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Chapter 5 ⃣ 4 ⃣


(Grande Finale)



Jason’s POV







The word came out in a whisper.



My dad moved closer to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.



Anxiousness was written all over my face and my heart was racing.



Jennie, please be safe.


Whatever the condition is, I’ll accept it and save you.



“The condition is easy to fulfill…”, dad said and paused, staring into my gloomy eyes.



He continued:


“Legitimate or illegitimate, you, Jason Tan, is my only son and my only heir. I want you to become my heir. I want to make you my real heir, the heir of Tan Empire, the next descendant of our Tan dynasty. If you will, I promise to save that commoner.”.



It was as if a heavy load was lifted off my shoulder.



I don’t care whatever the condition was at this moment, i just have to save Jennie.



“Okay father! I accept the condition. Please save her.”, I said pitifully.







Lisa’s POV





Jason has been gone for so long.


Probably finding a way to save that commoner.



I can’t get caught.


I need to get rid of her immediately.



“Look guys, I need to go now. I have an appointment with my mom!”, I lied.


“Who wanted you here in the first place!”, Candy snapped.



I swallowed back my anger.



This sharp-tongued b***h!



I should have teach her a lesson long time ago, but I wouldn’t dare because of her crazy twin brother.



“Whatever! Good night!”.


And with that, I left the school.



I boarded a cab to the devastated warehouse I instructed Joe to keep Jennie.



I brought out my phone and dialled Joe’s number.



Joe, am outside the warehouse. Where are you?



I asked, looking ahead at the devastated building.



We are on the last floor of the building.



He replied and I quickly look up at the tall building.



I feel like throwing up.


The building is high and one would think it was about to collapse.






I sighed and walk into the first floor.






Author’s POV





Few minutes later, Lisa was already on the last floor.



Jennie was tied with a rope around her wrists and legs.



A 22 years old guy, Joe, dressed like a bad boy was sitting adjacent to her.



Lisa scoffed and stroll toward them.



“You are here!”, Joe said happily and she smirked.



She moved closer to Jennie whose eyes were closed and squatted beside her.



“Sleeping?”, Lisa asked no one in particular.



Almost immediately, Jennie opened her eyes.



“Who are you?”, She asked in a low tone.



“The drug is very effective.”, Lisa said and gave a cold laughter.



“Joe, we need to wrap this up quickly. Jason is out there looking for her”, she said to Joe.



“She is all yours! But I don’t think she deserve this, Lisa. You can just pay her some load of cash to stay away from your man. Eliminating her completely is a cruel decision.”, Joe replied and she turned her head to shoot him a glare.



“Don’t Judge me!”, She mumbled in between her teeth.



“I hate her to the core!”, Lisa whispered loudly with deep hatred, staring into Jennie’s eyes.



“That’s your problem!”, He replied.



Lisa brought out a syringe and two ampoules from her school bag.



“Jennie, I’ll give you a quick death. I won’t kill you, but this poison will. They’re injection ampoules made with the poison aconitine extracted from the Monkhood flower.”, She said and glanced at her with a grin on her face.



Lisa continued as she collect the aconitine with the syringe:


“Lemme tell you a brief history, Jen. Back in the days, Monkhood flowers are commonly used by evil step mothers, especially those in royalty. The flower itself, when excessively sniffed, can cause death. And the poison directly extracted from it, is very powerful than the flower itself. The victim’s lips would turn blue and the body would bleak!”.



Jennie stare at her, dumbly.



“I wish you were in your right sense, Jen. If you were, imagine yourself pleading to me to spare your dear life. Haha!”.



After Lisa said that, she proceed to pierce the syringe into Jennie’s neck.




She suddenly heard a hoarse voice and the syringe dropped from her hand due to shock.



That’s definitely not Joe’s voice.







Meanwhile, with the help of Old Master Tan, Jennie’s phone was tracked and her current location was found.



Jason Informed his friends about it and they all went to the location with the police.



“Hun? So Jennie was kidnapped?”, Lina exclaimed with fear when they arrived at the warehouse.



“We don’t know yet.”, Candy said.



“If it was kidnap, who could have done such a terrible thing?”, ChanSoo asked rhetorically.



“We will search the building, you all stay here!”, The police team leader said to them.



“No! I’ll go in with you. I promise not to distract you.”, Jason quickly replied.



“If you insist!”.




“I’ll go as well!”, J.G chirped in.



Jason and J.G trail after the police force as they enter the building.



“What’s wrong with Jason and J.G? What if huge looking men are in there, won’t they get hurt?”, Lina asked in a frown.



“Dummy! The police force are there to protect them!”, Bon whispered to her and she snorted at him.







After quite a long search, they finally got to the last floor when Lisa was about to inject Jennie.



“FREEZE!”, The police team leader shouted, pointing his gun at her direction.



The police and other back up also point out their guns.



“T…t…that is…”, J.G stammered, pointing at Lisa with his eyes widely open in shock.



“Lisa?”, The word finally escaped his mouth.



Jason froze on the spot, staring at the scene ahead of them.


His eyes met with Jennie’s and shiver ran down his entire body.



Lisa on the other hand, shock was an understatement for her facial expression.



She spranged on her feet and turned, only to see troops of police, pointing guns at them.



A gasp escaped her mouth when her gaze landed on Jason.


She staggered backward in daze.






Joe tried to escape but was shot on his leg which made him fell down.



The police men moved forward and handcuffed Lisa, who was still in a shock state.



Jason’s eyes were already filled with tears.


He rushed to Jennie and pulled her in a tight hug.



“Jennie! Are you hurt? I’m sorry, I came late. Am sorry!”, He said in tears, then pulled away from the hug.



Quickly, he untied the rope around her.



“Who…are you?”, He suddenly heard Jennie’s low voice.


But the question…



Jason froze.



Realization hit Lisa and she shouted out, struggling to set free from the police men’s grip:


“Let me go! You bastards! How dare you touch me?! Let me go!”.


Joe was also arrested and they took the two away.


Lisa’s scream echoed in the building as they took her away.



The police team leader put the syringe and ampoules into a transparent leather while another police man took photographs of the crime scene with a video camera.



“Jennie.”, Jason whispered in disbelief.



“Jennie! It’s me Jason! Jason Tan!”, He shouted at Jennie who was staring at him dumbly.



Just then, few men arrived with a stretcher and Jennie was placed on it.



“She needs medical check-up and I have few questions to ask her after the check-up.”, The police team leader said.



“She…she can’t remember me?”, Jason said in shock.



“What do you mean?”, J.G asked.



“She doesn’t know who I am!”, Jason screamed out in tears as they took Jennie away.



“Lisa! It’s Lisa!”, He whispered repeatedly and clenched his fists.



Before J.G could hold him back, Jason had ran off.



J.G also ran after him.




“So it’s you! It’s you, Lisa!”, Candy shouted at Lisa.



“How dare you do such a terrible thing?! You kidnapped a whole human being?! I thought your devilish behaviours were just acting but now I totally believe that you’re a bloody devil!”, Lina also shouted with rage and proceed to attack Lisa but Bon pulled her back.



ChanSoo also pulled Candy back.


“If only you know how I wish I could pull out your hair, you b***h!”, She yelled.



Jason ran out of the building, heading toward Lisa.



It was so sudden that the police men were too late to make a move.



Jason had grabbed Lisa’s hair from behind.



His eyes were red and murderous.


His breathe was also irregular.



“Ahhh!”, Lisa shrieked due to his tight grip on her hair.



With her hair, he spun her to face him.



“Jason please!”, Lisa winced in pain.



The police tried pulling her away from him.



“What did you do to her?! Answer me you b***h! What did you do to Jennie?!”, He growled at her face.




Bon and ChanSoo rushed forward and started pulling Jason away from her.


J.G also joined them.



“Why?! Why?! What has she done to you to deserve this?!”, Jason growled again.



“Jason! Get back to your senses!”, ChanSoo yelled at him.



They successfully pulled him away.



“I swear! I’ll make you rot in jail, Min Lisa!!!”, Jason yelled and pointed at Lisa who was taken into the police van.



There’s no way Lisa will escape Jason’s wrath this time.







After almost half an hour of waiting, the doctor came out of the emergency room.



Jason rushed to him and asked worriedly:


“How is she?”.



The doctor shook his head and said:


“She was drugged with a hard substance which affected her psychologically and erased all her memories. If she had received treatment earlier than now, the substance could have been subsided from her body and be back in her normal state.”.



“So, she has lost her memories?”, Jason asked in a low tone and the doctor nodded pitifully.



“Temporarily.”, The doctor added.



“Can we see her?”, Lina asked in a whimper.



“Yes! Though she is asleep.”.



“This was all Lisa’s fault!”, Candy mumbled.



Just then, the police team leader arrived with one of his colleague.



“Young Master Tan, we’ve carried out our investigation on the ampoules we found with the culprit. It’s a poisonous alkaloid, extracted from monkshood flower. It’s very poisonous and effective. We found the culprit’s finger prints on the syringe and ampoules. So with those evidences, we will charge her to an attempted murder.”, The police team leader explained.



“What?!”, Lina and Candy exclaimed in chorus.



“Attempted murder?!”, They chorused again.



“So, Lisa wanted to… murder Jennie?”, Lina asked in a whisper with her eyes widely opened in shock.



“Oh Father Lud!”, Candy exclaimed with fear.



“Team leader, I want the best prosecutor to be in charge. I won’t let her off!”, Jason said coldly with a gloomy face.



“Okay, we will do our best!”.







~Seoul Police Bureau…~



In the investigating room, Lisa sat directly opposite the young beautiful female prosecutor who was busy operating on her laptop.



“Okay. Let’s start!”, The prosecutor said in a mild voice as she look up at Lisa.



“You are Min Lisa, right?”, She asked but Lisa kept mute.



“I’ll take that as a yes. I can see your name on your school badge.”, The prosecutor said and typed something on the laptop.



“Your fingerprints were found on the syringe and ampoules; did you intended to murder the victim, Miss. Kim Jennie, with the aconitine?”, The prosecutor asked.



Lisa lean back on the chair with confidence, staring into space.



“If you don’t respond, I’ll take that as a yes too.”.



“The victim, Miss. Kim Jennie, is still alive. And since you intended to murder her, as you agreed earlier, you’ll be charged to an attempted murder. Do you know that?”.



Lisa still kept quiet.



“I’ll take that as a yes too.”.



“You are free to get a lawyer but if you can’t afford it, you can get a public attorney to act on your behalf at the court!”.



“You are also charged to Kidnap, which is another law violation. You drugged the victim, Miss. Kim Jennie, before you kidnapped her, right?”.



Lisa kept mute.



“That’s a yes too. Though the school CCTV footage showed another girl’s face as the culprit. But you are still the suspect. Were you girl who drugged the victim, Miss. Kim Jennie?”.



Still no response.



“I’ll take that as a yes.”.



“No further questions, Miss. Min. We’ll meet later!”.


The prosecutor said as she packed her files and laptop before leaving the room.







Lady Hara (Lisa’s mom), arrived at the police bureau in a haste after she was informed about the incidence.



First of all, she hasn’t seen her daughter for more than a month and when she finally found her, her daughter was already arrested for a serious crime.



What a fate!











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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab







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