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Episode 16..








Maya’s POV.


It was already late when I got home, there was a posh car parked by the side of the gate..


I haven’t seen kyle in this one before, besides his mother told him not to come after me, so it’s definitely not him. Then who’s car is this?



I hesitantly walked to the door and opened it slowly.. I stepped in and closed the door..


I heard voices chattering and laughing, it sounds like someone is with them.. I


quickly wiped my tears and moved over to the dinning room


“Umma..what..” I froze when I saw kyle sitting with them.. he smiled at me and I


looked away


“Oh.. Maya, thank goodness you’re here, kyle came in some few minutes ago, he said he wanted to talk to you about something important.. and since we were about to have dinner, I invited him to join us.. and he accepted” mom beamed, and I caught Lia taking pictures of him discreetly “Uhm.. Maya, can we talk?” He asked


“I don’t think.. that’s a good idea” I stuttered


“Please..just hear me out” he said softly with hopeful eyes.


I glanced at mom and she nodded


“Fine, let’s go” I mumbled and walked out.




“So, what do you want to talk about?” I asked looking around the street nervously.. Crystal said something about having eyes around, that’s the major reason I agreed to talk to Kyle, I want to end whatever kind of relationship that’s existing between us, right here and now.


“Uhmm.. first, I want to apologise for what my mom did earlier she was just so annoyed that we lied to her, please find a place in your heart to forgive her” he said and I shook my head


“I’m not angry at your mom, i understand how she felt about everything, I’d do same if I were in her shoes..” I stated. He smiled and took my hands “Secondly, I explained everything to her, I told her my true feelings for you, so now she completely understands that I can’t survive without you in my life..” he said with a smile


“True feelings?” I asked confused, which only made his smile bigger “That I love you” he said and I froze automatically


“I love you so much Maya, I know it’s too early, but this is my first time of feeling this way about someone..and I don’t want to lose you maya, not now that I finally found you..” he said


“Please say something maya, please be my girlfriend my love, say something please” he pleaded pulling me into his embrace.


I love you much, even before I met you in person, and yes I will be your girlfriend..



I wanted to say these words out loud, but I couldn’t.. my family’s life is at stake here.


“Kyle .. I .. I’m sorry, I can’t..” he shook his head and cut me off


“No.. no please don’t say that, don’t reject me maya .. please” he said, I bit my lips to stop myself from crying.


“I love you, I love you so much .. ” I held his collar and pulled him into a kiss.. it was rough and intense, it was ‘JUST A KISS’ but it had so many words written behind it, so many emotions and feelings I wanted to confess, but I couldn’t and it hurts, it hurts so much.. a tear slipped down my cheek and I pulled back


“I’m sorry kyle, but I’m not interested.. I want to stop working as from today, please stay away from me and my family from now on.. I hope you get someone who’s more appropriate for you, someone who will love you unconditionally, someone who’ll..”


“Stop!.. no! Please stop, I beg you.. don’t say that ever again, I don’t need someone else Maya, I only want you.. why can’t you understand?” He asked cupping my cheeks


His eyes were glossy, showing that he’s about to break down “I’m sorry oppa” I sobbed holding his wrists


“Don’t cry Maya, jebal(please)” he said speaking Korea..


“I can’t help it.. I’m so sorry, but I can’t be with you, even if I wanted to” I stated He dropped his hands and paced around tugging on his pink hair..


“Fine, I’ll let you think about it for a week, I’m sure you’re acting this way because you’re still sad” he said turning to look at me with a sad smile I shook my head and reached for his hands


“Kyle look at me” I said and he locked his eyes with mine. Tears fell from his eyes only causing me to sob harder, for a second I wanted to hug him tight and kiss those tears away..


I’d hate for your family to get exterminated permanently.. and trust me honey, I don’t give empty threats..’ Crystal’s voice rang in my head and I frowned mentally. “I don’t love you” that was the hardest lie of my life..


He bit his lips and stared at me expressionlessly


“I advise you to look for someone else, ” I said looking down at our hands


He tore his hands from my grip and laughed heartily.. I furrowed my brows in confusion, as I watched him double over on the car and laugh continuously


“I get it now, ahh.. you’ll never seize to amaze me, you’re trying to push me away by lying aren’t you?” He asked and scoffed



“Not happening.. I’ll be here next week, think about it..” he hugged me and it took all of my strength to stop myself from hugging him back.


“I love you Maya” he said and pecked my lips before moving into his car..


“I love you too” I whispered quietly as he drove away..




“Are you okay?” Mom asked when I stepped into the house, from the way she and Lia stared at me, it was obvious they were eavesdropping. “Honestly, no..” I admitted


“Why didn’t you accept him?” Lia asked quietly


“I wanted to.. but, I.. I couldn’t” I broke down and sat on the couch with my face in my palm


“My poor baby, it’s okay Amy.. it’s gonna be okay” mom said hugging me to herself, whilst rubbing circles on my back


“We have to move to the province mom” I mumbled




Next day..


“Aww.. I can’t believe you’re leaving Maya, I’ll Miss you alot” Celine said hugging me tight.


“Me too Celine” I said wiping my eyes


“It’s so annoying, I totally hate crystal now.. she’s so wicked!” Pearl said sobbing hysterically


“Stop crying pearl, I’ll be fine.. besides, you guys will always come visiting, right?” I asked


“Yes, but I can’t help it Amy.. I’ll Miss you so much” she said hugging me like her life depended on it.


I bit my lips to muffle my sobs,


“Me too” Celine said hugging us both…


The door slammed and we pulled back


“That’s all, now can we get on with this stupid move?.. transferring out of my school is already enough for me”Lia grumbled and moved into the cab.. kyle had transferred my salary to my account last night, and all of it had been invested in the move.


“She’ll get over it” Celine assured and I nodded “Maya, are you ready?” Mom asked and I nodded

“Bye girls, don’t get into trouble okay?” She said walking to the cab


“Now that our leader is gone, I don’t think it’s possible anymore, aunty” pearl sobbed



“Yes, now the whole area will live in peace, so sad” Celine added “Bye girls” I waved and slipped into the car “Bye” they chorused and continued waving me


Pearl placed her head on celine’s shoulder and watched as we drove out of sight. I wiped a stray tear from my cheek, they have been my friends since childhood, now I’m leaving them all because of Crystal.. I’ll pay her back, someday.. *




Kyle’s POV..


“Why did you do it?!” I yelled holding Diego’s collar “Do what?” He squeaked out


“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m saying Diego!.. why the hell did you tell Crystal the truth?!” I yelled pushing him to the wall


“What?.. I didn’t Kyle, I swear I’ll never do something like that” he said and I scoffed releasing his shirt


“Watch” I muttered simply and turned on my laptop, I opened the video Elsa sent


to me and Diego gasped.


“That witch!” He snarled


“She asked me to meet up for a drink back in Paris, I refused but she said she


wanted to talk business and nothing more, on getting there she started saying


random things whilst continuing to fill my glass.. then started asking me


questions..the last one I remembered was her asking if I was single, then I woke up


to see myself alone outside the bar, at six in the morning” he said and I frowned.. I


knew then, that he was telling the truth..


“What did she do?” He asked angrily


“She told my mom, now my relationship with Maya is held by a tiny thread” I said and he frowned


“I don’t understand what will she gain from all this?” He asked


“I don’t know”






Three days later..


Maya’s POV..


“Come aunty, buy your fish here, it’s really cheap” I said and sighed when she walked away without even looking at me


“Amaya, I think you should sit down a bit, you’ve been standing all day” one of the other trader said



“Anioh.. aunt, I’m fine.. I want to sell as much as I can before mom comes back” I said with a smile, she smiled and nodded


“Okay, but try to rest a little” she said and I nodded


“Hey mister, get your fresh fish here, it’s really nice and cheap, just 500 won” I said looking at the man who was clad on black suite and shades, I looked behind him and saw other men dressed like him.. what the..


People started shouting, the guards gave way and Kyle appeared in my line of vision with Diego by his side.. his gaze was fixed on me, so there was no way I could run


The moment he got close enough to me, he pulled me into a hug and I gasped, my shirt is all bloodied and dirty, thankfully he wasn’t wearing white.


“Why did you leave? You almost killed someone you know” he scolded and pulled back


I stared dumbly at him, he smiled and pushed back my hair


“You look so pretty” he cooed and someone cleared his throat behind him.. I darted my eyes to Diego and frowned


“It’s nice to see you Maya, but first.. I didn’t do it on purpose, I was drunk” he


rushed out as if reading my mind


“Yes he’s right” Kyle added


“Okay.. so what are you doing here?” I asked trying to sound rude, so I could get rid of him quickly, how’d he even know I was here


“Well, I wanted to check on you, but your neighbors said you moved, then I saw your friends.. and they told me to come here” he explained and I sighed “Please leave” I mumbled and moved to my seat


“Maya please we need to talk” he pleaded, but I ignored him.. I gasped at what he did next.


He held two big fishes in each hand and started shouting..


“Buy your fish, it’s really good and fresh, it’s delicious as well, it really is and is exactly what I eat everyday!” People started crowding around us


oh my gosh! It’s kyle..


what is he doing here, is she his girlfriend?


I love you Kyle!!


awwn how romantic, I’m going to buy from him, even though I’ve already bought before


did she pay him to advertise her fish?


how much is it?



“It’s 1000 won fat aunty” he said smiling at the fat lady who smiled back “Give me two” she said,


“Yae!. What are you doing there, come and cut them fast!” He snapped at Diego who quickly folded his sleeves and picked the knife


“Don’t worry I’ll do it” I said trying to take it from him “Don’t worry baby… He’ll do it” Kyle said glaring at Diego.


“Anyways, buy your fish, it has the power to cure typhoid, malaria, HIV and lots more! Hurry..” he said and I laughed..


“Yes!.. that’s my in-law, all of you get in a line, he’ll shake you after you buy” mom said and I palmed my face, where did she even pop out from? ..


To be continued,



Anna .


Just A Kiss

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