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Chapter 4



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Kelly stared at Isabella door . she was screaming, loudly. It made me cringe. His sensitive ears…the castle’s sensitive ears,every one of the people in the castle probably heard it.


“What is the meaning of this?”


Kelly turned towards his old friend who still had blood on his hands from murdering one of the council members in his hastened anger.


“She is expressing her sadness ” Kelly answered


Kelly watched the king pace back and forth in front of her room. They both knew it was idiotic of Ray to walk into the room. He was the reason why she was shouting. It would make the situation worst.


“God damn it!” Ray growled,tugging his hair angrily.


It must have been killing his wolf not to go in there and comfort his mate.


“My lords, is everything alright?’


Kelly smelt the sweet scent … He turned to see mercy and ….Sophia. Sophia hid


behind mercy and both of the girls jumped as Isabella let out a loud cry.


“The human girl is……”


“She is my queen” Ray snarled at Kelly .


He took no offense to him snapping.


“Sophia you can go” kelly says


Sophia took mercy by her hand and they walked down the hall quickly. Kelly watched Mercy look back at him.


He smiled.


Her small eyes widened then she quickly turn around again.


“Should I go in there?” Ray questioned Kelly.


Kelly shook his head. The girl…she put up a good front but knew it was only a matter of time before her emotions caught up with her.


“I’m going in there” Ray made up his mind


Kelly watched his cousin go into the room. his ears ached.


“Get away! Get away from me! I hate you! I hate you so much! You did this! You stupid horrid beast. You took them away! You took them away!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.


Kelly was surprised. She had a set of lungs on her. He wondered what his cousin was doing. He could hear scuffling. Something broke.


“Get! away!”


“Stop this, now!” Ray shouted.


Kelly had to intervene. He walk into the room and look at the scene before him. The small bookshelf in the room was on the floor. All the books were scattered in the room.


His cousin stood near the bathroom. The human girl stood near the window…with a dagger to her neck. It was already drawing blood.


“Put the dagger down now” Ray growled


“What of the villagers? You promised to save their lives” Kelly asked slowly,watching her body movement. Her wet eyes darted over to him


“The innocent babies. The children. Their fathers. Their want to put them in danger for your parents? If your father was here what would he have done?”


They locked eyes. She seemed to be testing him. Kelly didn’t remove his gaze from hers.


The dagger fell with a loud clank to the floor. She sank to the floor,sobbing.


Kelly felt something in his chest move. Ray had his work cut out for him.


“Just…..please,leave me alone”



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I glared at the woman who was stationed at my door. In my room just sitting in a corner, unmoving. Her name is Sophia. She is my maid. She had told me that the king had instructed her not to leave my side.


She is pretty,has a dark hair,nice blue eyes.


“Would you like to eat miss Isabella?”


“No” I said hoarsely


My voice was cracking….sore…. The yelling at the king had left my voice in


shambles. I was starving but I refused to eat. I didn’t feel as if I should eat.


I had not come out of the room since


“Would you like a bath? Sometimes that is calming” she offered


“Or tea?”


I glared at the woman


“The only thing that could be calming to me is death”


I watched her put her head down and look at the floor


“The king would like you to eat” she said softly


I took a deep breath.


“What? Is the king mind talking with you?”


I have heard that there are some creatures that communicate without talking.


Maybe this is true.


She nodded her head.


“It called mind link. As the alpha he can speak telepathically with us”


Unbelievable! Does she think she takes me for a fool?


“I am not hungry”


She sighed and stayed put. I noticed she kept staring at the dagger I had. I was annoyed with her presence. I didn’t want her in the room with me.


“If I give you the dagger,can you please leave me alone?”



She was quiet for a minute.


“Okay,the king allows it”


I handed her my dagger and she bows down leaving me to my solitude.


I sighed shakily.why was I here? Why am I the only girl that they took from the village? Am I going to be a prisoner here? Are they going to sacrifices me to their god or something? Why did they attack my village?


I was confused. I needed answers.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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To get the answers to my questions, I have to be…….Nice to the Alpha






Who do you prefer




The alpha







The beta







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