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Chapter 5 ⃣ 4 ⃣


(Grande Finale) Part2



Author’s POV





Lady Hara (Lisa’s mom), arrived at the police bureau in a haste after she was informed about the incidence.



First of all, she hasn’t seen her daughter for more than a month and when she finally found her, her daughter was already arrested for a serious crime.



What a fate!



“I need to see my daughter!”, She yelled at the police men behind the counter.



“What’s her name?”, One of them asked.



“Lisa. Min Lisa!”.



“Ohh, the high school girl who was arrested for attempted murder.”, The other man said in a mockery tone.



Lady Hara’s face twitched.



“How dare you slander my daughter?! Do you know who I am? I can make your life unbearable! My daughter can’t hurt a fly. I’ll make sure I find justice for her and file a complaint against you all, for slandering!”, She shouted at them angrily.



“Why don’t you just focus on finding her a lawyer because there is no way she’ll go unpunished by the law! Though am not in charge of her case, but I heard that all evidences are pointing at her.”, The man replied.



The police men in the bureau are known to be heartless and brutal because they believe that no one is above the law no matter the status.



Lady Hara was left speechless with rage.



The first police man went to the investigating room and came back to the counter few minutes later.



“She doesn’t want to see you, ma’am. You can come back another day.”, He said to Lady Hara.


Lady Hara became furious.


“Tell her, it’s me, her mother!”.



“I did.”.



Just then, a police walked to the counter.



“Min Lisa wants to see you. Come in with me.”, He said to lady Hara.



She glared at the other police men and followed the man in.



They entered a room and Lisa was sitting on a chair with her arms resting on the table.



Lady Hara gasped and rushed to her side.



Tugging Lisa’s arm, she exclaimed:


“Lisa! What happened?”.



Lisa shoved away her hands and turned to glare at her.



Lady Hara ignored it and continued as she sat down on the chair opposite




“Lisa! Lisa! What happened? Where have you been? Why are you like this? You were framed, right? It’s all misunderstanding, right? You will never do that! I believe you, Lisa! You can’t even hurt a fly! Someone is trying to set you up, hun?”.



Lisa raised her eyebrows and asked in a mild tone:


“Do you really care? Or you are just acting like you care?”.



“What do you mean?! Why will I not care about you? Why are you in this terrible situation?”.



Lisa scoffed and said:


“Maybe I’ve never tell you this…”.


“I hate it when you act as if you really care!”.



“Lisa! How can this be happening to you? You didn’t tried to murder anyone, right? Tell me it’s all misunderstanding!”.



“What if I tell you that I really did intended to kill someone, will you be satisfied?”, Lisa asked with a smirk.



Lady Hara was shocked by her reply but she kept insisting;


“No! I don’t believe you! You can never do that! I’m your mother! I trust you even if the world is against you!”.



Lisa got frustrated and yelled at her:





Her mother flinched in shock and kept mute.



Lisa continued in a tone filled with bitterness:


“Mother? Are you really my mother? You call your self a mother? Do you even deserve to be a mother? You are not in any level to be a mother!”.



Lady Hara was shocked beyond words.



“Who should I blame? I blame you! It was all your fault! You caused all the mysteries in my life! You started it! I can’t even wholeheartedly call you my mother!”, Lisa yelled angrily.



“Mother. Mother? That word alone is a thorn in my flesh! The more I say it, the more the thorn in my flesh cause me unbearable pain!”, She said hurtfully.



“Lisa! Your words weigh too heavy! Watch them!”, Lady Hara snapped at her with extreme rage.



“Really? You don’t wanna hear them? Are you scared? Are you afraid of hearing more heavy words?”.





Lady Hara slammed her palm on the table and shouted out.





And with that, her mother proceeded to leave.


She stood up and headed toward the door.



But yet, Lisa continued:


“You! You fed the devil in me! It’s you! My so called mother! Even if you die, your death can never make up for the pains you’ve caused me!”.



Lady Hara froze on her track when she heard Lisa’s words.



“Have you forgotten how you killed my father?”, Lisa asked casually but deep down her heart, it really aches.



Lady Hara was dumbfounded.


*She knew about her father’s death?* — that was her first thought.



“Should I remind you? You gave him slow-reacting posion and later strangled him to death! Back then, I overheard your conversation with his lawyer about willing all my father’s shares to you. That was when I knew



something was wrong. I saw you strangled my father to death and you faked his death as a heart failure!”.



Lady Hara’s face went pale and her legs lost all it strength, to the extent that she had to lean on the wall for support.



Lisa continued:


“I was just nine years old back then! I was little, but those horrible memories are still fresh in my brain!”.



“And why did you killed him? You killed my father, the father of your own daughter because of money! You money monger!”.



“After six months, my father’s body was even barely cold, you got married to another rich man!”.



“Ohh, he is President Ji, right? Yeah, that’s the monster’s name!”, Lisa said irritatingly.



“Don’t you wanna know how he died?”, She asked, looking at her mother.



“Of course I killed him, mother!”.


She said the “mother” with sarcasm.



Lady Hara moved back to the table to face Lisa.






Lisa interrupted her immediately:


“Don’t you find that amusing? I was the one who killed President Ji!”.




Tears started rolling out of Lady Hara’s eyes.



“Don’t cry yet. It’s not yet time for you to shed tears.”.



“That monster you called my stepfather was a devil! He found out that you were only after his wealth and as a punishment for you, he used me!


For five years, I was in the devil’s hand! He raped me for five fu**ing years!!! You would never know because those time, you were out there hustling for more wealth and you left your daughter with the monster!”, Lisa shouted out painfully.


Her voice was already loosing strength.



Lady Hara gasped in shock and look up at her daughter with swollen face.


Her face has completely lost it colour.



“I got pregnant for him at fifteen years old! That monster discriminated me and told me to abort the child, which I did. I was young and naive! But when I faced death during the abortion, I realized how terrible my fate was. That was when my devil started working! After I aborted the bastard child, I killed the monster in cold blood and his death was faked as suicide!”.



“All those years, did you noticed how miserable my life was?! You never did because you never cared. I was bounded with darkness and my own mother never came to lead me to the light!”, Lisa yelled angrily and tears was already streaming out of her eyes.



“Lady Hara, I won’t convince you to turn yourself in as my father’s murderer. But instead, I want everything I just told you to hunt you! I want them to make your life miserable!


If you don’t want to admit to your wrong doings, you’ll be left alone in this world. All the people you love, will be gone and you’ll be left alone to suck on your miserable life. That’s what I’ve experienced! And I want you to experience the same!”.



Lady Hara slumped on the floor and slowly lose consciousness.



Lisa wiped off her tears with the back of her palms and sniffed severally.



“Excuse me! Someone just passed out!”, She shouted out and two police men rushed into the room.



“Call the ambulance!”, One said to the other.





Back then, Bon got to know about Lisa’s secret because he had unintentionally heard her conversation with Joe on the phone three years ago.



Though, he never knew who Joe was.



Three years ago, they were in grade 9 and they all went to Australia for a summer vacation.



“Joe, carry out the operation tommorow evening. President Ji will be in his penthouse to get a nap. Rest assured, there are no securities in his penthouse but if there happens to be, you know what to do. Just kill him as we have planned.”, Lisa had said to Joe on the phone back then.



Bon who was passing by, overheard everything.



“Don’t worry about me, Joe. I’ll abort the child here in Australia. Please leave no trace for the operation!”.



Bon was shocked and the phone he held slipped off his grip and dropped down.



And because of the loud drop, Lisa turned back only to see Bon whose face was pale due to shock.



Bon had wanted to expose the secret, but somehow, Lisa forcefully told him her entire secret which led to her action.



Later, Lisa fabricated a rape video of Bon just to threaten him.



If the video was released to the press, as Lisa had threatened, it’ll not only destroy Bon’s image but also the reputation of the Choi family.



Even if Bon had exposed the secret, he had no evidence to proof it.


So, he had to keep mute all those years.







Jason’s POV





Sitting beside Jennie’s ward bed and holding her hand as well, I stare at her beautiful face.



Jennie was still sleeping due to the sedative drug she was given.



My friends had left and I already called Jennie’s mom.


She said she was on her way to the hospital.



Why would Lisa treat Jennie like this?



What if she had injected her with the poison?



I can’t even imagine it!



That bi***!


I’ll deal with her later!



Thank goodness, my Jennie is alive.


But…her memories.



I raised her fragile hand up and pecked it.



I look up at her face and study it.



So beautiful and petite.



“So, this feeling is love?”, I mumbled and chuckled.



I stood up and lean closer to her face.



Her eyebrows are dark and thick; Eyelashes are dark and long; cute nose; and her lips…



I stare at her lips for long.


Though they are pale but they are still cute.



Should I peck her lips?



Urgh! Jason!


That’s like taking advantage of her current condition.


I won’t do it.



But those lips are tempting.


Just a peck is not bad, right?



I found myself leaning closer to her face and my lips touches hers.



Jason! You’re crazy!



I was about to move away when Jennie’s eyes widened open.



I froze on the spot.



When she started struggling to push me away, that was when it occurred to me that my lips were still on hers.



Out if breathe, I stood back properly with nervousness.


I was overwhelmed with embarrassment.



*This is so humiliating! So humiliating! So humiliating!* — I sang in my mind.



Jennie sat up on the bed, staring at me.



I avoided her gaze.



“Who are you?”, She asked.



My face sank into sadness again.




She still can’t remember me.


It’s so hurtful.



I look at her innocent face and said:


“I’m Jason. Jason Tan.”.



Then, she smiled.


“You’re Jason? You also saved me earlier. Are you my boyfriend?”.



My heart almost jumped out through my mouth.





Jennie’s boyfriend?


I wish.



“So, am right? you’re my boyfriend?”.



I almost burst into laughter.



“Y…yes. I am your boyfriend!”, I replied with a smile.



Yeah, let’s do it that way.



“Wow! My boyfriend is so handsome! But why can’t I remember you? Where am I right now?”, She asked.



I sat down beside her on the bed and held her hand.



“You’re in a hospital.”.



“Hospital? What happened to me?”.




“It’s just a minor accident. Don’t think too much.”.



“Okay! You kissed my lips because I’m your girlfriend?”, Jennie asked again.



Gosh, she is being too cheeky.



I nodded slowly.



“Since I am your girlfriend, does that mean you love me?”.






I was left speechless.



She stare at me calmly, waiting for my answer.



Of course, I like Jennie.



“Yes!”, I replied.



She blushed.



“Okay boyfriend. Can I do this?”, She asked but I didn’t get it.



Before I could ask her what she meant, I felt her arms around my neck and they pulled my head closer to her and I feel her soft lips on mine.



I was dumbstrucked.



She started eating my lips and I found myself kissing her back.



What the…


Is this Jennie?



But that doesn’t matter at the moment.



I slowly placed my hands on her tiny waist and squeezed them, deepening the kiss.



Wow! I finally got to taste those lips.



Jason! Stop it right now!


She is not in her right state of mind!


Don’t take advantage of her condition!



I was about to pull her away when I heard the door open.



“Oh! My! God!”.


Someone exclaimed in english.



I quickly pulled Jennie away and spranged on my feet and turned to the door.





Why her?!



I cried inwardly.



“Wow! That was hot!”, She exclaimed excitedly as she move closer.



I stole a glance at Jennie who was grinning.



What the…


“Mia!”, I heard Jennie called out.



Wait!; What?!



Jennie remember Mia?



Of course it was Mia who entered the room just now. But…how did…Jennie…



I was dumbstrucked.



Does that mean…she…she…












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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab










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