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A/N : Most people chooses Ray and Isabel because they are the main characters. I go with Arden And Elsa They are cute couples….but


one of comment attracted me about Kelly and Sophia being the best couple



Cherish Diamond: Kelly & Sophia. And her reason was: cuz even though they are just starting to build their love, they don’t stop at all. Especially Kelly can read Sophia by looking at her. They have a bond already and so fast!! So adorable…



Gosh..I so much love that comment. We don’t know much about the dragon king and Fae Queens. So I think I will team with #cherish diamond



Don’t fight me.it’s my opinion






“Sophia, please do not tell Raymond.” I told her as she tended to my wound.



I was contemplating what to tell Raymond. Dinner was approaching and we would all sit and eat in silence again. Both of the men were bound to ask about my wound.



Sophia sighed loudly.



“There are so many secrets. I can’t stand royalty” she complained as I cut her a look.



What more secrets was Sophia hiding? Did I want to know? Yes, I did. But would I be rude and ask? No.



“What will be your excuse?”



“I will lie and say I fell down while playing with the children?” I questioned while Sophia gave me wary look while she fixed my hair so that my hair was spilling over my wound dressing.



“That might work.”



Hearing a knock at the door, I quickly got up and walked over to it.


Opening it slowly, it was a maid.



“Your majesty” she bowed.



“Dinner is about to be served. King Raymond requested you and lady Sophia”



“Thank you. We will down in a few moment” I smiled at her before closing the door.



Sophia was frowning while looking at the angry mark on her neck. It seemed fresh.



“Does Kelly bite you often?” I questioned her as she nodded her head slowly.



“Do you enjoy…when he does so?”



Sophia sighed.



“It is against our nature not to” was her simple reply.



“If it is permanent why does he bite you? Ray likes…..” I paused shaking my





I rather not announce that ray likes to lick and suckle at my bite mark. It makes me feel weird….unsettling.



“He is showing his dominance…..that I am his”



After that, I dropped the subject. She seemed a bit on edge about everything,which I could understand.



We made our way down to the dinning hall and who sat at the table were none other than the two brooding cousins. Not saying a word to one another.



“Isabella” Rau growled out as I sat next to him.


He instantly got up and moved my hair aside.



“What happened? Tell me now!”



I laughed, swatting his hand away quickly.



“Ray, please calm down. I fell down while playing with the children in the garden. ” I explained to him as his hand tried to pull at my bandage.



“Raymond, please calm down.” I said with a hint of annoyance.



As soon as he was getting ready to try and argue with me over my wounds, the door opened. King Arden and Queen Elsa walked in.



I was surprised to see them. I thought they had left already.



“Nice to have you two with us” ray said as they sat next to one another.



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“Thank you for having us…king…king” she trailed off looking at her husband for assistance.



How could she have forgotten his name so quickly?



“Queen Elsa how do you fare?” I questioned as I watched her look at me…with no seeming recongition.



I smiled kindly at her. What was wrong with her?



“I am sorry. Can I have all your names again? I have…”



“Elsa you owe them no explanation” her husband said sternly as she just stared at him frowning.



“I have memory issues” she admitted as I watched her husband stare each and everyone of us down intensely.



As if we were about to prey on for her weakness.



I smiled.



“That… That is okay. I am Queen Isabella and that is King Ray, prince Kelly and princess Sophia. We had a conversation earlier while our husband discussed business. We promise to write to each other” I explained to her as she nodded her head smiling while her husband wrapped an arm around her bringing her chair closer to him.



“Did your chefs receive my food request?” King Arden questioned as Ray nodded slowly.



Do they eat different food from us? Our meals are pretty neutral for the most part.



“So have you have any contact with the vampires?” Was Ray’s question as the first course came out.



It was Salad.



The king of Dragons watched him slowly.



“My kingdom has not had contact with them since the death of my father” was his short reply.



“Will there be any contact with them in the future?” Ray asked the King Of Dragons .



I watched Queen Elsa pick the cucumbers from her husband plate and secretly place them unto her own plate.



“King Ray, I eat before I discuss politics” was his short reply.



I watched Ray’s eyes brighten while he gripped his fork tightly.



“Well After the main course, we will speak”



“No dessert?” Queen Elsa complained, looking pretty upset about it.



I wanted to laugh and tell her that I would sneak into the kitchen and get her something sweet.



No one answered her question as the next course came. It was soup. I tasted it. It was a creamy fish soup. It tasted divine! And I wished we have this all the time not only when we have guests.



“Arden…what is that…the taste?”



I glance at king Arden as he dipped his spoon into her soup.



He tasted it and slammed the spoon down with such force, the table shook.



“Is there a problem?” Ray growled out.



“My wife cannot eat this!” He snapped.



“I thought I made it clear about what she can eat and what she couldn’t eat”



Elsa frowned.



“Well what is that? Is it a salty vegetable? I can eat it”.



” it is fish soup, Queen Elsa ”



I instantly wished I hadn’t said those two words as I watched her face. She seemed horrified.



King Ray rubbed his temples.



“It is against her culture to eat anything living.” He said as his hand began to turn colors.



His scales were showing.



Ray looked as if he couldn’t care less.



“Well it obviously a mistake Arden. No one is here to sabotage your wife” ray said as king Arden quickly stood up.



Her eyes seemed a bit watery. She was holding back tears. All from eating….fish. I supposed it is a sin in her culture.



“Arden….it’s fine. It was a mistake. Let’s stay and eat” she smiled at him as


her hand grabbed his arm that were covered with scales.



I watched Ray sigh slowly.


“You should stay, this is the second food. We have three other foods…”



“Right so you can attempt to extract information from me about the foolish vampires which u think I will willingly give you. If you think I give you such information then you are dense my friend.” King Arden snapped as I watched Ray’s jaw lock.



I tensed. Ray will never let anyone speak to him that way.



“Sit Arden….you think you know everything. But I can tell you right now if


you think of allying with them….” Ray didn’t finish his sentence.



He just continued to smirk and eat his food.



“You dare to threaten me?!”



Ray smiled.



“I would never threaten my guests. All I am saying why side with them? What will they offer you? They use dragon horns as cups, use fae women as s£x and blood slaves. I cannot understand why you would side with them”



Elsa gasped.



Was this true? Did they do such things? Or was ray being manipulative as he always does?



“Arden… That is awful” Elsa whispered…rather loudly.



Her husband was angry.




“I am not going to side with them!” He retorted.




“My father was…anything he agreed with…I know it was wrong. I don’t need you to tell me about that kingdom atrocities king Ray not in the dinning table and especially not in front of my wife!” He said even toned even though both of his arms were both covered in scales along with his snakelike eyes.



He was a sight to behold.



“Forgive me. I just wanted you to be knowledgeable of your surroundings. I hope you accept my gifts of golds and spices from my kingdom” Ray said as if one cue two maids came out with well spices and gold.



What really got king Arden attention was the Gold. I heard tales that dragons horde treasure….was this true too?



“I will decline on the spices but I will keep the Gold” king Arden said while sitting down and glancing at Elsa who was frowning.



“Thank you” Elsa told Ray while her scoping out the gold.



Inspecting each carefully. Elsa took sipped of his wine while he was occupied with such tasks.



“The vampire are a peculiar race” he started as my eyes widened.



I thought he said he won’t speak about them? Maybe the Gold has swayed his results.



“What will you like to know? I read all of my Father’s notes . They made a meeting right before he passed….well before I killed him.”



I am guessing that we are not eating anymore since they want to goosip. I am starving.



“Do they plan to attack me? That is all I wish to know. Or is it a farce? A power struggle?”



“I do not really know. The king is occupied on getting his hand on some sort of oracle who will tell him who his bride will be. ”



That intrigued me.



“An oracle? Like a witch?” I questioned as Elsa hand reached for his glass of wine again.



He quickly snatched her hand away. A look of defeat appeared on her face.



“No. A witch has to learn and practice spells to perform magic. An oracle was born with the powers. He or she doesn’t need to practice or learn..it something gifted. If he doesn’t find the oracle to tell him who is bride is,he won’t be crowned a king fully. That how vampire kings choose their bride…it look odd right?”



Ray let a loose snarl. I watched Elsa fiddle with her hands.



“Just because they are different doesn’t means they are wrong” her flushed face and glowing eyes were telling me she had obviously drank too much.



“In the vampire case, yes! It is wrong…”




“Ray” I smiled while my hand grabbed his own and squeezed it tightly.




Elsa seemed a bit unsettled and puzzled. After her passing out and her eating fish… I felt for her.



“You should tell them about our marriage ceremony. It was magnificent!”



He gave me a confuse look same as Kelly and Sophia.



“Yes…it was. ” He said while my hand began to pull away from his.



He grabbed my hand once again.



“Tell them, Isabella”



“Oh” I smiled.



“Right. It was outdoor and well Kelly performed the ceremony. It was beautiful actually. Everything about it was perfect” the lie made my teeth chatter.



“That sounds beautiful. Our wedding day wasn’t romantic I must admit. His dragon chased me around a forest and a cave and ripped my dress!” Elsa exclaimed.



We were all surprised by her loud outburst. I think the wine aided to her excitement.



What an odd thing to do…rip her dress and chase her around? That was…interesting.



“It did not happen like that.” Arden said quickly.


“Yes it did!” She laughed.



“His dragon swiped a rock and it fell on my dress…ripping it. I was so upset….”



“She cried for three days” king Arden chuckled as Elsa just glared at him.



We all began to laugh.



“Because it was such a beautiful dress!” She exclaimed.



They were such a beautiful couple. Nothing like Ray and I. It made me Jealous….not even Kelly and Sophia. They were perfect individuals.



“We must return home” king Arden said while standing.



“We have already spent enough time here. Your wine is Exquisite too” he added finishing off the cup that Queen Elsa was dying with hungry eyes.



“Of course I will send a barrel to you both. ” ray said while Elsa clapped happily.



“Thank you so much for your hospitality. ” Queen Elsa smiled as she got up and walk over to me.



I stood up and smile as she engulfed me in one of those warm hugs that she first gave me when she arrived here.



“you’re welcome. You two are welcome to come back anytime you want.”



“And you all have to visit one day and take a ride on a dragon. It is the most magnificent thing ever!” She smiled as she hugged Sophia.




I watched as she was about to head towards Kelly. King Arden grabbed her hand and began to pull her towards the door. Once again, diverting a hug towards a man.



Sophia and I waved at them as they left the room,followed by the two maids with their gifts.



“That woman will be his downfall”



I glance at Raymond, the smile on my face disappearing.



“They are a beautiful couple who love one another” I snapped remembering my parents and their odd ways at showing affection.



“And that will be their downfall. He lets her do whatever she desires because of love.” Ray snorted as Kelly sighed.



He took Sophia by the hand.



“Where are you two going?”



“To sleep. But we will be traveling to one of the army camps on the Northern border tomorrow. We will not be back for a few weeks.” Kelly announced as I watched Sophia cast her eyes downward.



She did not tell me of such things.



Ray growled.



“You have told me no such things, Kelly you may let emotions get in the way of our relationship but do not ever let them cloud your eyes of who I am to you. Your king.”



His eyes were glowing. I watched as Kelly let out a growl too. Sophia sighed loudly.



“I have already put a note on your desk, my king” he spat.



Realization flashed across Ray face.



“You bring your mate and Not I ? A camp is not a place you bring your mate…you know that Kelly?”



“Sophia insisted. She did not want to be left alone in this castle without me for such a long period of time.” Kelly said smugly while my eyes widened at this new information.



“I will make the camp for a woman to be if need be, but I am sure they will respect her or they will die by my hands.”



Ray was shaking his head.



“We need to talk now!”



Kelly let go off Sophia hand and both of the angry cousins stormed out of the dinning hall. It was just Sophia and I.



“Sophia? Do you not feel safe here anymore? Is it because of Raymond?” I questioned.




She did not look at me.

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“Then what is it?” I asked sudden concerned.



My only friend doesn’t feel okay here!



She twisted her mouth.



“It is you. I cannot be left to hear your talking. Isabella your pain does nothing but add on to my own. I wish I could help….but I cannot. I have


lived enough sadness for a lifetime….hearing your grief,it radiates off of


you. Isabella, I am already a black hole of despair. As much to my dismay….Kelly pulls me out of that despair. I cannot be without him


because…. sadness.



She was wiping her eyes,trying to stop her tears.my heart ached. I was a black hole. I was a cloud of despair adding onto her storm of depression. Kelly was her sunshine. I thought I had Sophia. Now I know I have no sunshine.



“I…I am sorry Sophia. I never realized…how dark I act. I hope we can still civil toward one another….I do enjoy our times together…I..”



“Isabella no…we can still be friends. I don’t mean it the way you are thinking. It just that I need my mate. He balances me” she said while laughing.



I felt a huge relief hit me.



“I thought you don’t want to be my friend anymore!” I exclaimed.



“No, of course not Isabella. I just can’t deal with so much sadness and my own altogether.not that you can’t talk to me sometimes about certain things, it’s just that…”



“I understand.” I smiled



“Thank you for telling me Enjoy your time with Kelly and make sure you have fun.”



She grimaced.



“Well as much fun a woman can have with her husband General going to an army camp.”






Alpha Ray is no preacher of love




















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