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Chapter 5 ⃣ 4 ⃣


(Grande Finale) Part3


Jason’s POV





“Mia!”, I heard Jennie called out.



Wait!; What?!



Jennie remember Mia?



Of course it was Mia who entered the room just now. But…how did…Jennie…



I was dumbstrucked.



Does that mean…she…she…



“What happened you? Did someone bullied you at school and smacked your head on the desk?!”, Mia asked her in a mockery tone.



Suddenly, Jennie started groaning in pain, placing her palms on her head at the same time.



I rushed to her in fear.



“Jennie! Are you alright?!”, I asked worriedly.



“Oh my! What is wrong with her?”.


That was Mia.



I pressed the emergency button on the wall, beside her bed.




I sat beside her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.



“Jennie! Look at me!”, I shouted, trying to hold her hand.



She kept crying and groaning in pain.


“My head! It hurts…so much!”.



“What do we do?”, Mia whimpered.



Just then, the psychologist and a student nurse entered.



Jennie was given an injection and she slowly calmed down.



“Are you alright?”, I asked.



She furrowed her eyebrows and pushed me away.



I quickly regained my stamina.






“What happened to me?”, She asked in confusion.







Jennie’s POV





When Mia entered the room, I knew her name was Mia but I didn’t remember who she was.



I didn’t know whatever happened to me before.


But I felt like my whole system was empty.



I couldn’t even remember Jason.



But after the severe pain in my head, i quickly recollect everything.



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I can clearly remember what happened after I heard someone’s footsteps in the school restroom.



It was a girl.


And she injected me with something.



Oh my God!





What happened earlier?



He…he kissed me?



No!; I kissed him!





Jennie! You’re insane!


Indeed, you are!



That was my first kiss!


How could you…how could you…





I quickly avoided his gaze and turned to the doctor, whom asked me:


“How are you feeling, Miss?”.



“I had a severe headache just now.”.



“Can you remember anything?”, The doctor asked.



“I think I lost my memories earlier.”.






“But now I can clearly remember everything.”, I added.





Not everything.



I started feeling a sharp pain in my head again.



“Ahh!”, I yelped in pain.



“Jennie!”, Jason called and rushed to me.



But I care less at the moment.



I was trying to remember something.



The girl that injected me took me out of the school.



I remember that.





Yes! Lisa!


Lisa came to that building and tried to Inject me again before the police arrived.



Lisa. It was Lisa.



Jason made me laid down back on the bed.



The sharp pain stopped again.



“The medications I prescribed will help her recovery. The substance will completely subside in her body. She shouldn’t be stressed and she should eat more vegetable foods.”.



I rolled my eyes.



“Okay.”, Jason replied.



“Substance? What substance will subside in her body? What exactly happened to her?”, Mia asked confusedly.



“I’ll explain everything later.”, Jason said.



Just then, my mom entered, holding a big cotton bag.



“My baby!”.


She embraced me and I smiled.






“What happened to her?”, She asked Jason.



“Please excuse me, I’ll take my leave!”, The doctor said and left with the nurse.



“Mom. What’s that in the bag?”, I asked curiously.



“I brought some foods for everyone!”, She replied and I giggled excitedly.



Geez, I feel so famished.



“The doctor said that she should eat more vegetable foods.”, Mia chirped in.



“Un? Why? What happened to her, Jason?”, Mom asked.



“Vegetable foods my foot! Mom, I’ll eat whatever you brought.”, I said and huffed.



I don’t like vegetables.





Jason told Mom and Mia everything that happened to me.



“Oh Gracious God!”, Mom exclaimed and sobbed silently.



“Jennie, are you sure you are now feeling better?”, She asked worriedly.



“Yes mom. I’m fine.”.



“Huh, I was returning from work when I saw Jason’s call. I feel so pressed right now. I’ll use the restroom.”, Mom said and turned to go out.


“Mom, that is the restroom.”, Jason said and pointed at a door in the room.



“Jason, isn’t this a V.I.P ward?”, Mom asked in shock.








That was when I noticed the interior of the room.


It was spacious and beautiful.



“Yes, but it’s nothing.”, He replied nervously.



“What do you mean by it’s nothing? Of course it’s something. We’ll discuss it later!”, Mom said and rushed to the restroom.





I can’t believe I kissed Jason!





You’re totally out of your mind!



But it was his fault!


He said he was my boyfriend.





*Scoffs inwardly*



What is he thinking about me right now?


That I’m a whore or something!



Maybe he feels disappointed in me?


What have I done?!



“Hmhm!”, Mia cleared her throat and I look up at her.



“I saw you two earlier!”, She whispered to us, raising her eyebrows mischievously.



At least, it was a relief that it was her.


What if it was mom that saw us?





I would be roasted meat already!



“I’ll buy you a big bar of chocolates and big bowl of ice cream. Please don’t tell Mom!”, Jason pleaded to her in a whisper.



She smirked and replied:


“Don’t you think I need to upgrade from chocolate and ice cream, Mr.





This brat!



“Okay. What do you want?”.









“Mia!”, I exclaimed.





1000won is a whole lot of money.


Though I know it’s nothing to Jason but she is too young to have 1000won.



“1000won! Deal!”, Jason agreed and I glared at him.



Mia giggled happily:


“Your secret is in a safe hand!”.





Later, mom and Mia went back home to bring my clothes.



And Jason Insisted on staying here with me.



I kept trying my best to avoid him.



“Jennie.”, He suddenly called out.






“Earlier, I said I was your boyfriend because I was confused on how to reply you. I couldn’t tell you that you lost your memories because of your condition. I’m sorry.”, He apologized and I was tempted to look up at him.



But I won’t.



“It’s nothing!”.



But wait, he was the first to kiss me, right?



“And about the kis—”.


I knew he would talk about that too, so I quickly interrupted him.



“Ah, I feel so pressed!”, I exclaimed and rushed to the restroom.






My heart is about to explode.



I’ll keep avoiding him.



I can’t let him know about my feelings.







Author’s POV





The next day, Jason went to the police station early in the morning to see Lisa.



“I never liked you but yet I didn’t expect this from you. Right now, I feel like strangling you to death. Your face really disgusts me! We will meet in court next week! And also, consider yourself out of E.T.H.S! You’re expelled!”, He said to her and left the station immediately.



Lisa was left in bitterness.







The next week…

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Jennie had gotten better and was discharged from the hospital. Though, she was still on medications.



Jason also had to return back to living in the Tan Mansion.



Lisa and Joe were taken to court and most people attended.


Bon, Candy, Lina, J.G, ChanSoo, Jennie, Bella, and Jason were also present in the court.



During the call, Lisa admitted to her crime and not only that, she also confessed to the murder of Late. President Ji.



Everyone was shocked beyond words.



But due to the fact that she admitted and confessed to her crimes and her attorney also pleaded for a light punishment, she was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.



Joe on the other hand was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.





“I feel so much pity for her!”, Lina said sadly, as they all walk out of the court building.



“Why should I feel pity for Lisa? Humph! She is a devil!”, Candy said and scoffed.


“Ah, don’t be bitter!”, Lina shouted and smacked her head.



“Ow! What?!”, Candy winced in pain.



“Jennie, you are a victim. Do you pity Lisa?”, Lina asked Jennie.



“Yes, of course!”, Jennie replied sincerely.



“You see, even the victim feels pity. Don’t be bitter, Candy!”.



“All in all, the moment she murdered President Ji, she became a murderer and it covered whatever reason why she did that.”, J.G said.



“I feel like a bad person. If I had knew Lisa was going through such hell, I would have treated her better!”, Lina lamented.



“We’ve been talking about Lisa for like decades! How about we go for lunch to enlighten our mood! I heard of a restaurant nearby, they give a free side dish to whichever food you buy and 3% discount!”, Bella exclaimed happily and they all agreed to go.



Bon thought about Lisa and he felt relieved that everything was now open to the world.



He surely will have a good night rest starting today.



And sometimes, some truth are best kept a secret.





Lady Hara also turned herself in as the murderer of Lisa’s father.


It only took half a day for the news to go viral.



Her company also went into chaos and their business rate started decreasing.



Chairman Choi (Candy’s father) also heard about it and he terminated their business marriage immediately.







It was another Saturday evening, Jason went to visit Jennie, even though she obviously kept avoiding him.



They both sat under a big tree in the park close to Jennie’s house.



“What is it you want to talk about?”, Jennie asked.



“I know you’ve been trying to avoid me because of what happened at the hospital two weeks. I’m sorry.”.



*No, I’m not trying to avoid you. I’m only trying to avoid hurting my feelings because I know what happened meant nothing to you.*— Jennie thought.



“Actually, my dad invites you to our house for lunch tommorow.”, Jason said.



Jennie was shocked.




*Old Master Tan is inviting me to lunch?*



*Yeah, maybe he wants me to stay away from his son again.*



Jennie didn’t reply but instead, she picked up the grey parcel beside her.



“Do you remember this?”, She asked Jason.



“No. What is in the parcel?”.



Jennie felt a bit sting of pain in her heart.



*He doesn’t even remember.*



She opened the parcel; an emerald fabric, a silver wedges and silver bag was in the parcel.



Jason Immediately recollected.



He had personally picked out the dress, shoes and bag.



“You gave me all these stuffs for the prom night, last semester. It was my first prom night in E.T.H.S. I wanted to return them after the prom but because you avoided me for about a week back then, I totally forgot. I kept it in my wardrobe and saw it while I was going through my things yesterday. I only want to return them.”, She said and Jason kept staring at her.



“Do you hate me?”, He suddenly asked and Jennie look up at his ocean eyes.



*No, but I don’t want to hurt my feelings. I just can’t control it, it’s best I end it while I still can.* —Jennie thought again.



“No. Why would I?”, She replied.



Jason smiled and pull her into his embrace.



“Don’t ever try to avoid me again. Never. Ever. It really hurts when you do.”, He whispered into her ear.



Jennie was out of breathe.


She was surprised.



*I won’t let does words deceive me!*



She quickly pulled away from his embrace and stood up on her feet.



“I’m sorry. I can’t accept your dad’s invitation. I’ll leave the parcel.”, She said and turned to leave.



*If I don’t end it, I’m afraid I’ll fall deeper for you, Jason Tan. I’m sorry! And I love you!*



Jason went after her and slide his arms around her waist to hug her from behind.



Jennie froze.



“Let’s stay like this for a while. Please.”, He whispered to her, placing his head on her shoulder.



The sky was getting dark and the street lamps lit up at that moment.



And coincidentally, someone in the park started playing a love song.



It was “BUT I LOVE YOU” by the K-pop group “BIGBANG”:



You can’t be forgotten, how can I forget you?



You’re the first girl who’s given me the pain of a first broken heart



Even if in my craziness I feel sad, I’ll try to smile



I don’t want your empty feelings


We just too late



Uh, if it’s yours, if you’re to do whatever you want This is the way you love?



You told me you were sorry


And avoided me then left



But I love you girl



I wish you should stay here with me



But I love you girl



I wish you would hold onto me


But I love you girl



Even if I don’t say it



Please don’t lose my eager heart, ma girl



In my eyes, you’re just beautiful



My friends told me not to fall too deeply



First I get mad, that girl is different



She is nicer and more pure than anybody



Uh lo— no I really like you



Let’s not change


I’ll make you happy



You stay by my side


Time flows by



When 1, 2 years goes by


More better than this year



Your voice seems so tired



You need a place to lean



Please lean on me



Don’t you see me?



Why do you fall alone?



Lower my head, my heart tears and breaks



It was great when we first met


We were happy just seeing each other



Actually I’m Still like that


But why aren’t you?



Lately when I see you, I don’t get the same feelings —yeah



But I love you girl



After the song ended, they were still in the same position.



The song really suited the moment.


It was as if they were communicating through the music.



Jason whispered into Jennie’s ear:


“I love you.”.



She was dumbfounded.



*I heard that wrong, right? It was just an illusion, right? Hahaha, of course it was. Why would Jason tell me that he loves me. Haha, I’ve even started hallucinating!*



“Jennie, I truly love you.”.


She heard Jason whisper again.





Jennie pulled away from his embrace and turned to him.



Sincerity was written all over his face.




Her heart started racing.


Was it of joy or disbelief?



“It took me so long to figure out what my feelings were but now I know that it’s love. Please don’t hate me. I didn’t regret the kiss. It was memorable. I really hope you feel the same way.”, He said, staring intensely into her eyes.



*I’m not dreaming! Definitely not!*— Jennie screamed happily in her mind.



She secretly pinched herself to confirm that it was not dream.



A deep grin crept on her face.


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Jason smiled and cupped her cheeks with his palms.



What happens next?














✨✨✨THE END!!!✨✨✨




















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