpeople that their king is dead”


“No…”,I groaned in pain but he was way gone.


Authoress Pov




Alora was dragged in the deepest part of the ocean.


All live was lost… She was gone. Her body turned white.


But Lila thought her work was done.. She wasn’t smart enough.


She had forgotten that it a holy day for all deities including the creator himself and this day for solely for all God’s and goddess should rest and do good to all humans.


When Lila was desperate killing Alora, the creator himself watched, how she struggled.


So after watching her drowned, he decided to make her part of them.. He knew since she had the love of humans then she could save humanity too..


He made sure the power given to her exceeds all the gods and goddess own.


The moon shine brightly and the water itself lift her to the top whike she float on the water.


Her hair turned white and it was longer…. as well as her skin.


Her beauty cannot be explained. Her eyes changed from brown to blue.


Her chest rise and fall and she was breathing again.


Her fingers felt the water and her eyes were opened.


She looked at the open sky and realise how bright the moon was.






“Caspian…”,i whispered feeling the pain. His pain.


He is in danger… But if I can recall, Lila dragged me her.


I swam quickly to his home… Lights were off and I wonder where he could be.


I feel different and it’s like I’m not afraid anymore.


I stood by the door and saw my reflection.


My eyes widened.


“Oh my God!!! “,I rubbed my face with both hands knowing if it was real.


“What happened yo my hair… oh l look different. Good different. I don’t think Caspian is going to recognise me anyway. I look so beautiful”


I opened the door finding .. Caspian on the floor. His blood flowed across the floor ..


I knelt on the floor, putting his head on my laps… I saw the dagger pierced in his skin…


He was dead because he isn’t breathing.. I should be crying by now but still I felt nothing. What is wrong with me.


Don’t i have feelings or emotions..


I removed the dagger as the blood poured out more. My hands covered his wound.


I realised he was breathing again.. I removed my hand and gasped. I healed him.


He opened his eyes then he pushed me … moving backwards.


“Who are you?”,He asked.



“I just saw you unconscious and decided to help”


He held my hands, “Thank you but I need to find someone”


He ran towards the sea and swam faster.. I’m sure he is going to look for him.


But who could pierced him… or was it Lila.


About an hour, I saw him return… He was sad.


I wished I could say it was me but it’s not needed right now. Right now, I know what Lila is capable of and I just need to protect her.


“What’s wrong?”,I asked.


“I lost her… I didn’t even know when she was drowned. I was a fool” “Shh.. .Don’t blame yourself”, I tapped his chest. “You are talking as of its easy”.


“I know it’s not easy.. .”


“I swear, I will make Lily pay…”,He stood up moving away from.


I was still in his shirt which reached my mid thighs and it’s seems surprising that he doesn’t recognise me.


“Wait for me …”,I said but he was gone.


I swam along following him to Europhia.


He stopped, “Don’t you know habe anything to do”


“I just want to help”


“I can do it alone. Thank you”


“Will you stop being rude.. I’m helping you and that’s it. I don’t care whether you pushed me away but I won’t let you die for the second time”


“Why are you talking …..”


I cut him off, “I’m talking that way because you are important to me”.


He looked confused, “Who are you anyway?”


“Matilda…”,I lied.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“The name doesn’t suit you. I will think for the right name which will suit you


perfectly..”,he said and I pout.
















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