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By authoress Anna


Episode 12..





Amaya’s POV


Mom?! Did he just say mom?!..


I froze completely in place, staring with my mouth and eyes wide open at the woman in front of me.


She was nothing like I imagined, I mean she looked more beautiful, flawless.. According to the biography I read, she should be in her mid forties, but she didn’t look like a woman who was even forty years old, her brown hair was shiny and soft to the eyes, I’m sure that if I touched it, it would definitely feel like silk, her pointed nose was perfectly sculptured, and her curvy lips were like Kyle’s, only her’s was covered in a red lipstick, her lashes were like his as well, long ..but they had different eye colors.. her maroon designer gown looked really amazing on her, matching with her heels and bag.


I gasped when I saw her heels, it should be about five inches high, how does she walk so easily with them? Whilst I’m still struggling with three inches?!.. this is a challenge Amaya!



“Earth to Maya..” someone said snapping their fingers in my face. I blinked out of my thoughts only to come face to face with Kyle’s mom. I swallowed the lump in my throat and forced a smile.


“are you alright?” She asked worriedly


“Y-yes, ma’am, I was j-just surprised to see you” I stuttered looking away from her




“Thank goodness, I thought I scared you there,” she said with a smile


“I am Crisella joongi.. Lin Kyle’s mom.. you must be Maya, right?” She asked with hope in her eyes..


“Y-YES, Amaya.. Amaya Choi Sung” I said stretching my hands for a handshake.. but instead she pulled me into a hug almost crushing me whilst saying,


“I knew it, I’m so happy to finally meet you dear” she said and I noticed Kyle for the first time since she came in, he was obviously very nervous, he demonstrated for me to hug her back and I hesitantly raised my hands and hugged her “Same here mrs joongi” I said politely


She pulled back just enough to look at my face , with her hands still on my shoulders.


She had a very happy smile on her face and I kinda felt really bad for lying to her.


“Oh.. you look more beautiful in person, you look amazing, no wonder Kyle fell in


love with you, although I’m sure there must be other reasons” she stated glancing


momentarily at Kyle.


“Yeah” he breathed out


“Come honey, let’s sit” Mrs joongi said leading me to the couch. She sat down and asked me to sit with her.. whilst Kyle sat on the other couch watching us cautiously “Uhm.. mum, I’ll go ask the maids to prepare your room, and bring maybe a juice or wine for you to drink?” Kyle said kinda in a question as he made to stand up, “Oh.. no, don’t worry, I’m not staying.. I just wanted to meet Maya and see how well she’s doing” his mother said..


“Oh but at least, have a drink or something?” He asked, why do I get the feeling that he’s trying to bail out on me.


“No need Kyle, I’m okay, besides I will be leaving in few minutes.. I’ve got a meeting to attend” she said and Kyle sighed and slumped back down on his seat “So honey, how are you?” She asked turning to look at me with a warm smile “I’m fine ma’am” I answered very much aware of Kyle’s eyes on us


“Oh please, you can call me mom or Crisella, which ever one you like.. but mom, would be best, since you’re going to be joining the family soon with my grandchildren growing in your womb” she said with a genuine smile



I smiled nervously and glanced at kyle, he shifted uncomfortably on his seat and tapped his feet on the ground


“Surely you’re both gonna get married soon, right?” His mother asked seeing the awkward exchange between I and Kyle.


“We haven’t thought of that yet mom” kyle groaned “Why?” She asked furrowing her brows.


“Because.. there are some things we both need to sort out first before marriage, we need time.. maybe after the kids are born, we’ll move to the next step” kyle said and I mentally gave him an accolade for his lying technique.. he even had me believing him for a second there


“Is that true,?” His mother asked looking at me “Uhm.. yes, I guess” I shrugged and kyle sighed.


“Alright then, you’re both adults, and I believe you know what’s best for you” she said and checked her watch hurriedly


“Uhm.. I’m afraid I have to leave now dear, but I’ll visit tomorrow, so we can chat properly.. is that ok with you?” She asked and I nodded


“Perfect, I’ll see you both tommorow then.. bye Maya, take care of my babies ” she said and stood up


“As for you Lin kyle, make sure you pet her, if I come back tomorrow and get any complaint from her, then you can kiss your private jet good bye” she threatened and I chuckled when Kyle’s eyes widened.. he grumbled something under his breath and she turned to face me.


“You guys can carry on with whatever you were doing before I came in, just take it easily so you don’t hurt my grandchildren” she said giving me a knowing look, I felt my cheeks burning in embarrassment.. kyle stiffled a smile and escorted her out.


I sighed and fell on the couch


Not only did I lie to her face, she also caught me on top of her son.. isn’t this great Amaya?!.




Minutes later Kyle walked in with a smile tugging at his lips “Uhm.. sorry about that..” he trailed off


“Nah.. it’s okay, your mom is amazing by the way” I said with a smile “You think so?” He asked sitting beside me “I know so” I stated



“You know.. I’ve never seen her that happy before, well apart from when i graduated that is..” he said and I giggled


“I guess it was a relief to know that her only son wasn’t gay” I stated looking at his face


“Yeah.. I guess so” he said thoughtfully


“Yeah, so can we continue with these, I still need to tell my mom about the trip, and pack up” I said and he nodded, I made to stand up but he held my wrist and pulled me back down


“Maya” he said as I turned to look at him..


“Ye..” I stopped when he pressed his lips on mine.. for a brief moment I was paralyzed with shock.. but seconds later I found myself closing my eyes and kissing him back.. it wasn’t too Deep, too fast or too slow.. it was perfect.


He pulled back and I breathed out, I can’t believe he kissed me!.. Kyle just kissed me!.


“Thank you” he said quietly with a smile, and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling back..


“What are best friends for?” I asked with a grin, wriggling my brows “Don’t get weird Maya.. else I’ll sack you” he stated and I rolled my eyes “Now he’s back to being a jerk, so much for appreciation” I muttered “What?” He asked


“Nothing!” I said quickly and started arranging the papers.






Kyle’s POV..


I chuckled and shook my head, this girl is something else, I don’t know why I kissed her, but I definitely didn’t feel like puking nor did I regret it, the way I did with other girls, it’s kinda strange really, but I feel like tasting her soft lips again.. it’s just so curvy, and pink and full and so god damn swollen at the moment that I just want to.. wait why am I thinking like this, I only kissed her because I wanted to thank her for her help.. ‘yeah and also because you are crazily attracted to her’ my subconscious mind added and I mentally rolled my eyes and locked him up in a room, throwing the keys away from sight. *


Minutes later we were done with everything.. I waited for Maya to finish her dinner before driving her back home.


“So the concert is just for a day?” She asked looking out the tinted glasses



“Yes.. and it’s gonna be really hectic” I said waiting for the traffic light to change to green


“How long is it going to last for?” She asked


“Well.. it’s supposed to start by 11pm and end by 2am in the morning” I replied “What?!.. so that means I’m not gonna sleep?” She asked, I chuckled and started driving again


“Well.. you’re supposed to be at the backstage with Diego and the others, making sure the concert goes smooth.. but, I guess you can sleep if you’re really tired..” I said and she nodded


“Okay” she said as I pulled over in front of her gate.


“Okay.. thanks for bringing me home” she said picking her bag


“It’s nothing” I said and waited for her to open the door, but instead she just sat there and shook her legs, she looked at me as if expecting me to do something.. “What?” I asked


“Uhm.. aren’t you like, supposed to open my door for me?” She asked raising her brow


“Why would I do that?” I asked confused


“Uhm.. I don’t know I just thought.. nevermind” she said and opened the door .. she


stepped out and closed the door.. she stood beside the gate and watched me






Amaya’s POV


He slid down the passenger window and stared confused at me “Uhh . Did you forget something?” He asked And I shook my head


“Oh.., I’ll see you tommorow then.. goodnight” he said and I nodded, he furrowed his brows and drove out slowly..


I sighed and walked sluggishly into the house


I can’t believe I expected him to kiss me again, when did I get all giddy, stupid, and wishful over a guy?


I’m sure it’s because of the lies I told his mom.. they are surely affecting me somehow..


“Unnie… Watch out” Lia said stopping my train of thoughts.. I was about to ask her what she meant.. when I tripped over something and fell face first on the floor.. I groaned and looked up to see Lia laughing hysterically.. doubling over with her hands on her stomach.



“Seriously?!” I yelled as I stumbled up to make my way over to her, only to trip over again and fall back on the floor.


I guess I’ll just sleep here, I thought with a groan.




To be continued..






Just A Kiss

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