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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )




South Korea








Written By:


Sulaiman M. Zainab




Main Characters:


-Choi Candy

°Spoilt rich kid.°


-Kim Jennie


°Beautiful commoner.°


-Min Lisa


°Saucy girl.°


-Jason Tan


°Handsome famous casanova.°


-Choi Bon


°Candy’s twin bro./Jason’s close friend.°


-Kang JeoGi a.k.a J.G


°Jason’s close friend.°


-Han ChanSoo


°Jason’s close friend.°


-Bella Tan


°Jason’s kid sister.°


-Fang Lina


°Candy’s bestie.°


-Kim Mia


°Jennie’s kid sister.°


-Shu Ellia


°Lisa’s bestie.°


Other Characters:


-Chairman Choi Kyung


°Candy/Bon’s father.°


-Mrs. Choi Nana


°Candy/Bon’s mother.°


-Chairman Tan


°Jason/Bella’s father.°


-Mrs. Min Hara


°Lisa’s mother.°


-Mrs. Fang InMok


°Lina’s mother.°


-Mrs. Kim


°Jennie’s mom.°



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