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Chapter 5 ⃣ 2





Jennie’s POV





*OH MY GOD! HEAVEN LUD! How can a guy be this gorgeous and cute?!*



— my mind squealed as I see Jason walking down the stairs in his school uniform.



Holding his red school bag and maroon coat, he flung them across his shoulder and dip his other hand into his pant pocket.


Now he looks more like a high schooler.



The red uniform looks flashy on his body unlike other E.T.H.S guys I’ve seen.


He gat this kind of different aura.



Gosh, how can a guy be this dreamy?


I can clearly see the reasons why he became “South-Korea Heart” and “Asia Face”!



Why won’t girls flock around someone like him?





I don’t know why I suddenly feel irritated, imagining him with other girls.



But I’ve never seen him flirting with girls.



Was it a bad rumor?


That Jason Tan and his crew are players.



They all looked innocently-calm.



Perhaps, social-media scandals.



“Awwn, I feel my head swelling up seeing you adore my handsomeness!”.


I heard his voice close to me and I jolted back to reality.



I blinked my eyes rapidly and gave a nervous scoff.



Such a flirt!



“W…who?…me?…Puff!…adore you?…”.


I tried to defend myself but my voice betrayed him.




His s£xy lips curved into a smirk and he snapped his fingers which made me flinched.



“That’s it! You were even drooling!”, He said and I let out a gasp. For real?



He moved his head downward and closer to mine — his gaze sweeping around my face.



“Is… that not saliva? Haha, she was indeed drooling!”.



My face flushed crimson red with embarrassment and my heart was pumping with high rate that I even think it was about to explode.



I slowly placed my hand on my mouth to confirm if I was really drooling.



But…it was dry?



Jason’s laughter hit my brain back to it normal state.



He played a prank on me and I fell for it!



This punk!…



I stretched my hand up and poked his forehead.






I stood on my toes since he was taller than me — and snorted across his face.


Even after standing on my toes, I was still short.






I took my coat and school bag on the couch and went to bade my mom goodbye.







Kay was already waiting for us outside the house.



He was standing beside a lemon lamborghini.





The car was breathtaking!



“Young Master!”, He exclaimed lightly and bowed to Jason.



Jason smiled and patted his shoulder.



“Good job, Kay! Was it hard to get the car out of there?”, Jason asked him and he shook his head.



“Not at all! I drove it out discreetly in the evening with the help of some guards.”, Kay replied.



“Here is the car remote!”, He added and gave it to Jason.



Jason moved closer to the lamborghini and hugged it for some seconds.


“I’ve missed my baby!”, He cooed while hugging the car.



I furrow my eyebrows, staring at him unbelievably with my arms folded.



“Kay, I’ll drop you off at the bus stop. Jennie let’s go!”, Jason said as he proceed to enter the car.



“OH MAMA MIA! This car is SUPERB! Don’t tell me! You’re going in that


f**king hot lambo without me?!”.


We heard a shriek behind us.



Who else would it be if not Mia?



“Mr. Charming! You will definitely drop me off right in front of my class! Gosh, what a blessed morning! I will take tons of pictures with this car and post them on my Instagram and Weibo! I can even get popular in the school!”.


Mia gasped again.


“What if people see me with almighty Jason Tan? I will surely hit the jackpot of the school miss popular contest, because my pictures with Jason will almost explode the internet!”.



Can you believe it if I tell you that we were already in the car, Mia wouldn’t just stop blabbing.



She would have used decades to blurt nonsense on the same spot if I’d not dragged her into the car.



The girl is just a freak!


Too expose to the world for my liking.


Consequence of being a spoilt brat and also having an i-pad from elementary school.



Her biggest dream is to become the world most famous fashionista and model.






Sometimes I even think she got swapped at the hospital after mom gave birth.







We dropped Mia at her school as she persisted.


She even took uncountable pictures with the car, wasting more of our already wasted time.



Though no one saw Jason.



Jason dropped Kay off too before we headed to school.



You wouldn’t believe that Mia kept flirting with Kay at the car backseat, blabbering how handsome and manly he look.



Ha! The girl is a pain in the ass!


Just twelve years of age for heaven’s sake!







And finally, we arrived at school.


I must say the lemon lamborghini caught almost everyone’s eyes.



The school gatemen had to confirm our identity before they allowed Jason to drive into the school premise.



The gate men themselves were shocked to know that it was Jason Tan.



This time, I didn’t dropped outside the school gate.


Jason insisted I follow him in.



The school was busy as expected for the new semester resumption.



Jason parked the car directly in front of Grade 12 building.



Students were already staring and some taking pictures of the cool car, unknown to them the person riding it.



I got down from the car and the freezing breeze embraced my body — since it was early January.



I quickly put on my coat, then brought out my hand gloves from my bag.


That was when the clicking sounds hit me to reality.



I look ahead and swept my gaze around the tons of E.T.H.S students, almost all of them were taking my pictures.



The murmuring also came clearer into my ears.



That is Kim Jennie, right?



She just got down from that cool lamborghini!


Oh my God!



The car is mind-blowing!



The car is superb!



I like the car color! It’s flashy!



I clutched my hands tightly on the gloves and my school bag and I turned my head back to the car behind me.



*What the hell is Jason still doing in there?!* *Jason, save me! Get down from that CAR!*


— I screamed in my mind.



Just then, the driver door opened and Jason got from the car in all his glory.



He put on his coat with a killer swag and walked toward me.



A wide gasp spread around the crowd.



Jason Tan!!!!



Omo! It’s Jason Tan!!!



It’s really Jason Tan!



Jason Tan?



Could he really be an illegitimate son?




Oh my!



Jason Tan is wearing the school uniform!



Uh! That’s right! He is wearing the school uniform!



Wow! Look at him in the uniform!



I feel like am seeing him in a fantasy world!



The murmur were deafening.



After recovering from the shock almost the same time, the students rushed forward to us but Jason exclaimed which made them stopped on their tracks.



“Ah!”, He’d exclaimed loudly with his hand raised up to signal ‘wait’.



I was also curious.


I look up at him by my side.



“I will be please if I can go to my class right now without any disturbance.”, Jason said with a mild voice and I am sure no single creature in the crowd didn’t heard.



Now in a cold and arrogant voice, he added:


“But I will say this frankly; if anyone touch me and the girl beside me or try to block our way, I promise to expel that person from the school regardless of his or her family status!”.



That was threatening and rude!



The crowd immediately stepped aside with fear.


All they could do was video and take pictures with their phone.



Jason turned his head to me and flashed a smile before he grabbed my arm, pulling me along as he walk into the Grade 12 building.



I was speechless.


All I could do was steal glance at him.



We met Lina, Candy and Jason’s friends in the hallway — probably waiting for us.



“Whoa! Look who we have here!”, Bon exclaimed with a grin.



Jason smirked and hit his head.



“Ow! What was that for?!”, Bon groaned as he rub his head.



“Jennie!”, Lina said coolly and embraced me.



“Happy New year!”, She said after we disengaged from the hug.



“Same to you”, I replied with a smile.



“Dude, just few weeks of not hearing from you and it felt like decades!”, J.G said to Jason and they laughed.



“Yeah. What’s up with you guys?”, Jason asked.



“Well, nothing. It’s just that we’ve got a new couple in our circus. Geez, they wouldn’t stop displaying their love as if they’re the first couple on earth!”, Bon replied with a frown.


Candy moved forward to him and smacked his head.


“Say that you’re jealous!”, She said and Bon winced.



“Hm hm!”, ChanSoo also nodded childishly in agreement.



“Ah!”, Jason exclaimed, grinning.


“Now I know the new couple. It’s obvious!”, He added and we bursted into laughter.



“But wait!; How did Jennie and Jason…arrived together?”, Candy asked suspiciously.



Wait!; Did she just mentioned my name?


Wow! Candy did?



I guess this is the first sign of my new year luck!



“That’s right!”, Lina agreed, eyeing me and Jason with suspicion.



“Are…you guys… You know…”, Bon whispered, joining his two fingers together.



What the…






I glanced at Jason and we both chorused:





Jason snorted at Bon who pouted playfully.






J.G exclaimed in a groan as he place his palm on his left chest.


“Am I going to die single? My heart is weakening!”, He said jokingly and Bon patted his shoulder.



These guys are crazy!





“Strawberry J.G! You won’t die single, I am here for you Oppa!”.


We heard behind us.



It was Bella.



“Hun? See this little girl. Goosebumps!”, J.G whispered in a playful tone and we laughed again.



“Jason!”, Bella screamed out and jumped on Jason, who immediately embraced and spun her around.



“My baby sis!”, He cooed.



“Guys! Jason is wearing school uniform!”, Lina whispered in surprise and they all diverted their attention to him.



Un? They just noticed?







And with that, the day went perfectly fine!








~A week later…



Lisa’s POV





Sitting on the couch with my legs folded, I stare at the school updates on my laptop at the same time eating junks.



I’ve got dark balls around my eyes and my hair unkept.



I scoffed when I saw the updates from the resumption day.


Jennie and Jason’s pictures were all over the school net.









I huffed at that headline.






I slammed the laptop shut with anger.



Kim Jennie!



You think you can now have Jason to yourself?


I swear, I won’t spare you this time!



Rosê called me yesterday and told me that they’ve become so intimate.


They both come to school and leave the school together.





Kim Jennie, enjoy it till it lasts!



Jason is my last bet, I won’t lose it!



I need to make a move before it’s too late!












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab



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